Tory MP compares Stephen Harper passing Bill C-51 to work of Jesus spawning #CPCJesus

By Mary Simpson
“Our Leader, who art in Ottawa, Harper be thy name.”

Twitter is on a roll with #CPCJesus hashtag after Conservative MP for Vancouver South Wai Young told the congregation at Harvest City Church that the Harper government was the work of Jesus Christ by pushing through the controversial anti-terrorism act known as Bill C-51.

Dr. J. R. Linville penned the new The Lord’s Prayer According to Steven Harper.

Our Leader, who art in Ottawa, Harper be thy name.
Thy Fascism come, thy will be done, in Vancouver as it is in Gander.
Give us this day our daily pronouncements, and forgive your senators’ trespasses,
as you forgive us our transgressions—for thou art tough on thought crimes,
for those leadeth us unto freedoms, and delivers us unto the opposition.
For thine is the Prime Ministerium, the Pomp and the Self-glorification,
For ever and ever, or at least till this country comes to its senses.


Watching my favourite childhood bible cartoon #CPCJesus. In this episode Jesus turns a forest into tar sands.

#CPCJesus do unto to others what ever you can get way with.

“Judge not, lest you declare all of our legislation unconstitutional”

“Then shalt thou present 3 IDs for voting, no more, no less. 3 shall be the number of IDs, and the number of the IDs shall be 3.”