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Vancouver YIMBY movement rocked by fresh racism and violence allegations

Vancouver’s Yes In My Backyard movement – which is pushing for more condos to be built in the city –  is in turmoil after a prominent member’s tweets mocking South and East Asian people and encouraging female politicians to commit

Hindu festival greeting angers Tory supporters

Irate Conservative Party of Canada supporters are threatening resignation today after the Tories posted a greeting on Facebook to mark the Hindu festival of Diwali. “Where does Diwali come from?” Gary Hillman from Red Deer, Alberta asked. “It has no

Pegida Canada: When Harper’s Islamophobia birthed a movement

Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West is the definition behind the German acronym, Pegida. But such Islamophobia isn’t based solely on the distant shores of Europe. There is an infinitesimal current of anti-Islamic sentiment running through British Columbia

587 Canadian academics condemn Stephen Harper’s racial hate propaganda

Open letter regarding Conservative Party campaign tactics We are a diverse group of academics with different political views and different political allegiances. We are united by a common interest in the integrity of democratic processes and a concern about the

Conservatives bullied teenage Ala calling her “raghead slut”, candidate’s sister says

Conservatives bullied Ala Buzreba on social media when she was just 16 years old calling her “raghead slut” who should “go back to where she came from”, which prompted the Liberal candidate for Calgary Nose Hill to post the offensive