Realtor peddles supplements claiming to help protect against COVID-19 as the pandemic slows down real estate market activity

A Vancouver-area realtor is peddling “immune boosting” supplements touted as helping protect against COVID-19 as the coronavirus pandemic slows down activity in Lower Mainland’s hot housing market.

“We call our IMMUNE-TAMIN the next level of immune system boosters,” Melissa Wu’s Facebook post marketing the supplement reads[1] “Why? Our product provide[sic] full dosages of all natural nutrients. They are expensive, so usually we can see supplements with amount of ingredients below effectiveness. Benefits include: – antiviral properties – cold & flu prevention – increase autoimmunity – all natural – vegan friendly”

“Your greatest friend in the battle against SARS-CoV2, the virus that causes Covid-19, is your own immune system”, the marketers of the product claim on their website[2] “We understand how import[sic] is bulletproof immune system for[sic] optimal health. We are happy to make announcement[sic] our brand new Immune Enhance Booster.”

IMMUNE-TAMIN is also advertised[3] on the website as possessing “antiviral properties” and being able to “block viruses from growing inside cells”.

MeOn Supplements, the company behind the product, uses the marketing slogan “Inspired by Nature, Validated by Science,” but we found no studies that validated the claims made by the sellers.

The phone number on the website is the same number used by Melissa Wu Personal Real Estate Corporation.

The World Health Organization maintains that there is no specific medicine recommended to prevent or treat the novel coronavirus to date and warns the public against falling prey to snake oil snake oil and miracle cures[4]

The Real Estate Council of British Columbia has recommended against holding open houses during the current provincial state of emergency, and restrict in-person showings and new government guidelines permit the tenant to restrict access to the property

The council also wants realtors to refrain from providing medical advice.

“Don’t provide advice that is outside of your area of expertise,” the council has told real estate professions. “Remember, and remind your clients that you are a real estate professional, not a public health expert.”

UPDATE 23:22 The sellers have removed all references to SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 from the product website since the publication of this article. Their original claims can still be seen in this Google cache of the page.

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7 Responses to Realtor peddles supplements claiming to help protect against COVID-19 as the pandemic slows down real estate market activity

  1. Oh my gosh, who wrote this article?! I’m formulator of IMMUNE-TAMIN and Melissa is just my business partner. We never claimed that your product can treat covid-19 . I developed this formula after 18 year or research to enhance own immune system naturally.

    • Not a realtor says:

      1. I searched IMMUN-TAMIN in the Health Canada database. I couldn’t find it in the database. You’re required to register your NHP there before you sell it.

      2. Section 9 (1) of the FDA prohibits the sale of any NHP in a manner that is false, misleading or deceptive or is likely to create an erroneous impression regarding its character, value, quantity, composition, merit or safety.

      You claim your product does the following:

      “antiviral properties
      block viruses from growing inside cells
      antioxidant effects
      prevent cols & flu symptoms
      reduces inflammation in bronchial tubes and lung tissue
      increase autoimmunity
      adaptogen & lessen stress and better sleep
      protect against allergic reactions
      proper dosage of all ingredients
      all natural
      vegan friendly”

      I’m reporting you on both counts. This article is going to be the *least* of your worries your worries in the coming months.

    • Scammy says:

      Jsi Pica.

  2. Melissa is co-owner. I’m formulator. Who wrote this article? If you make claim, you should have b… to mention your name.

    • Beau says:

      Usually when people make snake oil claims about some bunk ‘medicine’ – I’d say it’s the customers’ fault for falling into their scam. With the very real danger present in the current situation, and people’s tendency to do stupid things out of fear – this is predatory.

  3. Edward Zhang says:

    I would like vitamins for late afternoon drowsiness from staying home too much due to social distancing

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