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Wealthy Vancouver homeowner likens BC NDP housing reforms to Nazi race laws

By ThinkPol Staff A homeowner from Vancouver wealthiest neighbourhood is likening British Columbia NDP government’s reforms at tackling the region’s housing crisis to Nazi race laws. “Don’t be misled,” Robert Angus is quoted in Shaughnessy Heights Property Owners’ Association newsletter[1]Original:

Housing activist educating Vancouverites on Airbnb bylaws and how to report violators

By Lisa Tanh Many Vancouverites are still unaware of the City of Vancouver’s new short-term rental bylaws and how to properly report violations, says a local housing activist. Ulrike Rodrigues, an East Vancouver resident, said she’s been receiving several messages

Most Vancouver houses sold below assessment in April

By ThinkPol Staff The number of Vancouver detached houses selling below assessed value in April outnumbered those selling for more, with some going as low as 27% below, making it the third month in row that a majority of Vancouver

“If the Chinese market doesn’t want it, I have no interest in it” – Vancouver developer

By ThinkPol Staff Vancouver developer Westbank is only interested in projects that are wanted in China, the marketing director of the company has admitted. “It’s a hindrance that I don’t speak Mandarin for example, in sales,” Westbank’s Director of Marketing

Vancouver Airbnb bylaw loophole threatens rental stock

By Lisa Tanh A loophole in the City of Vancouver’s new short-term rental bylaw could wipe out a big chunk of the city’s secondary suite stock, according to a complaint by a concerned citizen. Ethan, a born and raised Vancouverite,

Vancouver developer sponsoring yacht gala in China while stiffing local contractors

By ThinkPol Staff A Vancouver developer, whose company was recently ordered by a judge to pay $200,000 in unpaid bills to a local contractor, is sponsoring a lavish yacht gala dinner in China. Westbank, owned by developer Ian Gillespie, is

Flipping houses or condos? CRA reminds you that all profits are fully taxable

By ThinkPol Staff Canada’s taxman is reminding house and condo flippers that all profits made buying and reselling homes in a short period of time are fully taxable. This also includes pre-sale flips, where a property is bought and sold

The art of protest: Artisan Emma channelling creative energy to protect BC’s coast from Kinder Morgan

Edited by Drew Penner with photos courtesy of Emma Wetherill Right now, a lot of creative energy, not to mention activist strategizing, has gone into fighting the Kinder Morgan expansion project that would increase the amount oil products the company

Terminal Diagnosis? A trip to a US Kinder Morgan facility sheds light on the Canadian struggle

By Drew Penner The way you’re neck and neck on the freeway clogged with giant trucks hauling combustible goods across Carson, California, reminds me of driving through Central Alberta at the height of the frack boom. One wrong twist of

Guns stopping Canadian parent from moving to LA

By Drew Penner Vancouver resident Lorie Campbell and her husband have been back and forth from California over the past 14 years with work commitments. The Canadian and her husband are green-cards holders, but there’s a giant issue that keeps