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Liberals win majority as Canadians overcome voter suppression to defeat Harper

Canadians coast to coast to coast voted out unpopular Prime Minister Stephen Harper and ushered in a Liberal majority government under Justin Trudeau amid reports of widespread voter suppression. Voters in Ontario, British Columbia and New Brunswick reported receiving ballots

Lynton Crosby abandons Harper

The Australian dirty tricks strategist brought in last month to salvage Stephen Harper’s re-election campaign has abandoned the Conservatives, according to the spin doctor’s partner. Lynton Crosby, who successfully revived David Cameron’s flagging campaign earlier this year helping the UK

Liberals establish 20 point lead over Conservatives in Ontario

The Liberals have extended their lead over the Conservatives to 20 percentage points in Ontario as more orange and green voters tactically switch to red, a sign that Justin Trudeau’s team is becoming the beneficiary the progressive’s ABC (anything but

Liberals (45%) solidify lead in Ontario

The Liberals have established a massive lead as the ABC (anything but Conservative) strategic vote coalesces around Justin Trudeau in response to NDP’s support evaporating in Quebec, according to a survey carried out by Google Consumer Surveys and commissioned by

Pegida Canada: When Harper’s Islamophobia birthed a movement

Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West is the definition behind the German acronym, Pegida. But such Islamophobia isn’t based solely on the distant shores of Europe. There is an infinitesimal current of anti-Islamic sentiment running through British Columbia

587 Canadian academics condemn Stephen Harper’s racial hate propaganda

Open letter regarding Conservative Party campaign tactics We are a diverse group of academics with different political views and different political allegiances. We are united by a common interest in the integrity of democratic processes and a concern about the

Harper’s utterance an attempt to classify

One of the most talked of points since last week’s leaders debate was the uttering of the phrase “old-stock Canadians” by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The Prime Minister used the term in connection with the topic of health care for

Since when did vetting candidates become too much trouble?

Since the emergence of ex-Conservative Party election candidates Jerry Bance and Tim Dutaud, much has been made over questions surrounding the administration’s ability to vet candidates. Bance was exposed urinating in a homeowner’s coffee cup while supposedly on-the-job, and Dutaud,

Conservative election strategy: Bomb Syria

How do you win re-election after being found guilty of criminally cheating at the last three elections, abusing the rules of parliament, gagging public servants, using the Canada Revenue Agency to intimidate organizations that hold opposing views, attacking the Supreme

Why a win for Stephen Harper will mean more kids with cancer and privatized healthcare

Stephen Harper has hired a man who makes millions of dollars a year selling cancer to kids and dismantling universal healthcare to run his campaign. If Harper wins the election with Lynton Crosby’s help, we can expect Canada’s Conservative government