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Kenney in hot water for drawing MP salary while running provincial campaign


Federal Conservative MP Jason Kenney is facing a possible ethics probe after his Calgary Midnapore constituents complained to the Ethics Commissioner that Kenney was engaging in provincial politics while still drawing his MP salary. Kenney is busy running a “unite

TFWP review: Listen to Canadian workers, not just businesses – labour group


The Federal Government must listen to working Canadians, not just employers and their lobbyists when they review the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, the Alberta Federation of Labour said today in response to Employment, Workforce Development and Labour Minister MaryAnn Mihychuk’s

McIver mocked for blaming NDP over McDonald’s self-service kiosks


Alberta Tory interim leader Ric McIver has become a target of derision after blaming Alberta’s NDP government’s minimum wage policy for McDonald’s installing touchscreen self-service order kiosks across the province. “4 less AB jobs due to #NDP minimum wage policy,”

What do Calgarians think of Syrian refugees coming to their city?


Refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war have started arriving in Calgary. The city is projected to take 10% of refugees coming into Canada. ThinkPol’s Ryan Rumbolt finds out what Calgarians feel about the plan.

Alstar under investigation for abusing TFW program leaving worker $10k out of pocket


An Alberta-based oilfield contractor is under investigation by the federal government after a temporary foreign worker (TFW) accused the company of violating program regulations. The allegations against Alstar Oilfield Contractors has only worsened following our initial article confirming the Alberta

Minister confirms another misuse of TFW program by Alberta-based contractor


By Brandon Kostinuk Earlier this month, via an anonymous source, Thinkpol.ca received information that an Alberta-based contractor for the oil and gas industry was recently granted approval for 10 temporary foreign workers (TFWs) while Canadian workers were left in the

Defeated Harper supporters call for independent “Republic of Western Canada”


Supporters of defeated Prime Minister Stephen Harper are calling for an independent “Republic of Western Canada” covering Canada’s western provinces after the Liberal Party swept to power in the general election on Monday. Harper’s Conservatives, who only managed 99 seats