“No” – Government dismisses Airbnb request to bail out hosts in Canada with one word


That’s the Government of Canada’s one-word response to Airbnb’s request to bail out hosts who are struggling to survive amid cancellations brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Parliamentary Secretary for Housing and Member of Parliament for Spadina—Fort York Adam Vaughan tweeted out the response to Airbnb’s request yesterday.

Airbnb had spent the last decade ruthlessly going after all levels of government to remove or water down housing rules that stand in the way of long term rental units being turned into irregular hotels and hosts had labelled government attempts to regulate short term rentals as “big government” trampling on “individual property rights”.

But as bookings collapse amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Airbnb Canada’s public policy director Alex Dagg wrote a letter to Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland asking for government handouts to “regular Canadians who share their homes to earn extra income.”

Airbnb had asked the government to make employment benefits available to Airbnb hosts, defer sales taxes for short term rentals and to defer income taxes for Airbnb hosts.

Airbnb’s request was met with widespread anger and derision.

“The predators at AirBNB do not deserve a bailout,” Tweeted housing market data analyst Stephen Punwasi. “AirBNB didn’t even respect the laws in place during the housing crisis. Now they want a bailout?”

Others didn’t mince their words.

“Airbnb Hosts can F-OFF!” tweeted Vancouver actor Steve Oatway. “I hope every one of them suffers from huge financial losses after what they did to our cities.”

21 Responses to “No” – Government dismisses Airbnb request to bail out hosts in Canada with one word

  1. Let the Experts Speak says:

    Yes, noted thespian and Twitter muse to an astounding 177 followers Steve W Oatway, the voice of a generation.
    Good sourcing.

  2. THE TAX MAN says:

    Maybe everyone begging for an AirBNB handout should get a call from the CRA, to make sure they’ve been appropriately paying taxes…

  3. Francois van Heerden says:

    AirBNB owners – this is just business. You take risks and you have to expect losses. How many of you evicted tenants so you could jack up proces and list on this platform? Well, karma is a bitch and just stomped on you with steel toes boots. NO SYMPATHY here.

  4. No sympathy for these arrogant pricks who screwed hole communitys

  5. Doreen Nielsen says:

    Hosts should be offering spaces to the workers stressed about infecting their families.

  6. Kevin in Canada says:

    The notion that AirBNB investments should be somewhat immune to risk and the significant losses that other methods of investment have suffered is disgusting.

    Perhaps the government should bail out those who invested on the stock market and have suffered losses too. Frankly this is a stupid idea, but it makes much more sense than bailing out AirBNB investors who only looked to the boom times with no consideration of risk.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Just temporarily nationalise all AirBnB units to provide needed quarantine shelters, until the emergency is over. they’re not using them.

  8. Bryan Creagan says:

    Change the rules. Rental of part or all of a PRINCIPLE residence ONLY should be accepted as an air b&b. The rest are hotels.

  9. Ashley says:

    Are you a Vancouver Airbnb host?

    Please join to our Facebook group Vancouver Airbnb Hosts https://www.facebook.com/groups/621010725115780/

  10. Patricia says:

    AirBnB, for years, you have burned people who live and work in Toronto, causing rental-unit shortages and pushing up rents. Through a ripple effect of displacing Toronto renters and would-be home purchasers, your reckless behavior has even caused damage to us who live in the larger Golden Horseshoe. Your day of reckoning has finally come.

  11. Mike says:

    It gets really interesting when you look at how many hosts are running multiple properties.

    Example — there are 12,144 hosts in London that are running 10+ properties each.


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