True North Korea unveils Bill C-51: Invincible Might for Peace and Independence Act

Official translation of the speech given by Kim Har Per, Supreme Leader, Father of the People, Great Leader of our Party and of our Nation at the unveiling of Bill C-51: Invincible Might for Peace and Independence Act

Events of last year clearly demonstrated the spirit and might of the great True North Korea that advances by leaps and bounds with confidence in victory in the face of terror perpetrated by foreign-funded marauding bands of savage Indians calling themselves “Idle No More” who want to end a decade of brilliant triumph in which the foundations for hastening final victory on all fronts of building a thriving nation were consolidated firmly and the invincible might of True North Korea was demonstrated under the leadership of the Party.

I wish to express my gratitude to the compatriots who fought for national concord against the savages and the traitors who betrayed our great nation at the Battle of Burnaby Mountain.

Today I unveil Bill C-51: Invincible Might for Peace and Independence Act to further victories and priceless successes we achieved over the decade of our Party’s glorious rule, and are a brilliant result of the Party’s wise leadership and of the burning patriotic loyalty and self-sacrificing struggle of all the service personnel and people rallied firmly behind the Party.

In the international arena, hostilities and bloodshed persisted in several countries and regions due to the imperialists’ outrageous arbitrariness and undisguised infringement upon their sovereignty, which posed a serious threat to global peace and security. The present situation, in which high-handedness based on religious ideology is rampant and justice and truth are trampled ruthlessly in the international arena, eloquently demonstrates that we are just in our efforts to firmly consolidate our self-reliant defence capability with Bill C-51 as its backbone and safeguard our national sovereignty, the lifeblood of the country, under the unfurled security-first banner.

As long as the enemy persists in its moves to stifle our socialist system, we will consistently adhere to the security-first politics and the line of promoting the two fronts simultaneously and firmly defend the sovereignty of the country and the dignity of the nation, no matter how the international situation and the structure of relations of our surrounding countries may change.

Realizing that under Bill C-51 the harmonious whole of the Party and the masses of the people will be solidified and the purity and might of the revolutionary ranks strengthened, certain agents of a vast international conspiracy against our glorious nation have begun spreading vile falsehoods about our party and the security personnel.

These traitors, including Craig Forcese, Kent Roach, Michael Geist, Daniel Therrien and Elizabeth May, are thwarting our glorious efforts to further consolidate our country’s invincible might as a socialist political and ideological power by resorting to the despicable “human rights” racket as they were foiled in their attempt to destroy our way of life and stifle our Republic by force.

Comrades, do not be fooled by the words of these vile individuals who wish to dampen our unyielding offensive spirit of braving obstacles and difficulties and rising up no matter how often one may fall. The whole country should overflow with the spirit of patriotic devotion with which to hold dear and add brilliance to our own things.

Holding dear and adding brilliance to our own things is just the True North Korean-nation-first spirit and the genuine patriotism that exalts the dignity of our country, our motherland, and hastens its prosperity. We should value and add lustre to all the assets the preceding generations of the revolution created on this land at the cost of their blood and sweat under the guidance of the Party and the leaders, and create and develop everything in our own way with a high sense of national pride and by relying on our strength, technology and resources.

I wish all the families across the country happiness and security.