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The Two Sides Of The Anti-Terror Coin

By Jared Milne The wave of attacks that have occurred this summer have made the debate over how to respond to terrorism more heated than ever, with calls for Canada and its allies to step up the fight against ISIS

Destroy those who ordered Turkish pilots to attack Russian plane: Russia’s ruling party MP

Russia should find out the identities of the Turkish pilots who downed the Russian Su-24 fighter jet and destroy those who ordered them to carry out the attack, a Russian member of the parliament belonging to the ruling party urged

Turkey downed Russian fighter jet to protect ISIS oil sales: Putin

Turkish air force shot down a Russian fighter jet killing the pilot over the skies of Syria in order to protect ISIS oil sales to Turkey, Russian President Vladimir Putin told journalists following a meeting with King Abdullah II of

Iran releases video alleging US behind Paris attacks

The United States and its allies are the real culprits behind the terror attacks in Paris that killed 137 people, a propaganda video released by the office of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei alleges. The video claims that ISIS was

Majority opinion at odds with Trudeau over refugees, air strikes

A clear majority of Canadians disagree (60%) with the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plan to settle 25,000 refugees in Canada before the end of the year and more than two thirds (68%) support the use of Canadian Forces CF-18 fighter

“ISIS is an Islamic problem,” says Muslim man in viral post

ISIS is an Islamic problem that Muslims must confront, according to a post by a Singaporean Muslim that is going viral on Facebook. “ISIS is a Muslim organisation, and it is an Islamic problem. Let me say it again to

Paris attacks part of ISIS strategy to provoke retaliation and force Muslims out of west: activist

ISIS carried out the terror attacks in Paris yesterday killing more than 129 people to provoke retaliation against Islamic communities in France as part of their broader strategy of forcing Muslims out of the west, an Arab Spring activist claimed

Conservative’s ISIS ad violates Geneva Convention, opposition says

By Mary Simpson The Conservative Party of Canada’s new ad using ISIS imagery of prisoners of war to attack the Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau’s stance on the terror group violates the Geneva Convention on the treatment of PoWs, according