Defeated Harper supporters call for independent “Republic of Western Canada”

Supporters of defeated Prime Minister Stephen Harper are calling for an independent “Republic of Western Canada” covering Canada’s western provinces after the Liberal Party swept to power in the general election on Monday.

Harper’s Conservatives, who only managed 99 seats out of 338-seat House of Commons against the Liberals 184 seats, fared relatively better in the western provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, winning 54 of the 100 seats in the region.

A Facebook group called “Republic of Western Canada” set up by Roy Mears of Airdrie, Alberta, has attracted over a 1,000 supporters within 24 hours.

“We would have an end to being run out of the east,” Mears explained the movement’s objectives. “We only share taxes to pay our share of Military postal and RCMP but no equalization payments.”

“No payments to run the government of the east and we only pay off the our share of the national debt,” Mears added. “We have a balanced trade deal they can only sell the good from their production balanced with what they buy from us.We would also control our own immigration and legal system.”

“We need to research and find ways that will propel western canada to be heard. If that means a threat to seperate[sic] like the BQ [Bloc Québécois] so be it,” supporter
Donna McDonald wrote. “We need to find a legal avenue that would give us the right to challenge the way we are governed.”

The movement has attracted attention even outside western Canada.

“I live in Ontario and I am in total despair with how the election went,” Neil Dockree of Brantford, Ontario said. “We are now looking to move west to get away from this liberal double whammy in Ottawa and Toronto.”

The talk of separation is a worrying some western Canadians.

“United we stand divided we fall,” Corey M. O’Brien of Edmonton, Alberta wrote. “Like it or not it was a legal election, the way it has been done for centuries now, if you don’t like, it feel free it emigrate anywhere else in the world. Leave Canada the way it is.”

“This smells of the Quebec referendum from years ago, and I know the opinion of the majority of western Canadians as to how that went, so please stop this whining,” he added. “If you don’t like the results of the election then get more involved in the process next time. Until then it is a majority government for the next 4 years.”

Others are upset about the group’s adoption of a blue colour version of Canada’s flag as their flag.

“Do not turn my Canadian flag to blue and white,” Tanner Beebe of Red Deer, Alberta wrote. “Men and women did not fight and die for this country for its countrymen to complain because they are upset over a change in management. Be thankful for the the chance to be Canadian and stand behind your country no matter who is in management.”