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Bill C-51 protest song goes viral

A day after Canadians rallied against the controversial anti-terrorism bill introduced by the country’s Conservative government, a protest song mocking the legislation has gone viral. Edmonton, AB banjo artist Ian A Patton’s Bill C-51 is mostly about fear-mongering tactics used

True North Korea unveils Bill C-51: Invincible Might for Peace and Independence Act

Official translation of the speech given by Kim Har Per, Supreme Leader, Father of the People, Great Leader of our Party and of our Nation at the unveiling of Bill C-51: Invincible Might for Peace and Independence Act Events of

Bill C-51 seeks to criminalize indigenous activism

By Niki Ashton, MP for Churchill, MB (NDP) As we know, indigenous peoples—first nations, Métis, Inuit, or indigenous peoples in general—have often been at the forefront in fighting for what is important to them and, in many ways, what is

We can’t arrest our way out of terrorism

By Daniel Hiebert, Co-Director, University of British Columbia, The Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society (TSAS) Ten years ago, I was approached by members of Canada’s security establishment to answer a question. They asked me whether I

Bill C-51: Why it is dangerous and what you can do to fight it

By an independent group of concerned Canadians (and residents of Canada) “Canadians should not be willing to accept such an obvious threat to their basic liberties.” — The Globe and Mail On January 30th, 2015 the Harper Government tabled Bill

Former CSIS-funded Heritage Front terrorist group member warns against Bill C-51

By Elisa Hategan My name is Elisa Hategan and I’m a Canadian writer and freelance journalist. Twenty years ago, I was a teenage member of an Ontario-based domestic terrorist group called the Heritage Front. They were a radical white supremacist,

Tory FB post asking public support for Bill C-51 upsets Alberta PC MLA

Alberta Progress Conservative MLA Thomas Lukaszuk expressed his outrage at a post on the Conservative Party Facebook page made to drum up support for the Harper government’s anti-terrorism bill that shows a man wearing an Arab headdress threatening a terrorist

Former PMs, 100+ academics, and legal experts among conspiracy theorists who oppose Bill C-51

By Michael Nabert The difference between conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact is evidence, so, let’s look at some. We can start with some detailed and damning analysis of Bill C-51 from some legal experts. And there’s an open letter condemning

C-51 Shades of May: How one word made all Canadians guilty of terrorism

By Anonymous Author “Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested,”  reads the opening line of Franz Kafka’s The Trial. Are many Canadians about to share Josef K’s fate if

Bill C-51 to Lac-Mégantic: How Harper keeps Canadians (un)safe

by Anonymous Author When the first images emerged of mangled rail cars in the backdrop of flames roaring through downtown Lac-Mégantic, many suspected that they were witnessing the gruesome aftermath of a terrorist attack. Investigations by Transport Safety Board of