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Canada’s recovery should put people first, 150 civil society groups demand

Canada’s post-pandemic recovery efforts should put people first and transition to a fairer and sustainable future instead of going back to business as usual, an alliance of 150 civil society groups is demanding. They have released a manifesto titled “Principles

Deep sea nodule mining threatens Pacific Ocean environment and island nations

Deep sea nodule mining would cause extensive and severe damage lasting generations leading to irreversible species loss, a new report analyzing over 250 peer reviewed scientific articles finds. The report notes that there is little to no social licence to

Canadian mining company in Peru tried to cover up COVID-19 outbreak endangering workers, community – report

A Canadian mining company stands accused of trying to cover up a COVID-19 outbreak at one of its mines in Peru jeopardizing the health of workers and the nearby communities, according to a report by a human rights organization. A

Pest control reports larger and more spiders in metro Vancouver

By Staff Writer Longer, warmer summers have led to both an increase in size and occurrence of spiders in metro Vancouver, according to a pest control specialist. “Spiders are huge right now, larger than I’ve ever seen before,” Randy Bilsky,

Despite being happier in nature, most Canadians spend less time in it

By Staff Writer If you find yourself opting for a night in curled by the TV rather than venturing to the great outdoors for a camping trip, you’re not alone. A new survey from the Nature Conservancy of Canada found

Dozens of birds fall from sky in Tsawwassen, B.C.

By Staff Writer On September 14, dozens of starlings suddenly dropped from the skies onto the pavement in an episode reminiscent of a scene from Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring or Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. “The poor little guys were in

Inland B.C. rainforest park reveals trove of 2,400 plant species

By Staff Writer Researchers have been able to describe a bounty of around 2,400 plant species—many of them newly discovered—in British Columbia’s newest provincial park, Ancient Forest/Chun T’oh Whudujut Provincial Park. Chun T’oh Whudujut Provincial Park, located around 113 kilometres

Goldfish posing invasive species problem in B.C. lakes

By Marina Wang This year, our beloved childhood pet, the goldfish, has swarmed Pinecrest Lake near Squamish, and this isn’t the first time they’ve posed an invasive species problem in the province. “People have been observing schools of 30 to

BC firefighters warn against floating lanterns amid wildfire season

By Marina Wang British Columbian firefighters have taken to social media to warn against releasing floating lanterns amid the coast’s desiccating drought. Floating lanterns are made of a paper shell with an open flame in the center. The hot air

Thousands of tiny toads killed in traffic during mass migration in Chilliwack

By Marina Wang This week thousands of small brown flecks will be seen hopping across the highway at Ryder Lake as the Western toad makes its annual migration. Conservationists have constructed a tunnel underneath the road to help the juvenile