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Thousands fall for fake ad shared by anonymous YIMBY account

An anonymous YIMBY account’s viral tweet claiming to show a rental ad on Craiglist looking for “vaccine-free family of European heritage” shared over 15,000 in just over 24 hours offers a stark example of how rapidly misinformation spreads on the

Misinformation spreading faster than coronavirus, researcher warns

Misinformation and conspiracy theories are spreading faster than the coronavirus, and malicious actors are exploring the theories for political gain and to commit fraud, warns a Swedish researcher. Sweden’s Malmö University researcher Johan Farkas explains that falsehoods, rumours and conspiracy

BC Liberal MLA Jordan Sturdy caught lying about school tax

By ThinkPol Staff BC Liberal MLA Jordan Sturdy is being called out as a liar for spreading misinformation about the school tax imposed on homes worth more than $3 million by the BC NDP government. “It’s not a “school tax”,”