Canada unites in protest to stop “insidious, deceitful, and totalitarian” Bill C-51

Canadians from coast to coast are holding rallies in a bid to stop Bill C-51 calling Conservative government’s anti-terror legislation “insidious, deceitful, and totalitarian”

The National Convergence event is happening Ottawa with a march parliament beginning from from the Canadian Tribute to Human Rights, Elgin Street, at 2 PM.

Organizers of the national event are providing a crowdfunded bus service from Toronto to Ottawa to assist protesters planning to attend the Ottawa event, while a parallel event in Toronto will feature high profile speakers including renowned constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati who has stated that he plans to challenge the legislation in Federal Court.

“It is not ‘reckless, dangerous, and ineffective.’ It is far worse,” the Vancouver event organizer Dan Jenneson said. “It is not intended to protect Canadians from jihad terrorism, it is intended to control and oppress the Canadian population. This is much more accurately described as insidious, deceitful, and totalitarian.”

The event in Victoria will take the form of a funeral procession, marking the “death” of the Charter of Rights and freedoms.

“The Senate will soon be presented with Bill C-51; a bill that eliminates many of the fundamental rights that are guaranteed to us by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms,” the organizers of the event wrote. “Since the Charter is dying, we’ll have a funeral to commemorate a freer Canada, and the rights that we once had.” 

“Over 225,000 people signed petitions in Canada opposing Bill C-51, virtually all of Canada’s national newspaper editorials have spoke out against it along with, the Green Party, the NDP, 4 former prime ministers, civil liberties advocates, Canada’s privacy commissioners, former supreme court justices, Former attorney generals, 60 Canadian Business Leaders Sign Letter Against Bill C-51, The Canadian bar association representing over 36,000 lawyers, the people behind Mozilla’s firefox Internet browser, 100 Quebec organizations, Seven leading Canadian Human rights groups, The Union representing over 51,000 Canada Post workers, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, and over 100 organizations, hundreds of constitutional lawyers, Native Chiefs across the nations, former CSIS agents, NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden, Conrad Black, Rex Murphy, Ralph Nader, to name just a few,” Meliss Paqs, the organizer of the Calgary event said. “The Conservatives and the Liberals are the sole political parties who voted to pass bill C-51 in Parliament.”