Hindu festival greeting angers Tory supporters

Irate Conservative Party of Canada supporters are threatening resignation today after the Tories posted a greeting on Facebook to mark the Hindu festival of Diwali.

“Where does Diwali come from?” Gary Hillman from Red Deer, Alberta asked. “It has no place in Canadian culture.”

“This makes me want to resign from this party now,” Arlen Bourque of Vancouver, BC wrote.

Other supporters complained about Hindus celebrating the festival in their neighbourhoods.

“Too many Diwali days in Surrey,” Anne Kehler of Surrey, BC wrote. “Fireworks were going off last night too. People who have to go to work get waken up middle of the night. There should be a time limit of when to stop. Have some consideration, people.”

Many others were upset with the Tories for not wishing supporters a Merry Christmas, even though Christmas is still a month and half away.

“Happy whatever!” Lynn Keall-Price of Nelson, BC wrote. “Why can’t they post Merry Christmas??”

“Very tired of ‘coping’!” Keall-Price added. “I have no problem wishing anyone the best on their religious holidays but wish to have the same respect for mine.”


Other used the occasion to accuse Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of being a Muslim out to destroy the country.

“Is there any way possible that we can do some sort of lack of confidence vote with Justin T? ” Jason Friesen Saskatoon, Saskatchewan asked. “He is destroying this country even faster than I thought. There has to be a way to get him out.”

“I’m afraid that he is sending terrorists here and using my own tax dollars to do it,” Friesen added. “This is a guy that partook in a Muslim ceremony that converts him to Muslim.”

Many other Conservative Party faithful had never heard of the word “Diwali”.

“ I have never heard of Diwali, what is it?” Carol A. Dudeck of Calgary, AB wrote. “ What is it?”

The Conservative social media team, who usually deletes comments unfavourable to the party and bans critics, has not removed the comments critical of the Diwali greeting.

Elsewhere on the Internet, the reaction of the Tory supporters were met with concern.

“It is sad, and ultimately dangerous for our civic life, that the smouldering ruins of the CPC look more like the tea party with every passing day,” Reddit user Gargatua13013 said. “Ignorance, bigotry and jingoism… elevated and cultivated as virtues.”

“An articulate and inclusive Conservative Party is a required counterweight to the Liberal Party, and it has a role to play as an effective opposition,” the Redditor add. “Currently the Conservative Party we need doesn’t exist. Opposition is a real active role when done right, not a time out between election bids.”

14 Responses to Hindu festival greeting angers Tory supporters

  1. Sick of Libtards says:

    Do you idiots listen to the news? There has been ANOTHER attack on Paris by MUSLIMS. Why is Justin trying to bring MORE MUSLIMS instead of admitting that MUSLIMS are TERRORISTS?

    • Shut up bigot! says:

      All Muslims are terrorist a much as all catholics are pedophiles

    • Anonymous says:

      Lots of Christians constantly attack the US. Am I supposed to be scared of Christians too? Muslims and Christians aren’t the problem, wackos with an agenda and the desire to harm civilians are the issue. Don’t blame over a billion people for what a handful do – that’s nuts.

    • Anon says:

      Actually, yes. That, and I have a degree in International Security. There are plenty of other reasons for this type of radicalization that leads to mass bombing. I’m wondering if you’ve ever heard of ghettoization in France? Probably not considering most conservatives are white, in-bred, and insular assholes with only one news source– Sun News Network. If the news you’re watching is telling you it is Muslims or even refugees, then it is an ineffective and lazy method of reporting that doesn’t deal with any real issues nor even try to introduce them. People like you with no facts and all emotions are a dying breed. And you call liberals tards, lol.

    • Serously says:

      You do realize that Diwali and Hiduism is not Muslim, right? That wishing Indians from India a happy holiday is not some terroist act? Just because they have darker skin than me.. or less red necks than you doesn’t make them a terrorist. “Justin” isn’t doing anything letting “these people in” Indians have been imigrating to Canada for at the very least 4 generations. It baffles me to read this shit. Read a book and know what you are talking about before posting. The more you know…

  2. Sick of Racism says:

    How do you know its by Muslims. Dont assume shit you dumb cunt.

  3. Not CONvinced says:

    What do Muslims have to do with Diwali?

    And you call US idiots?

  4. Just done says:

    I am with the aussies and russins if you want to come to my country conform or go back to where you came from we are free to be us if my merry christmas affends you leave cause what ever you celebrate is fine i will respect it

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