Tim Hortons aims to shut down Tim Hottens

By Staff Writer

Those travelling in Yamunanagar, India, may find comfort in a homely treat from Tim Hottens—that’s not a typo. A Tim Hortons lookalike has opened up in India, and likewise is a coffee and bake shop with the slogan “always fresh”. The branding is unmistakeable.

However, unlike Tim Hortons, in addition to your coffee, you can also get a burger and wash it down with a boozy mojito, according to their Facebook page where the restaurant is well reviewed.

Tim Hortons brands seem a little less than amused by the knock-off. “While we believe that imitation is often the sincerest form of flattery, we do have very high standards when it comes to our brand, the quality of our products and the service we provide our guests,” said Jane Almeida, a spokesperson for the parent company of Tim Hortons, in a written statement.

“Therefore, we will be taking steps to protect our brand and trademarks, including closing down this imitation restaurant.”

Tim Hottens Facebook page was created in May on 2016, although it is unclear when the restaurant actually opened, and Tim Hortens hasn’t disclosed whether or not it was aware of the copycat prior to being questioned, according to the Canadian Press.

The knock-off in India isn’t the first to steal the company’s branding either. A Tim House café (with similar branding) has cropped up in South Korea, as well as a Tim Morton’s brand coffee bags sold in a supermarket.