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Paris attacks part of ISIS strategy to provoke retaliation and force Muslims out of west: activist

ISIS carried out the terror attacks in Paris yesterday killing more than 129 people to provoke retaliation against Islamic communities in France as part of their broader strategy of forcing Muslims out of the west, an Arab Spring activist claimed

Support for Bill C-51 hits all time low

The support for outgoing Conservative government’s controversial anti-terror legislation has fallen to an all time low, a new poll suggests. Only 16 per cent of Canadians want the incoming Liberal government to keep Bill C-51 as it is, while 26

Conservative election strategy: Bomb Syria

How do you win re-election after being found guilty of criminally cheating at the last three elections, abusing the rules of parliament, gagging public servants, using the Canada Revenue Agency to intimidate organizations that hold opposing views, attacking the Supreme

Tory MP compares Stephen Harper passing Bill C-51 to work of Jesus spawning #CPCJesus

By Mary Simpson “Our Leader, who art in Ottawa, Harper be thy name.” Twitter is on a roll with #CPCJesus hashtag after Conservative MP for Vancouver South Wai Young told the congregation at Harvest City Church that the Harper government was

TFW pilots hired at Canadian Forces Base in Ontario, records show

Temporary foreign workers were recruited to work as pilots at the Canadian Forces Base in Trenton, Ontario, records obtained from Service Canada show. The Canadian Forces Land Advanced Warfare Centre awarded a contract to assist parachute training to Rampart Aviation

Harper wants to control Canada by keeping Canadians ignorant and afraid, scientist says

Stephen Harper is muzzling scientists and bringing legislation like Bill C-51 because the Prime Minister wants to keep Canadians ignorant and afraid, according to Simon Fraser University Professor Lynne Quarmby. “I was arrested for an act of civil disobedience,” the

Bill C-51 and the Conservative culture of contempt

By H. Grant Timms The debate on Bill C-51, distilled into its simplest form, seems to go something like this. On one side the government and its supporters, borrowing from the rhetoric of the American right, insists that there are

Bill C-51 incompatible with Canada’s commitment to constitutional supremacy and rule of law

Sukanya Pillay, General Counsel and Executive Director, Canadian Civil Liberties Association Bill C-51 creates new laws and amends existing laws to create new powers and crimes. One of these new laws is the security of Canada information sharing act, which

Rocco Galati vows to challenge C-51 in court, urges Canadians to vote against parties supporting the bill

Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati vowed to challenge Harper government’s anti-terror legislation in court and called on Canadians to vote against candidates of any party supporting Bill C-51 at the next election. Speaking at rally against Bill C-51 in Toronto, Galati,

Bill C-51: Canada’s new McCarthy era where advocating for action against climate change is terrorism

John Bennett, Executive Director, Sierra Club of Canada First, I’d like to acknowledge the terrible incidents that took place last fall here in Ottawa and in Quebec and share our deepest sympathies for the families. We are very much aware