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Thousands fall for fake ad shared by anonymous YIMBY account

An anonymous YIMBY account’s viral tweet claiming to show a rental ad on Craiglist looking for “vaccine-free family of European heritage” shared over 15,000 in just over 24 hours offers a stark example of how rapidly misinformation spreads on the

Euthanasia is no solution to the housing crisis

The recent news of two Canadians seeking medically-assisted death after being unable to find affordable housing within a space of a month[1][3] should fill you with shame. It is a testament to the monumental failure of your government’s housing and

Under the shadow of a Vancouver homicide, alleged pyramid scam expands globally under different names during pandemic

Chen Zhou A mystical spiritual group outlawed by China and linked to an unsolved homicide in Vancouver was dormant for some time and is now operating under new identities around the world. Almost two years ago, the Lower Mainland’s Integrated

City of Vancouver ignored gentrification while pushing neoliberal policies of market development for “livability”, study finds

The City of Vancouver ignored gentrification and displacement of working-class and low-income families as the city hall pursued neoliberal policies of market development under the “livability” narrative,  a new study shows. In their detailed analysis of 37 planning documents and

Vancouver YIMBY calls for “gassing” opponents

Vancouver’s Yes In My Backyard movement – which is pushing for more condos to be built in the city –  is courting controversy after a prominent member called for gassing opponents. “Just gas this room,” vocal YIMBY advocate Greg Andrews

Magnitude 5.3 earthquake strikes Canada’s west coast

A magnitude 5.3 earthquake was reported today (Saturday) at 2:23 p.m. PDT off the western Coast of Canada. Initial estimates place the epicentre of the earthquake 170 km west of  Port McNeil on BC’s Vancouver Island, according to Earthquakes Canada.

Researchers forced to apologize over eugenics accusations receive CMHC funding

By Chen Zhou Canada’s housing agency is funding a pair of controversial researchers who were forced to apologize after facing public accusations of advocating for eugenics, and some housing advocates are not happy about the situation. Canada Mortgage and Housing

Temporary Foreign Worker Program has ballooned under Trudeau suppressing wages. Govt wants to make it even easier to bring in low-paid workers.

By Rohana RezelThe number of Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs) brought into Canada has increased by a staggering 70% under Justin Trudeau’s term in office as Prime Minister. This increase in the number of easily exploitable imported indentured labour has contributed

Chernobyl nuclear power plant’s critical safety systems will shut down “within 48 hours” as diesel generators run out of fuel – inspector

Chernobyl nuclear power plant’s diesel generators only have have fuel for 48 hours, after which all the critical safety systems will shut down, according to Ukraine’s nuclear energy inspector. Emergency diesel generators were turned on at the site to power

Airbnb to pay $6 million to settle allegations of misleading consumers on prices

Airbnb will pay $6 million to settle a case where the accommodation booking stood accused of “double ticketing,” a rarely cited criminal offence under the federal Competition Act.  Arthur Lin of Vancouver, BC has succeeded in having his claim against