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New bird flu spreading in China could jump to humans, scientists warn

Two new types of bird flu infections currently spreading in China could jump to humans threatening global health, scientists warn. The avian influenza virus subtype H16N3, first identified in 1975 and currently detectable among wild birds in many countries, has

COVID-19 twice as contagious as previously thought – CDC study

A person with COVID-19 could infect up to 6 others – not 2 or 3 as previously thought – making measures to control the pandemic ever more critical, according to a new CDC study. Los Alamos National Laboratory in New

Misinformation spreading faster than coronavirus, researcher warns

Misinformation and conspiracy theories are spreading faster than the coronavirus, and malicious actors are exploring the theories for political gain and to commit fraud, warns a Swedish researcher. Sweden’s Malmö University researcher Johan Farkas explains that falsehoods, rumours and conspiracy

“No” – Government dismisses Airbnb request to bail out hosts in Canada with one word

“No.” That’s the Government of Canada’s one-word response to Airbnb’s request to bail out hosts who are struggling to survive amid cancellations brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Parliamentary Secretary for Housing and Member of Parliament for Spadina—Fort York Adam

Airbnb stops offering cash refunds for COVID-19 cancellations as platform cuts costs to survive pandemic

Airbnb is no longer offering full cash refunds for guests who have had to cancel their stay due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, as the short term rental platform takes drastic measures to survive travel slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Realtor peddles supplements claiming to help protect against COVID-19 as the pandemic slows down real estate market activity

A Vancouver-area realtor is peddling “immune boosting” supplements touted as helping protect against COVID-19 as the coronavirus pandemic slows down activity in Lower Mainland’s hot housing market. “We call our IMMUNE-TAMIN the next level of immune system boosters,” Melissa Wu’s

Australia rolls out COVID-19 vaccine trial for healthcare workers

Australia will roll out a randomized clinical trial of a vaccine aimed at protecting healthcare workers from the COVID-19 coronavirus, Melbourne researchers announced on Wednesday. Professor Kathryn North AC, Director of the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne, announced its

Nearly half a million sign petition calling for WHO head’s resignation for kowtowing to China and bungling COVID-19 response

Nearly half a million people have signed a petition demanding the resignation of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) director-general accusing Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of kowtowing to China and mishandling the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) response. Torontonian hair stylist Osuka Yip started