Former CSIS-funded Heritage Front terrorist group member warns against Bill C-51

By Elisa Hategan

My name is Elisa Hategan and I’m a Canadian writer and freelance journalist. Twenty years ago, I was a teenage member of an Ontario-based domestic terrorist group called the Heritage Front. They were a radical white supremacist, neo-Nazi lobby group with ties to organizations that connected into parliamentary politics. After turning against them, collecting information and testifying against group leaders in court, the Toronto Sun broke the story that one of the group’s leaders was a CSIS agent, Grant Bristow. For a period of approx. 4 years, the Heritage Front had been founded and funded in large part by Canada’s own intelligence service, CSIS (Canadian Intelligence Security Service) – the Canadian equivalent of the CIA. They called it Operation Governor.

Hategan article Grant Bristow CSIS

After the official inquiry resulted in a whitewashed report that was slammed by both left-wing activists and Preston Manning, then-leader of the Reform Party which was essentially destroyed by revelations that Heritage Front members had infiltrated its ranks, I went into hiding and tried to forget what had happened. Over the years, however, I realized it was a story I had to tell. So in 2010 I wrote a memoir titled Race Traitor and entered into negotiations with Penguin Canada over the acquisition rights, but after a month and no solid offer I walked away from the negotiation table. I should add that no other publishers, big or small press, were interested in publishing it. “The issue of white supremacy has had its day” Douglas & McIntyre. “ I can’t see a broad market for the book.” – Random House. Last year I ended up self-publishing it: Race Traitor: The True Story of Canadian Intelligence’s Greatest Cover-Up

In the month after the book came out, I was interviewed by a senior journalist at the Globe & Mail, Colin Freeze, as well as the Director of Programming at the CBC here in Toronto. They both expressed great interest in covering the story, but afterwards came back at me with excuses that senior editors were reluctant to go to print (or, as in the case of CBC, to air) with it – mainly because it was an old, irrelevant story since it happened 20 years ago. Also, there was the pesky issue that in today’s political climate, and according to Minister of Justice Peter MacKay’s own admission, only religion-based violence can be considered terrorism, i.e. only Muslims can be terrorists. In other words – when a Christian massacres almost 100 defenceless youth on Utoya Island in Norway, murders innocents outside a Kansas City synagogue (on the heels of Holocaust-denier David Irving’s talk two weeks earlier), plots a Halifax Valentine’s Day massacre or shoots 3 innocent Muslims in Chapel Hill execution-style, they are not terrorists but misguided, lone misfits.

Just this past month, Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper (who in the 1980s was a member of the extreme right-wing Northern Foundation, which had Heritage Front and Reform Party members, along with skinheads, anti-abortionists, Holocaust-deniers and Conrad Black) has announced a new bill that essentially duplicates the NSA laws of arrest without warrant, anybody can be detained for a week under the pretext of “terrorism”, etc. Bill C-51 is extremely troubling, considering that they will be giving CSIS far greater powers than ever before, turning it into what many have called a “Secret Police” with far-reaching powers.

Given the context of Bill C-51, it didn’t surprise either myself or the numerous activists, anti-racists and aboriginal protesters I’ve communicated with, that we cannot get any mainstream press coverage in Canadian media. Telling the story of how Canada’s own intelligence agency formed a domestic terrorist group that stalked, harassed and assaulted several left-wing activists in the 1990s would be in direct conflict with what Stephen Harper’s government is attempting to pass into law – a law whose definition is so broad, so undefined, that anyone in direct opposition to our government’s interests (such as Aboriginal protesters and the Idle No More movement) would fall into the category of “terrorist.”

Under Bill C-51, ‪CSIS will have the power to: 1) detain people without charges for up to 7 days; 2) interfere with bank transactions and seize bank accounts if they are “suspected” of potential terror activity; 3) order the seizure of “terrorist propaganda” or order it deleted from an online source; 4) stop any passengers “suspected” of travelling overseas to commit a terror offence to be removed from a flight; 5) seal court proceedings; 6) make it illegal to “promote” or “counsel” terrorist activity – the definition of what this constitutes is, of course, left up to CSIS’ interpretation. Using “disruption warrants,” Canada’s spies will do just about anything: “enter any place or open or obtain access to any thing,” to copy or obtain any document, “to install, maintain, or remove any thing,” and, most importantly, “to do any other thing that is reasonably necessary to take those measures.”

Bill C-51 MUST be stopped, or at the very least re-examined. The repeated violations and more violations on the part of the former intelligence unit of the RCMP, which became CSIS, which evolved into CSEC, cannot be overlooked. Neither is Harper’s ongoing use of CSIS as his personal domain pet whenever he wants to keep tabs on anti-fracking protesters, Green Party members, or whoever is opposed to the Conservative Party’s mandate. Such collusion between government and intelligence agencies is insidious at best, and will be used politically to defeat (or even imprison) political opponents.

History has already showed us what can happen when agents run amok: Grant Bristow’s handlers had been inherited from the same RCMP department which preceded CSIS’s inception. Back in the 1970s they were burning barns in Quebec while blaming it on the FLQ. After that scandal ensued and RCMP intelligence was disbanded, they moved over to the newly-minted CSIS and taught neo-Nazis and violent skinheads (some of whom were part of the now-disbanded Airborne Regiment) intelligence techniques, thus contributing to assaults, stalking, harassment and worse. Since they got away with all of the above, I cannot imagine what will happen when they gain autonomy.


There is a wide amount of evidence, press clippings and media sources that back up my memoir, as well as the testimony of activists who had been terrorized. Please consider featuring the story of CSIS’s establishment of the Heritage Front in your media outlets – Canadians have a right to know what their own government has done in the past, in order to prevent it from ever happening again.

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  1. dennis labbe says:

    It is unbelievable that governments have destroyed their mandates to work for the people.

    • Anonymous says:


    • After reading this synopsis by Elisa Hategan on the background of her book

      ” Race Traitor: The True Story of Canadian Intelligence’s Greatest Cover-Up”

      I had no such feeling that it is “unbelievable” that this happened in Canada. I immigrated to Canada in the 1960-ties and was fortunate to eventually get Study Grant and later a Student Loan from the Canadian Government to study Engineering at UBC in Vancouver. During my University years I came to realize. . .not knowing that behind the curtains some things went on that were not meant to be seen in the light of day. . .that, as far as I was concerned. I was living in fantastic country in which various forms off Freedom and Liberty were the main features of civilized life. . .principally I saw these as features of Canadian People. . . and THAT was my experience in Canada between 1962 and 1983. That feeling I had stood stark contrast against the backdrop of what had happened in Nazi Germany and a Host of other horrible things that happened in other counties all over the world were Freedom and Liberty were mere Pipe Dreams for the people at bottom echelons that were trampled into the mud by shiny boots”. . . At the time I had a similar regard for the people of the United States. The once I met were just as nice as Canadians I knew. . .I was unaware of the “things” that brewed in the cauldrons behind the Curtains. . . .In 1983 I was still proud of having been allowed to live in Canada and being educated there, but dark clouds were gathering and that revealed that what I had seen and experience was just the silver lining on the darkness that began to be revealed. . . .Since I left Canada in 1983 for a teaching assignment in Zimbabwe . . having become aware of how Robert Mugabe became a veritable Dictator, after having agreed to the Lancaster House Agreement of 1980 for creating a democratic nation, and having settled in The Netherlands in 1986, I discovered bit by bit as to what happened “behind the curtains” of nations world wide. Although there are shades of darkness to found behind these curtains it is dark and chilly there. . .there where the fate of the nations is nothing but “currency” for those that pull the strings. . .All that happens there is VERY believable as it is the norm for the powerful that pull the strings to make the Governments work. . . World Affairs, as being exposed in the Articles of Noam Chompsky, and others like him, are as insidious as Elisa Hategan claims they are, and sometimes they are even worse when the are stopped by people that object to the mistreatment of the people at the bottom of the heap. . . In all this darkness there is some Light to be found: . . .If “things” get really bad so that the suffering becomes unbearable they will revolt and set the “curtains” on fire and exterminate the devils that try to hide in the darkest places of the dungeons they chose to live in and do their evil work. . . Don’t wait too long to set the curtains alight. . .

  2. Bob Lewis says:

    I remember reading about this at the time. This doesn’t surprise me. It disgusts me and horrifies me, but it doesn’t surprise me.
    The fact that most people would rather not hear about this, and that the CBC and the Globe would make up excuses not to deal with the issue, also disgusts and horrifies me but does not surprise me.

    OTOH, I notice a growing willingness to think about these issues among my younger friends. This is why there are protests almost on a weekly basis. And that is why Bill C-51 is being enacted. Terrorism is just the excuse to pass legislation that will allow them to suppress legitimate protest.

    Government has never been about looking after the people. It has always been about keeping us in our places, giving us crumbs, and promising cake if we’re good.

    Periodicaly, their psychopathic greed gets so far out of bounds that people start to notice and rather than share a little more, or just back of a bit, they resort to ever more repressive laws.

    As Mark Twain said, ‘Doesn’t matter who you vote for, the government always wins.’

    Hard times ahead.

  3. Lawrence says:

    Elisa Hategan was a member of the Heritage Front and used as a tool by csis agent Grant Bristow, only after being charged with a hate crime did she flip on her fellow members and side with the RCMP. She now has re-written her own personal history and comes out on the side of yet another fake movement the left tards. Being used yet again for political purposes. They don’t need to pay stupid people like this, They do it for free. Yes we should oppose Bill C-51 but it does not follow that we should support today’s terrorist flavour, The idle no more, Occupy, Union, NGO and elite sponsored left.

    • jesse colvin says:

      Lawrence you are a neanderthal out of touch lemming to call Idle No More and the others terrorist groups – and that Elisa ‘flipped’ on her fellow members for ANY reason was a good thing you mindless tard ! and as for her story being fake, DO YOU KNOW HOW TO READ AND COME TO THE SAME CONCLUSION THE WANKER MAINSTREAM MEDIA HAS THAT HER STORY IS TRUE, AND THAT IS WHY THEY WON’T PUBLISH IT ! wouldn’t want to piss of their masters in the govt like Thieven Harper…and BTW : left right in the friggin middle, WHATEVER you moron, anything that will help take down Herr Harper is a good thing…now PLEASE go post some asinine comments on a page appropriate for you like say….justin beiber or the upcoming tiddleywinks competition – idiot.

    • Elisa says:

      Hey Lawrence,
      before you go around making libelous accusations, you might want to do your research – my charges were dropped by the Crown due to the fact that I had not done anything wrong – the flyer that they had initially charged me with was in fact manufactured by Wolfgang Droege at Al Overfield’s office, using information provided by Bristow. I have legal correspondence going between several prominent Toronto lawyers and the Toronto Police Force regarding charging Droege over that flyer.

      I also testified against 3 Heritage Front members without any “deals” being made, namely because my criminal charges were already going to be dismissed no matter what.

      • Anonymous says:

        You certainly are proud of yourself for being a traitor, aren’t you? Right down to wearing it as a badge in your novel

        • Elisa says:

          Proud of being a traitor to my “race”?
          Of betraying dangerous men who wanted to spew hatred into the world? Who wanted to eliminate anyone who wasn’t “white”, create apartheid and racism throughout the world?
          Proud of sending white supremacists and neo-Nazis to jail?
          Proud of helping to destroy the Heritage Front and CSIS’s Operation Governor?

          HELL, YES. 🙂

      • Righty says:

        After spreading lies about her former friends for years, and warping the truth at ever turn just to get more attention, she’s suddenly concerned with libel. How cute!

    • Ryan says:

      Lawrence I totally agree but suspect I know who you are, lol. I guess idle no more avoided labeling themselves idle no more in rexton new brunswick because they had guns, molitovs and a pipebomb?

      What I find hilarious is the left-tards were co-ordinated in their solidarity to provide a smoke screen for the violent extremists who planned to blow shit up.

      How was that co-ordination achieved? With institutionalized indoctrination via social justice programs. These programs and the entrenched unions of varying sort (including student unions and public interest research groups), would sucker their zombie cult members with hijacked causes (cause pimping) and guides. They are subscribers to the upside down method of using “non-violent communication” NLP while simultaneously encouraging their cult members to create a bubble for violence to exist by telling them to show solidarity and essentially look the other way. Did you know that there may not have been ferguson riots if it were not for their benevolent master soros’ funding the fomentation to the tune of 10’s of millions of dollars. These hypocrites are against capitalism, while simultaneously hopping in bed with one of the most morally depraved capitalists in the world today.

      We are not stupid we have observed the crowd steering, the hand signalling, experienced the mental manipulation, and seen the underbelly of this beast. People can try to put a friendly face on a communist death cult that is hell bent on ruling the world, but it is not friendly at all, it’s all a facade until they get what they want –> a primary component of that agenda IS eugenics. The reason why eugenics is a necessary component is simple, carrot on the end of the stick to maintain the very apparatus that the elites utilize to maintain their control. This person’s ancestor was wronged therefore that person’s children, their children, till time immemorial are to be disadvantaged economically. It is soft-eugenics in so far as it takes time to run it’s course and is less noticeable by all but the targeted group’s most downtrodden who get to see a mountain of shit for opportunity.

      What disgusts me the most about the left is my ethnicity and gender have nothing to do with the equation if humanity is really to nip the problem of racism in the bud. The left openly seek to maintain this cycle as hatred is VERY easy to take advantage of and steer those who hate into engaging in extremism. The heritage front group was controlled by the state, and that same state, controls social justice cults created from the indoctrination imparted in their colonialist rooted education system.

      • joe says:

        Ryan. Sounds like you’re talking about neo-liberals. You know the type….Ronny Rayguns in the ’80’s….Kissinger….Uncle al…

    • Katerina last name withheld says:

      Don’t listen to those left of Stalin puppets Lawrence. You’re not far off! As I sit here and read this oh so dreary soap opera, I laugh at the likes of this Elisa person that is called out on legitimate claims and sits idle then will not mention to your critics that they should reel back their tongues for the same name calling which crushes her persona.

    • AndyM says:

      none of those (Idle No More, etc)were funded, by anyone other than ourselves- the people-I took part in benefits etc to fund getting people to and from events, etc. You have no clue what you are talking about.

      furthermore, the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ are actually pretty close together…like two wings on the same bird. You need to educate yourself, before ocntinuing with your uninformed statements.

  4. Bob Bacon says:

    Elisa Hategan is a whornalist and hates white Canadians.

  5. Tim Harris says:

    It looks to me like our government is and has been for a very long time now not representing we the people it is representing themselves for the good of their own agenda what ever that maybe ($$$$) there was a time when we were sort of the little tattletale brother(Keeping them some what accountable for their actions) of the U.S.A.??? and these days we seem to be the whore of the U.S.A.for them to put us out(on the Street Corner) front or right beside them in the best interest of the U.S.A.Not in the best interests of the Canadian People! We Really Need To Give Our Head a Shake and Take a Step Back to reassess Just What the Hell We Are Involving Our Sons and Daughters In and Why Are We Asking Them To Lay Their Lives Down and for Some To Pay the Ultimate Price.(Really What and Whom are We Fighting Here)Do not get Me Wrong Here I in no way what so ever am I in any conflict with the men & Women who are serving for Our Country I am How Ever Questioning Our Government Here ? Are We (Canada) under an impending threat so severe that we have to go to War ? To protect ourselves and our Country Here ? I Don’t Think So! So Whom Do I Put My Trust In Then ? MY GOVERNMENT !!! I SHOULD NOT EVEN HAVE TO ASK THIS QUESTION AT ALL ! THERE MUST BE SOMETHING FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG HERE FOR MYSELF ALONG WITH OTHERS WHOM HAVE THE SAME THOUGHTS ON THIS ISSUE ?

  6. Ryan says:

    The left (social justice) is being watched because they are openly advocating organized crime and violence.

    “it’s about smashing windows but not about smashing windows”, as some of the left’s keynote speakers/activists/ngo-paid shills put it.

    What they are doing is saying these things and organizing actions designed to foment acts of terrorism, even the ignorant are trained to blindly show their solidarity with it. It’s disgusting. So is bill c-51 but it is on the right track, there is only the matter of how much of a violation it is to charter rights. It definitely needs reworded, but it also is important in that when people have speaking engagements to discuss why it is good to spike trees, or why the dams and the electrical grid need to be blown up –> those people will wind up where they belong, in jail, because they are a grave threat to the rest of society.

  7. Regular guy says:

    Hey Elise/Elisa
    Regarding libellous accusations…
    Unless that Peter guy was charged and convicted for allegedly holding a knife to your throat, you may want to reconsider what you say about your former friends.
    Also, if they had all those guns, why threaten with a knife??
    It appears that you are a lost ad confused individual saying anything to get attention. Move on with your life!

    • Elisa says:

      Hey, that’s pretty funny from an individual hiding their identity behind a “Regular Guy” anonymous moniker – perhaps to avoid a libel suit? Hmm.
      Everything I say about my “former friends” has been said before, either in signed affidavits, interviews with media or police – but what about anonymous posters like you – who call me anti-woman insults like “whornalist” and “lost and confused”, but don’t even have the balls to show your name?
      Yeah. I thought so.

      • Anoneemoose says:

        Fun fact: affidavis are only as good as the person who makes them. When you lie to a pathological degree, they don’t mean much.

        • AndyM says:

          and if it is found that affidavits are based on lies, then that brings a charge, too…but you don’t care to mention that, do you, ‘regular guy’.

  8. Regular guy says:

    I called you no such thing. It’s all there for everybody to (not) see.
    You think I’m one of your “former friend” assholes? Ha. You ARE more of an idiot than you let on. Keep it up!
    I’m not going to carry on picking piece by piece to prove what you do yourself better, let to your own devices. That being showing your poor character.
    You were virtually homeless, friendless with nothing and nobody in your life. When a variety of characters showed you some love and tolerated what I can only suspect is/was a needy imbecile. Looked after you and whatever else you (probably inaccurately) claimed. What did you do? Stole from them and swore police reports etc!

    The fact that you have already ‘said before in sworn documents…’ A bunch of stuff, Doesn’t make them true. Neither does writing a fantasy book that nobody wants to publish? It’s obvious why. But you’re not that thick, are you?

    But you want to attack me for my nom de plume. You, who has hidden under various handles. Yeah yeah yeah. You feared for your life. But you’re much stronger now, aren’t you? Good for you!
    You’d do well to stick to your word-which you’ve proven is worthless- and give up politicking like the losers that used to be your friends.

  9. Elisa says:

    I don’t know you, and I feel sorry for anybody who does.
    You have proven to be a sad individual who can’t find anything better to do with your life than rage, rage, rage against virtual strangers on the internet.
    When you can’t do anything but insult someone you don’t know with verbally-abusive, unusually hostile, virulent hatred and ad hominem (look it up) insults like “idiot”, “imbecile”, “worthless” etc, you prove there is no need for me – or anybody else for that matter – to waste their time with an adequate response.

    So I’ll let you have the last word – which I’m certain is bound to include various expletives, crude insults, and assorted mentally-deranged rants aimed at my character, my gender, and my political affiliation.
    You’ve sure got a lot going for yourself, huh?

    • Anonymous says:

      it’s unfortunate that it’s difficult to convey nuance via this medium, but I don’t expect for you to understand.
      But you are right, you don’t know me. But you still pre-judge as you did back when you were playing pretend nazi. Nothing has changed. I made some comments, and YOU were the one who attacked ME! YOU are hate filled, the only thing that has changed is the group or target that you chose to hate. The fact remains, you have NOT answered any of my points b/c you know I am right. But your myopic little brain is unable to accept that YOU ARE A HATER. I HAVE NOT BEEN HOSTILE, nor have I cussed. Rage? Far from it. I am interested in dialogue. Not hit and run techniques like you’ve ysed through out your rants.
      My life? Haha. You could only dream to experience life such as I have. Now, One of us has not found anything better to do with their lives than to rage rage rage… And they have written (quite poorly I might add) a silly book and fancy themselves some sort of hero- not unlike that other retard bristow.
      All that bs occurred in the ’90’s, yet YOU ARE STILL WHINING ABOUT IT and begging for people to buy your book. ‘Please listen to my story and validate me!’
      What I’ve got going for myself Elise? Aside from most of the things people could ask for, I have peace of mind. I don’t forget when somebody does something for me. Despite their political affiliation, gender, etc. I am of good character. The fact that you chose to come out swinging when challenged speaks of your (lack of) character, not mine. And you don’t dare correct ANY OF MY POINTS, because you know I am right. Instead, you try to assassinate my character and are the one that uses ‘mentally deranged rants’ etc.
      you don’t deserve my time but I can see that you are lost and scared. And I am very interested to see your development from a nazi that claims was rising quickly through the ranks to become one of their top leaders, at the same time going on about how mysogonist they are. To your realization that you were all the time really a Romanian gypsy Jew lesbian! That’s incredible!!
      Your last response was a cop out. Like everything else you’ve attempted in life.
      I don’t mind if you go back on your word and have the ‘last word’

      • Righty says:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself.

        • AndyM says:

          both of you are spouting hatred-this Elise is talking about history.
          furthermore, the words’ Old Stock Canadian’, a term used by Harper recently is a code word, for the right wing neo-nazis. this has been found to be true. I also knew some neo-nazis in the late 80s/early 90s, who left that ‘movement’ cuz they saw for themselves how misguided those groups are. You need to re-evaluate what YOU consider important, and then look at your own politics. You say others, like her, are engaging in character assassination, while you call her a liar…what does that say about you two?

  10. Birds Eye View. says:

    Your story is worth sharing and very “in the moment” considering whats going on in Ukraine right now and the fact that Canada is supporting that puppet governments policies and the Red Sector factor.
    I have researched and discovered interesting developments regarding this.

    I am curious if you’d considered movie rights? It would do very well with the right producer – Send a link to Oliver Stone. Seriously. He is doing a documentary currently that will be very eye opening as to the West’s contribution to the chaos. If he or his people get a chance to look it over they make take some interest.
    On a side note – Sometimes its easier to get support from artists, getting behind this rather than media.
    Once the artists are collectively raising alarms or support to a cause it seems to gather speed easier.
    A youtube video summary wouldn’t hurt either. Apply for a Grant, haha get approved and spill the beans that would be a poetic justice of sorts.

    Some of the comment clowns on here are either complete idiots with no grasp of current events or are just “Politic Trolls” ignore that and stand up for what you believe in, trust your gut, be safe.

    Stop Bill C51 – It will be hard, and unless the Supreme Court of Canada and Canadians as a majority have more trust, clarity and legal justification factors included in the Bill it will eventually fail I believe in its current state.
    That is of course assuming team Harper just arbitrarily signs off on it. Patriot Act in Canada?! I guess sooner or later it was bound to happen.

    Cheers (History is Repeating)

  11. Jan says:

    Well said Birds Eye View.

  12. Anson says:

    I read this book. It was painful. Obvious bs. ‘Author’ has a serious axe to grind. And I’m supposed to believe white supremacists sexually assaulted a woman of colour? Get real!!
    I did however find this tidbit…

  13. M says:

    Elisa, I will always be amazed how you’ve managed to monetize being a former Nazi.

  14. AndyM says:

    wow-do i hear a bit of racism here????

  15. Gz says:

    What was the reason the evangelicals in the reform party associated with white supremacists? What was the nature of Peter Brimelow’s influence?

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