Woman suing Twelve West over rape and cover up speaks up as nightclub denies incident

By Jennifer Wilson

A Kamloops woman who alleges she was raped at Twelve West, a nightclub in Vancouver’s Granville district, has spoken publicly for the first time about her ongoing civil claim against the venue.

In an interview with Thinkpol, Yoshnika Shah said that, since the alleged rape, she has been unable to maintain a job or apartment and has been diagnosed with insomnia, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. She said she suffers from nightmares and still has fingerprint marks on her breast implants from the alleged attacker.

“It’s a scar on my soul and it’s a scar on my body that I see every day, and it’s not something easy to let go of, knowing who has done that to you and seeing them walk away with it,” Shah said.

In October, Shah filed a civil claim alleging that, in 2015, Twelve West staff found her unconscious in the venue, and carried her into the kitchen where she was left unattended. Her claim states that a man then entered the kitchen through an unlocked door and raped her. Shah further alleges that security camera footage of the assault was tampered with by Twelve West. She is suing for negligence on the part of venue management.

Shah said she has filed the claim now, two years after the alleged rape, because she has waited long enough for third parties to take action on her behalf.

“I was waiting for the cops, or the night club, or some sort of help from the authorized authorities, but when I didn’t receive the help that I should be getting, I decided to take that up myself. I just walked into the courthouse, paid a couple of bucks and with all my information and the knowledge that I have, I prepared [the claim].”

In a written statement to Thinkpol, Twelve West Management Ltd.’s media representative referred to the company’s official response to Shah’s claim, filed on Nov. 10.

“The [statement] filed in BC Supreme Court contains Twelve West’s vehement denial that the incident occurred. Twelve West will vigorously defend this claim and take all steps necessary to uphold its legal rights.”

Twelve West’s lawyer, Robert Cooper, confirmed that all parties currently have until Dec. 15 to provide documentary evidence.

[Photo Credit: Yoshnika Shah]

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4 Responses to Woman suing Twelve West over rape and cover up speaks up as nightclub denies incident

  1. nonconfidencevote says:

    Unfortunately, the entire Bar scene on Granville has become a cesspool well versed in avoiding lawsuits and if they are found guilty…..avoiding payment.
    An aquaintance of mine used to work in the Downttown Van bar scene. They would hold monthly meetings with lawyers to coach them on liability and how to avoid owning any assets if they were sucessfully sued.
    Virtually all the bars lease the space, lease the furniture, lease the bar equipment, (you get the idea). They own nothing of value.
    The staff may be sub contractors that have no assets in their own name.( Their wives, husbands, etc. own the car, the condo, etc
    They own nothing of value.

    Winning a Lawsuit against these people will prove a hollow victory but at least she is willing to do something unlike the City of Vancouver Liquor inspector, the Police, the Crown Prosecutor.

    I wish her well.

  2. Concernedcitizen says:

    This article only contains half of the information, where is the lawsuit she is trying to issue for 18 million dollars, I would feel sympathy for her and want her to seek justice but this article shows how media can manipulate and withhold information to the reader. I have been following this case carefully on multiple websites like the Vancouver Sun. Please next time include all the information regarding the case.

  3. Guy says:

    With the comment above seems like she is fishing for money,18 million for future cost of living!!

  4. nonconfidencevote says:

    As previously stated.
    IF she wins…..
    She’ll be lucky to collect $18.00

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