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Health minister urges Quebecers to get proof of vaccination as restrictions ease

MONTREAL — Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé is encouraging Quebecers inoculated against COVID-19 to get their proof of vaccination if they haven't done so already. In a tweet this morning, Dubé posted a link to the provincial government's website ...

Qatar to require fans at 2022 World Cup to be vaccinated

Qatar will require spectators at the 2022 World Cup to have received coronavirus vaccines to get into games, the government has announced.

Trump cowboy seeks 2nd act in politics after Capitol breach

TULAROSA, N.M. (AP) — He rodeoed in a Buffalo Bill-style Wild West show, carried his message on horseback from the Holy Land to Times Square and was invited to the White House to meet the president.

Ontario reports 318 new cases of COVID-19 as province prepares for Pfizer delay

Toronto is scaling up doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to compensate for a delay in shipment of Pfizer-BioNTech shots to Ontario. The city says the province's anticipated weekly Pfizer vaccine shipment of more than 162,000 doses destined for Toron...

Israel launches official probe into deadly festival stampede

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s government approved Sunday the establishment of an independent state commission of inquiry into a deadly disaster at a Jewish holy site in April that left 45 people dead.

‘It lessens my bills’: $500 payments tested in upstate NY

Annette Steele isn't destitute or unemployed. But for a year she'll be receiving $500 per month in no-strings-attached payments as part of an experimental universal basic income program in upstate New York.

Jordan’s unprecedented palace drama moves to the courtroom

AMMAN, Jordan (AP) — Jordan's version of a trial of the century gets under way Monday when a relative of King Abdullah II and a former chief of the royal court are to be ushered into the defendants' cage at

The Latest: Delta variant behind spike of cases in Portugal

LISBON, Portugal — Portuguese authorities have confirmed suspicions that the new delta variant of the coronavirus is driving a spike in new cases in the Lisbon region.

France elects regional leaders, preps for presidential vote

PARIS (AP) — Marine Le Pen’s far-right party is riding high on her tough-on-security, stop-immigration message as French voters started choosing regional leaders Sunday in an election that many see as a dress rehearsal for next year’s presidential vote...

US sends Taiwan 2.5 million vaccine doses, tripling pledge

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — The U.S. sent 2.5 million doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to Taiwan on Sunday, tripling an earlier pledge in a donation with both public health and geopolitical meaning.