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Tensions high between vaccinated and unvaccinated in Canada, poll suggests

A new poll suggests tensions over COVID-19 vaccines in Canada are high as frictions grow between those who are vaccinated against the virus and those who are not. The Leger survey, conducted for the Association of Canadian Studies, found that more

Kenney tells radio host that lockdown would punish people already vaccinated

EDMONTON — Premier Jason Kenney rejected calls for a "hard lockdown" during an appearance on a radio program Sunday, the same day that his province's former top doctor signed a letter calling for immediate "fire break" measures to deal with

Quebec reports 719 new COVID-19 cases, two more deaths

MONTREAL — Quebec is reporting 719 new COVID-19 cases today, with two more deaths related to the virus. Health authorities say hospitalizations dropped by four from Saturday's levels to 297, while the number of patients in intensive care remains stead...

The Latest: New Zealand to allow home isolation to travelers

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — New Zealand's prime minister says the government will start a pilot program of home-isolation for overseas travelers, ahead of what she expects to be increasing vaccination levels.

Ontario reports 653 new COVID-19 infections, six more deaths from virus

TORONTO — Ontario is reporting 653 new COVID-19 cases and a total of six more deaths related to the virus. The province says half the deaths took place over the last 24 hours, while three occurred more than a month ago

Ontario’s COVID-19 rates lower than expected due to public health measures: experts

TORONTO — Ontario's daily COVID-19 case counts are lower than what many experts had expected by now, and while they point to a number of factors for the relative relief, they say now is not the time to ease up

US has enough COVID-19 vaccines for boosters, kids’ shots

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — With more than 40 million doses of coronavirus vaccines available, U.S. health authorities said they're confident there will be enough for both qualified older Americans seeking booster shots and the young children for whom initial...

Rowdy celebrations erupt in Norway as COVID restrictions end

HELSINKI (AP) — Police in Norway on Sunday reported dozens of disturbances and violent clashes including mass brawls in the Nordic country’s big cities after streets, bars, restaurants and nightclubs were filled with people celebrating the end of COVID...

San Marino voters overwhelmingly back legal abortion

SAN MARINO (AP) — San Marino residents on Sunday voted overwhelmingly to legalize abortion, rejecting a 150-year-old law that had criminalized it and making the tiny republic the latest majority Catholic state to approve the procedure under certain cir...

Denied cross-border shoppers, some U.S. companies opt to export to Canada instead

WASHINGTON — In the before times, Katie McCarron could count on her best Canadian customers to make the trip to her store in Portland, Oregon, to stock up on their favourite high-quality, human-grade pet food.  COVID-19 had other plans. Soon enough,