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Conservatives facing criminal investigation over election law violation for the 4th election in a row

The Conservative Party of Canada is facing a criminal investigation over allegations that one of its candidates ordered senior members of his campaign team to tear down opponents’ election signs while putting up his own, making it the fourth time

Subject Harper to RCMP criminal investigation over offshore tax haven scandal, 3 out of 5 Canadians say

A significant majority of Canadians (61%) want to see Stephen Harper subjected to an RCMP criminal investigation over his and his government’s role in the KPMG tax haven scandal which allowed billionaires to pay no taxes while obtaining federal and

Conservative government refused to pass a bill increasing penalties for drunk driving

The Conservative government refused to pass a bill that would have increased penalties for drunk driving introduced by a Tory backbencher that had support from both the NDP and the Liberals. The Harper government decided to not move forward with

RCMP planning mass arrest of indigenous activists under Bill C-51, supporters warn

The RCMP are preparing to carry out a mass arrest operation against the indigenous Unist’ot’en Clan of the Wet’suwet’en Nation in northwestern BC under Harper government’s Bill C-51 labelling as terrorists First Nations activists exercising their Aboriginal Title and Rights

Fresh calls to scrap temporary foreign worker program after landmark ruling

Rights groups are calling of the scrapping of Harper government’s controversial temporary foreign worker program after the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario found Presteve Foods Limited discriminated against two women from Mexico working under the program and awarded the complainants

Harper’s policies making prison inmates more violent, society less safe, correctional officers tell voters

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is deceiving the public about being tough on crime, according to the union representing Canadian correctional officers who claim that the Conservative government’s budget cuts to inmate training programs are making penitentiaries more violent for the

Mexico’s press goes to town after Canadian mining CEO admits ‘good relationship’ with drug cartels

The admission by a CEO of a Canadian mining company to having a “good relationship” with drug cartels in Mexico has received widespread coverage in the Mexican press.  “The cartels are active down there…Generally, we’ve had a good relationship with

It is not safe to be an indigenous woman or girl in Canada right now

By Leah Gazan Member of Wood Mountain Lakota Nation, and Faculty of Education, University of Winnipeg It has been 44 years since the brutal murder of Helen Betty Osborne, in which the Aboriginal Justice Implementation Commission concluded that racism, sexism,