Hot dog water CEO stands outside Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Vancouver Summit

By Staff Writer

A man dressed as a hot dog stands just outside of the Goop wellness summit held in the Stanley Park Pavilion over the weekend. He offers passerbys samples of hot dog water. The hot dog water, consisting of a wiener floating in a water bottle, reatils for $37.99.

“This is a smart water — it’s keto-compatible, it improves brain function, it increases vitality, I mean the list goes on and on, but it’s our latest product for helping people live healthier lives,” Douglas Bevans, the man in the hot dog suit told the CBC.

Bevans is making a statement about the absurdity of health food fads and calls for people to think critically about the products they are consuming. “As ridiculous as this is, there are products out there that exceed this in absurdity,” he said.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s health brand Goop has been previously criticized for marketing bogus products based on pseudoscience. Earlier this year, the company came under fire after health professionals warned against a DIY coffee enema for sale, and the company is also known for jade or quartz eggs that are meant to be inserted into the vagina.

The “In Goop Health” summit had around 200 attendees, with tickets selling for $400 plus tax. The company is estimated to be work $250-million.

“We really need to think more critically about what is being sold and what kind of claims are being sold and who is selling it,” Bevans told CTV News. “We’re all vulnerable in this era, I think. We’re all inundated with people claiming things.”