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Don’t privatize Canada’s airports ‒ Commons committee

By ThinkPol Staf A Parliamentary committee is recommending against the Liberal government’s plan to sell off Canada’s airports to raise billions in capital to be used towards other public infrastructure projects. “Limit rising passenger and operational costs by preventing the

Harper signed trade deal with Panama encouraging tax evasion

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper signed a trade deal with Panama in 2010, which encourages tax evasion by Canadian companies, according to experts. Todd Tucker, research director at Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, warned Parliamentarians that the Canada-Panama Free Trade

Constitutionality of bills C-51 and C-24: Dept of Justice won’t release study until after election

Department of Justice has decided to not release any information related to the its examination of the controversial Conservative bills C-51 and C-24 claiming that meeting the legal deadline would “interfere” with the Department’s operations. DOJ Act 1985 4.1 requires

Harper’s ‘new era of accountability’

By Michael Nabert It is becoming increasingly clear that you can believe in government accountability in Canada, or you can support the Harper government, but you cannot do both, any more than you can support not being on fire and

Seven years ago today, Harper government tried to keep secret Canada-U.S. deal allowing each other’s troops to be deployed in civil emergencies

On February 14, 2008, Canada and the U.S. signed an agreement paving the way for the troops from either nation to be deployed across the border on the other nation’s soil during emergencies, but the Harper government did not want