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  1. Sandra Dianne Hazan says:

    Yes!!!! We need to separate quickly. Mr Justin Trudeau will bring economic ruination to Western Canada, just as his father, Mr Elliott Trudeau did while in office as Prime Minister. We must act quickly to avoid the decline of Canada’s most lucrative province.
    The eastern provinces do not care about the western provinces and never have .. Please let’s band together now in a serious effort to keep the west rich and prosperous as it always has been.
    This is our livelihood for today and for the future for our children of tomorrow. Thank you …

  2. margsview says:

    Any analysis on the trade agreement between ding-dong Harper and the Chinese, known as FIPA—-tying us up for 31 years–with no out till at least 15 years or hit with extreme fines….see for details –content —and analysis on all global trade deals….known—Please advise any info found or understood on FIPA….thank you tc


    P S Any means of receiving a newsletter? Advise….please?

  3. Marc B. says:

    I want to advertise in

    Is that possible? I can send you more details if your interested.


  4. Jimmy Russel says:

    Here are the requirements to become a Canadian citizen according to the Migration Policy Institute (1):
    “Today, the goal of the immigration system is to encourage youthful, bilingual, high-skill immigration in order to build human capital within Canada’s aging labor

    With the recent mass acceptation of refugees, Trudeau has ignored several of the principles that are supposed to represent the Canadian immigration system.

    A. Selecting bilingual applicants: Statistics show that 2 out 3 Syrian refugees do not know either English or French (2).

    B. Selecting highly educated applicants: Of the 33000 refugees recently accepted, 18700 have secondary education or less (3).

    C. Selecting skilled workers: Of the 33000 new refugees, 16000 are “new workers” (read: no background no experience), 5700 are “Non workers”, 270 are retired and

    11600 are still students (4).

    The vast majority of Syrian refugees do not correspond to the typical migrant Canada tries to attract. They may have much trouble integrating in the current

    population and do not possess the skills and knowledge that would benefit the Canadian economy.
    Stunts like this make me think that maybe Trudeau cares more about his image than about his country.


    (2,3,4) were found on:
    Under “Syrian Refugee Resettlement”

    (2) 5th excel document from the top.

    (3) 7th excel document from the top.

    (4) 9th excel document from the top.

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