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Canada unites in protest to stop “insidious, deceitful, and totalitarian” Bill C-51

Canadians from coast to coast are holding rallies in a bid to stop Bill C-51 calling Conservative government’s anti-terror legislation “insidious, deceitful, and totalitarian” The National Convergence event is happening Ottawa with a march parliament beginning from from the Canadian

Supporters publicly abandoning Liberal Party over Trudeau’s support for Bill C-51

Social media is abuzz with images of Liberal supporters symbolically cutting up their party membership cards after their leader Justin Trudeau voted in favour of Bill C-51 at the anti-terrorism legislation’s third reading in the House of Commons. Disillusioned supporters

Bill C-51: Denying Canadians their legitimate right to privacy

By Rathika Sitsabaiesan, NDP MP, Scarborough—Rouge River, ON [Photo Credit: Pirate Party of Canada] 12 Canadian privacy commissioners have publicly criticized Bill C-51, but not one privacy commissioner was invited to appear before the Standing Committee on Public Safety and

Bill C-51: Giving up liberty for little less safety

By Elizabeth May, Leader, Green Party and MP for Saanich—Gulf Islands, BC This is not an ordinary debate, this is not an ordinary bill, and this is not about politics any more. This is about the soul of the country

Canadian uranium could end up in Indian nukes, experts warn

Canadian uranium could end up in Indian nuclear weapons triggering a new arms race between India and Pakistan, according to about 200 international experts and delegates of the World Uranium Symposium who denounced the Canada-India uranium deal signed on the

Why bomb Syria when Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya taught us bombs don’t bring democracy

By Don Davies NDP MP for Vancouver Kingsway, BC The old adage that those who do not pay attention to history are doomed to repeat it, I think, is time-tested and true. I will review what has been the experience

Aligning with Bush’s axis of evil and violating international law is no laughing matter

By Thomas Mulcair, Leader of the Official Opposition Again today we are debating the Prime Minister’s military adventures. The Prime Minister is again preparing to ask our brave troops to risk their lives overseas. This issue has come before the

Bill C-51 means return to out-of-control state surveillance, postal workers warn

The union representing 51,000 postal workers, which has a lengthy history of allegedly being spied upon by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and the RCMP, warned that Conservative government’s sweeping anti-terrorism legislation Bill C-51 would bring back the days

Are we going to be safer when Bill C-51 criminalizes peaceful protests against injustice?

By Joanna Kerr Executive Director, Greenpeace Canada In my global roles as chief executive of ActionAid International, policy director with Oxfam Canada, and now with Greenpeace, I have seen first-hand the power of protest and dissent in effecting real, transformative

Support for Bill C-51 tumbles in the face of increasing awareness

Support for Harper government’s controversial anti-terrorism bill has decreased from 82% a month ago to 38% as awareness of Bill C-51 increased, according to a new poll. Half the respondents of the Forum Research poll opposed the bill, while 12%