Liberals win majority as Canadians overcome voter suppression to defeat Harper

Canadians coast to coast to coast voted out unpopular Prime Minister Stephen Harper and ushered in a Liberal majority government under Justin Trudeau amid reports of widespread voter suppression.

Voters in Ontario, British Columbia and New Brunswick reported receiving ballots pre-marked in favour of Conservatives, including an entire book of ballots marked for the Tory candidate Alice Wong in Richmond, BC.

“I received my ballot and went behind the screen, then took a moment to observe it, and realized that it had been marked already,” Richmond voter Lester Lee reported. “Concerned I took the ballot back to my polling volunteer and showed him. He immediately agreed and provided me a new ballot, destroying the old one. I took that one behind the screen and again observed the same markings.”

“Both ballots had been marked under the Conservative candidate’s name, Alice Wong,” he added. “I was suspicious and returned, a number of us checked through the unmarked ballots and discovered that every ballot in their small book (Perhaps a dozen ballots) had been similarly marked.”

Alice Wong went on to win the race by just 463 votes.

Elections Canada have downplayed the concerns as printing errors, but have so far been unable to explain why almost all such ballots were marked in favour of the Conservatives with a few going for Greens and independents, and none being in favour of the Liberals or the NDP.

Other voters turned up at polling places only to find that someone else had already cast their ballots.

“My name was crossed off the list as if I had already voted” Daniel Schott reported. “Poll workers told me someone voted fraudulently in my name.”

“My name was already crossed off as having voted when I arrived at the polling station,” Aimee Guile tweeted.

“My name was already crossed off the list as if I had voted,” PamelaWootton said. “Computer generated list – how can it be wrong?”

Meanwhile, other voters reported receiving flyers from the Conservative campaign teams misdirecting them to the wrong polling places.


Some other voters found the polling stations closed when they turned up to vote, while elections staff ran out of ballots at one First Nations location after receiving just 400 ballots for a population of 7,200 residents.

A voter turnout of 68.5% appears to have mitigated the effects of election irregularities and ensured a comfortable victory for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, who ended the night with 184 seats.

Outgoing Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, who have been convicted of criminal electoral cheating at the last three elections, managed to hold on to 99 seats.

A disappointing night for Thomas Mulcair saw the NDP being reduced to just 45 seats and losing their official opposition status.

“We beat fear with hope,” Justin Trudeau said in his victory speech at the Liberal Party headquarters in Montreal. “We beat cynicism with hard work. We beat negative, divisive politics with a positive vision that brings Canadians together.”

11 Responses to Liberals win majority as Canadians overcome voter suppression to defeat Harper

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lawrence Woo (Lib) should contest the Richmond Centre result. It doesn’t look legitimate.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looking back mine had previous marking for Alice Wong.
    Messed up they need to do the elections again in places conservatives won.

  3. David says:

    As someone who lives in Richmond Centre and voted in favour of Lawrence Woo, is there anything they can do under these circumstances?

  4. peter larlee says:

    Having worked yesterday as a scrutineer for the Liberal Candidate in North Vancouver, I can say that this is a very serious allegation that should be fully investigated by Elections Canada. All ballots must be accounted for in the Election. So, if there were Ballots that were pre marked, they would be counted and preserved by the Polling District Supervisor, and as such, they would now be available for inspection. I agree there should be a recount.

  5. Anonymous says:

    As the votes are so close, is it possible for Lawrence Woo to request a re-count or maybe even a re-vote? The premarked ballots for Alice Wong are very sketchy, especially how there are entire booklets of them

  6. Anonymous says:

    My first time voting. Pre marked but wasn’t sure.
    Thought every vote counts; instead someone rigged the game.
    Because there’s two marks mine was probably thrown out. Not cool.

  7. CHICKENHEAD says:

    Typical Karl Rove/Republican Party tactics. Why am I NOT surprised the Republican North party tried it as well? Looks like Dear Leader was counting on a “too close to call” election so their fraudsters could push the election in their favour.

    FORTUNATELY we got a landslide and you can’t easily cheat that.

    We were watching you, Harper. And you acted EXACTLY like we expected. Fortunately the Karl Rove doctrine doesn’t work when the entire country moves to kick you out.

    There needs to be investigations, and arrests. And this “Alice Wong” needs to be removed and forced into an immediate by-election. This is fraud, plain and simple.

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