Conservative’s ISIS ad violates Geneva Convention, opposition says

By Mary Simpson

The Conservative Party of Canada’s new ad using ISIS imagery of prisoners of war to attack the Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau’s stance on the terror group violates the Geneva Convention on the treatment of PoWs, according to an opposition member of parliament.

Charlie Angus, MP for Timmins—James Bay, pointed to a statement by the International Committee of the Red Cross during the first Gulf War where the humanitarian organization reminded the world that “it is forbidden to expose prisoners of war to public curiosity… and the essential thing is to make clear to all parties that PoWs should not be exposed in any form.”

The ICRC were referring to the Article 2 Geneva Convention of 1929 that states “Prisoners of war are in the power of the hostile Government, but not of the individuals or formation which captured them.
They shall at all times be humanely treated and protected, particularly against acts of violence, from insults and from public curiosity.”

“The thinking in the Harper ‘war-room’ seems to be that if ISIS isn’t bound by international law for humanitarian treatment of prisoners, neither are the vote hungry Conservatives,” the NDP MP said. “Seems there is no moral boundary Stephen Harper won’t transgress to score cheap political points on his enemies.”

Conservative campaign spokesman Kory Teneycke defended use of ISIS video in the ad in an interview with Global News Chief Political Correspondent Tom Clark.

“We’re better than news, because we’re truthful,” Teneycke said, brushing off allegations that the ad also violated Conservative government’s Bill C-51 which makes it a terrorism offence to share any content online that might promote terrorism.

14 Responses to Conservative’s ISIS ad violates Geneva Convention, opposition says

  1. Disgusted says:

    The Conservative Party must the be the worst thing about Canada, and yet, we’re ruled by these snakes.

  2. Realbertan says:

    The depraved genocidal death cult of ISIS continues to commit brutal crimes in Iraq and Syria, especially against women and children. ISIS has called for brutal attacks in Canada against Canadians. Ignoring this threat, as Justin Trudeau will do if elected, is not a solution.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are an idiot , go away and speak no more !

    • Anonymous says:

      Wtf did he ever say he would do nothing about it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, these ads actually work?

    • Kay says:

      If you’re so worried about ISIS then perhaps you should contribute to an aid organization that helps people in the middle east who are victims of constant warfare and economic exploitation. Nobody is born a terrorist, they become a terrorist when they see their families and communities destroyed by bombs.

      Every bomb we drop is like a recruitment bonanza for ISIS. Every school or water treatment plant we help build helps to eliminate the conditions that create terrorists.

      If you’re serious about ending terror, you need to help instead of hurt.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah and Harper is helping Isis.

    • true canadian says:

      Lol… Bitch, go the facque back to United States. Bloody idiot.

  3. Jormungand says:

    Our Canadian armed forces are well-trained and resourceful, but have only a very modest number of planes to contribute. And they were built over 30 years ago.

    Have no delusions. The Americans are doing the real work against ISIS. Neither the UN nor NATO have sanctioned a team effort in the Middle East. Remember that there is a much bigger threat in Eastern Europe.

    The Conservative campaign is trying to use the war against ISIS as a distraction from the criminal abuse of our country by many members of their caucus. Don’t be fooled. Stand up to them. Criminals must not run our country.

  4. Gerry says:

    Are the Conservatives actually paying ISIS for the use of ISIS propaganda video in Conservative attack ads on Trudeau? Or are the Conservatives simply plagiarizing and stealing the creative work of a terrorist organization for their own political gain?

    • Legacy says:

      I think ISIL generally isn’t concerned about the use of its material – if anything, they would be more likely to thank the Harper campaign for helping to spread their message of fear.

      The CBC, on the other hand, was not asked for permission to use its copyrighted material, and has apparently asked both Facebook and YouTube to take down the video.

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