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Nearly 1,800 catch basins adopted in Vancouver

By Staff Writer Walking through the streets of Vancouver, you may pass by Grates of Wrath, Stormy Drainiels, or Grate Expectations. By the end of October this year, 1,765 catch basins have been adopted across the city. The Adopt a Catch

Hot dog water CEO stands outside Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Vancouver Summit

By Staff Writer A man dressed as a hot dog stands just outside of the Goop wellness summit held in the Stanley Park Pavilion over the weekend. He offers passerbys samples of hot dog water. The hot dog water, consisting

BC couple rejoices over discovering obscenely large porcini mushroom

By Staff Writer David Swab was foraging through the coastal B.C. forest’s damp undergrowth when he jumped with a shriek. He beckoned over his wife, Olya Kutsiuruba, “So I move this brush back and we find this enormous, enormous King

Tim Hortons aims to shut down Tim Hottens

By Staff Writer Those travelling in Yamunanagar, India, may find comfort in a homely treat from Tim Hottens—that’s not a typo. A Tim Hortons lookalike has opened up in India, and likewise is a coffee and bake shop with the

Black bear wanders into Ottawa downtown

By Staff Writer Last week Thursday Ottawa locals were surprised, and some delighted, by a juvenile male black bear that had wandered into the Byward Market, a popular downtown neighborhood filled with bars and restaurants. “Not again,” thought Daniel Konioukhov,

Wildfires ignite “smoke war” between Canada and United States

By Marina Wang Caleb Moon, a resident of Spokane, Wash., was tired of the heavy air pollution caused by the forest fires in British Columbia. In a humorous jest, he took to Facebook and created an event titled “Blow Spokane’s

Seth Rogen replaces Morgan Freeman as new voice of Translink BC

By Marina Wang “Hey Vancouver, it’s Seth. Here’s a tip to make your transit ride even more awesome,” said actor Seth Rogen in a Twitter video. “I know your bag is probably very nice and you care deeply for it,

Rare, ancient mammal named after David Bowie’s alter ego

By: Marina Wang Researchers in Brazil have newly described a species of ancient mammal and named the creature Brasilestes stardusti, after Ziggy Stardust as a tribute to David Bowie’s alter ego. The new species was based on a fossil discovered in

Ontario election: Some voters can actually choose “None of the Above” in upcoming election

By Marina Wang Voters in the Thornhill riding in the Greater Toronto Area can look to the bottom of the candidate list and check off a square marked “Above, Znoneofthe” for the June 7 election. A 48-year-old man has legally

Someone put the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion on sale on Craigslist

By Marina Wang “For sale: Stalled and collapsing pipeline project,” reads the title of a Craigslist ad, posted May 29. A sardonic Craigslist user has put the controversial Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion up for sale. The ad appeared following