Liberals establish 20 point lead over Conservatives in Ontario

The Liberals have extended their lead over the Conservatives to 20 percentage points in Ontario as more orange and green voters tactically switch to red, a sign that Justin Trudeau’s team is becoming the beneficiary the progressive’s ABC (anything but Conservative) strategic vote, according to the latest survey carried out by Google and commissioned by ThinkPol.

Liberals are at 47% support, the survey conducted between the Thursday and Sunday showed, a slight two-percentage-point uptick from the poll conducted between Wednesday and Friday.

The NDP (23%) and Greens (3%) lost one percentage point each as team Stephen Harper held steady at 27%.

The Liberals continue to dominate both genders and all age groups except the 65 and over group, which sided with the Conservatives, who came last behind the Greens for the 18-24 and 25-34 age groups.

The Liberals also continue to lead in all income groups except the $24,000 or less group, which favoured Thomas Mulcair’s team.

The ABC movement is aimed at uniting progressive voters to prevent vote splitting and helping Stephen Harper to cling to power.

According to the open source project Anyone But Harper, voting strategically could reduce the Conservatives to just 39 seats.

“Do you want a change of government in the 2015 Canadian election?” the website asks. “Vote for the strongest candidate in your riding who isn’t a member of the current governing party.”

Google polled 500 Ontario residents and the results are deemed accurate accurate within 4.6 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.