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Increasing supply in a housing bubble linked to a bigger crash

By ThinkPol Staff The BC government has promised to tackle the housing affordability crisis in Metro Vancouver by “aggressively” increasing supply. A new study coming out of Princeton suggests that the NDP government may want to reconsider that strategy. In

Airbnb neighbour damages your property? Insurance won’t help

By Lisa Tanh A freehold property owner in Vancouver claims Wawanesa Insurance will not cover damage incurred by neighbouring Airbnb operators. Last week, Shane Richardson, a freehold property owner in Vancouver, renewed his home insurance with Wawanesa Insurance, one of

Vancouver real estate board threatens ThinkPol with lawsuit to protect foreign buyer privacy

Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver is threatening ThinkPol with legal action after we broke the story about how developer Westbank pre-sold nearly one in four Kensington Garden condos, which were heavily marketed overseas, to flippers. Chris Bennett at the law

Pressure mounts on City of Vancouver’s Kaye Krishna to resign over Airbnb fiasco

By ThinkPol Staff Pressure is mounting on Kaye Krishna to stand down as the Vancouver official responsible for the Airbnb file. Critics allege that she has not done enough to crackdown on short term rentals mushrooming in a city grappling

Liberals, Tories unite to kill right to housing bill

By ThinkPol Staff The Liberal and Conservative parties voted together on Wednesday in Canada’s House of Commons to kill a bill that would have added the right to housing to the Canadian Bill of Rights. Bill C-325, An Act to

Canadians’ perceptions of sexual harassment not aligned with reality

Canadians appear unaware of how often women face sexual harassment, with a new Abacus Data poll showing a significant gap between perception and reality. The poll also shows a disparity between the opinions of men and women as well as between

Support for Liberals in a steady decline

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party continue to lose support from Canadians, with their lead in the polls now smaller than at any time since the 2015 election. An Abacus Data poll from October 23rd shows an election today would

Canadians blame parents for children’s in-app purchases

By David Boughton Children using their parents’ phones is nothing new. But what happens when a child racks up tens or hundreds of dollars of purchases while using downloaded applications? That’s the question an Angus Reid public opinion poll asked

Canadian Government pressured to recognize human rights abuses in Mexico

By David Boughton The government of Canada came under pressure last week to increase its response to the escalating human rights crisis in Mexico. Nine Mexican human rights experts were in Ottawa outlining the problems and looking for support. The

Canada lagging behind other countries when it comes to science and technology

At a recent presentation to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance (FINA) the case was presented that Canada’s competitiveness in terms of research and development in science and technology has declined markedly over the past 15 years.