BC Liberal MLA Jordan Sturdy caught lying about school tax

By ThinkPol Staff

BC Liberal MLA Jordan Sturdy is being called out as a liar for spreading misinformation about the school tax imposed on homes worth more than $3 million by the BC NDP government.

“It’s not a “school tax”,” the West Vancouver West Vancouver-Sea to Sky
MLA tweeted on Saturday afternoon. “It’s an asset tax. $4 million house (which I don’t have) will cost you about $500/month in tax. An $8 million house will cost you $2200/month. That’s a lot of money for a paper only gain. Maybe your unrealized investment returns will be targeted next.”

But Metro Vancouver’s twitterati quickly pounced on him.

Housing advocate Brad Barrett tweeted a webpage from West Vancouver municipality’s official website that showed that Sturdy’s numbers were wildly inaccurate[1]https://westvancouver.ca/government/financial-information/school-tax.

The school tax for a four million dollar home would be $2,000 per year – a third of what Sturdy said.

The tax for an eight million dollar property would be $18,000 per year – nearly 50% less than the MLA’s number.

Metro Vancouver twitter users are accusing Jordan of using “Trump tactics” to scale people who don’t know facts.

“Even Jordan isn’t that stupid,” a West Vancouver resident who goes by the twitter handle JJ JJ Schtaunkhauser tweeted. “He’s simply spreading lies. It’s a Trump tactic and he’s using it to scare people who don’t know the facts. Sadly for him most of us in West Vancouver passed a lot more math than he did.”

Sturdy deleted the tweet on Saturday without offering a correction or an apology.

Meanwhile, BC’s Attorney General David Eby, who has borne the brunt of the wealthy homeowners’ anger over the housing reforms, has explained in a blog post that even after the school tax, Vancouver homeowners will end up paying significantly lower property taxes that their counterparts in other major cities in Canada[2]http://davidebymla.ca/news/the-school-tax-increase-on-homes-valued-over-3m-some-factual-information/.

For example, a the taxes on a four million dollar home in Vancouver, even with the school taxes, would be paying a less than third of what a homeowner in Ottawa or Montreal will pay, and less than half of the property taxes levied in Calgary or Toronto.

Eby also explains that seniors and parents of young children are able to defer these taxes under very favourable terms.

“BC Property owners who are disabled, over 55, or with children under 18 years old can defer taxes in a program that has been available since 1974,” Eby said. “It is a program that offers extremely low fees, very favorable rates, and simple rather than compound interest. In fact it has been criticized for being non-means tested and actually being too favourable in its terms. Seniors who want to stay in their houses and defer taxes are welcome to do so, and many are already using this program.”

The Attorney General was planning to explain this to homeowners at a town hall meeting last week, but had to cancel the even over security concerns after the BC Liberal leader and the Leader of the Official Opposition Andrew Wilkinson incited his supporters to crash Eby’s meeting[3]http://davidebymla.ca/news/may-1-forum-and-community-office-cancelled-and-closed-due-to-safety-concerns-please-read-davids-letter-below/.

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5 Responses to BC Liberal MLA Jordan Sturdy caught lying about school tax

  1. Lazyboy says:

    Hum, Sturdy’s math are correct if that chart is right, 4 millions dollars house would be 5, 270$ which is close enough to 500$ a month and then an 8 millions would be 24, 542 wish is 2050 a month… okay, he rounded generously but still, hardly worth calling him a liar.

    • FTFY says:

      “The school tax for a four million dollar home would be $2,000 per year – a third of what Sturdy said.

      The tax for an eight million dollar property would be $18,000 per year – nearly 50% less than the MLA’s number.”

  2. earl hickey says:

    Sturdy may have made a mistake with the math, but in principle he is correct. This is a tax on assets and on paper assets at that. Who is to say the tax rate won’t be increased? Who is to say the asset threshold won’t be progressively lowered? How does one pay this tax from the value of the house? Does each house now come with an ATM that spits out money based on the estimated value of the house? Defenders of the tax say that it can be deferred until the house is sold , but what happens if subsequently the house is sold for less than the amount on which the tax is based? What if 3-5 years from now , that $4 million house is sold for $2 million or $1 million because the real estate bubble has burst? None of these questions have been addressed by any of the proponents of the tax.

    Finally , this tax runs counter to Canadian tax law with respect to personal residences . Everyone knows there are no capital gains taxes on increased value of one’s personal residence when that house is sold. Yet this tax does precisely that through the back door. It taxes certain houses on the increased value of that house due to rising real estate values in this market and rising values over time. It is also unfair in that it does not tax ALL houses in the same manner but draws an arbitrary line between what is and is not taxed.

    • Mark Norris says:

      You know whenever I would make a mistake in math class I would try to convince the teacher that I was in fact correct in principle, but she always said that I was a conniving little shit. And I said look, you ivory tower egghead, in principle, two plus two is five. And even if it isn’t, you can’t expect a public servant in a position of significant responsibility to have basic grade 2 math skills. He’s just one man!

  3. nonconfidencevote says:

    My my my.
    Such a tempest in a teacup.
    If the assessed value of the house drops from 4 million to 2 million …..the property tax drops.

    Its that simple.

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