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Chernobyl nuclear power plant’s critical safety systems will shut down “within 48 hours” as diesel generators run out of fuel – inspector

Chernobyl nuclear power plant’s diesel generators only have have fuel for 48 hours, after which all the critical safety systems will shut down, according to Ukraine’s nuclear energy inspector. Emergency diesel generators were turned on at the site to power

Airbnb to pay $6 million to settle allegations of misleading consumers on prices

Airbnb will pay $6 million to settle a case where the accommodation booking stood accused of “double ticketing,” a rarely cited criminal offence under the federal Competition Act.  Arthur Lin of Vancouver, BC has succeeded in having his claim against

Canadian government official uses threats of criminal prosecution to silence critics of ruling party politician

Aslam Nathoo(R) on the campaign trail with Taleeb Noormohamed in 2019.

A senior Canadian government official on Thursday used threats of criminal prosecution to silence critics of a controversial ruling party politician. Aslam Nathoo, a director at Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, went after social media users who mocked Taleeb

Tory candidate-led organization green lit fraudster as immigrant visa provider despite whistleblower warnings of immigration and Ponzi scams

An industry association headed by a Conservative candidate at the upcoming federal election recommended an alleged fraudster as a provider of immigrant visas despite whistleblowers alleging that the company was running a Ponzi scheme and committing immigration fraud. Vancouver Granville

Twitter astroturfing campaigns intensify as Canada’s election day draws near

By Rohana Rezel Two hashtags started trending on Twitter as the leader’s debate wound down on Friday night in Canada: #LiberalSurge and #LiberalPurge. I analyzed the spread of those two hashtags using The Observatory on Social Media (OSoMe) toolset.  I

$5M mansion owners pay very little income tax in Canada. Conservative candidate is fighting to protect them from BC’s speculation tax.

By Rohana Rezel Jing Bai’s family owns and lives in a $5.7 million dollar mansion in Vancouver’s tony MacKenzie Heights neighbourhood in the affluent Westside of the city. The family pays very little income taxes in Canada because the primary

A Liberal candidate is flipping properties in Vancouver. Someone got Twitter to gag me for revealing it.

By Rohana Rezel I tweeted recently about how a candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada in the upcoming election was engaged in property flipping. This morning, less than a week after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called a snap election,

Vancouver City Planning Commission under fire for “one-sided” housing panel

The Vancouver City Planning Commission is being accused of pro-developer bias after the City of Vancouver advisory body set up a panel exclusively of real estate supply advocates to answer the question “is Vancouver building enough housing?” Last night’s panel

Vancouver YIMBY movement rocked by fresh racism and violence allegations

Vancouver’s Yes In My Backyard movement – which is pushing for more condos to be built in the city –  is in turmoil after a prominent member’s tweets mocking South and East Asian people and encouraging female politicians to commit

Canada cancels deportation of healthcare hero

The Canadian government has suspended the deportation order issued against Filipino COVID-19 frontline health worker Carlo Escario following a public outcry. “Elated by the news that the government did the right thing by cancelling the removal of our client, Carlo