TFW pilots hired at Canadian Forces Base in Ontario, records show

Temporary foreign workers were recruited to work as pilots at the Canadian Forces Base in Trenton, Ontario, records obtained from Service Canada show.

The Canadian Forces Land Advanced Warfare Centre awarded a contract to assist parachute training to Rampart Aviation based out of Franklinton, North Carolina, on the understanding that the American company would be hiring TFW pilots.

“As per your quote P12-002 dated 12 July 2012 we recognize that your bid was entirely dependent on the pilots being issued work permits,” Assistant Chief of Staff Lt Col B.W. Dooley-Tremblay wrote in a letter to Rampart Aviation. “It is the intent of the Department of National Defence to issue Rampart Aviation a contract as the lowest responsive bidder contingent upon obtaining the work permits.”


Rampart Aviation used that letter in support of its application for temporary foreign workers submitted to Employment and Social Development Canada as an urgent request, which ESDC approved in just a week.

The documents were obtained by Air Transat pilot Gilles Hudicourt, who heads the group Canadian Aircraft flown by Canadian Pilots, who have launched a petition in support of their cause.

Hudicourt’s request for Access for Information Request to ESDC for LMO applications the department received sent by Aircraft Operators throughout Canada during calendar year 2012 yielded 6547 pages.

“They strip you of all your dignity at the airport security gate and pass draconian bills like Bill C-51… all in the name of security,” a veteran pilot in Hudicourt’s group, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of any employment repercussions, said. “But then hands our military aircraft over to foreign workers while many of Canadian pilots remain unemployed.”

“Jason Kenney, as the Minister of Employment, made a royal mess of the TFW file,” the pilot added with a chuckle. “And now he’s the Minister of Defence.”

[Cover Photo Credit: DND/CAF]