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Neoliberalism and Red Toryism: a Further Reflection on Political Philosophy and Branding

By H. Grant Timms Some might point out, in response to my previous column, that, well, times change and so it really does not matter what parties call themselves. Today’s conservatives, liberals and democratic socialists are not bound by the

What’s Inside the Conservatives’ Box

By H. Grant Timms With a Conservative party ad running over and over (ad nauseum) throughout the NHL playoffs (and since), I could not help but think about political marketing, packaging and image making. The ‘nice hair’ anti-Trudeau ad is

A rose, a class, a party by any other name

A View from the Bottom by H. Grant Timms Beginning in the 1990s a great number of political commentators extolled the great democratising potential of the Internet, took note of the blurring of ‘left’ and ‘right’ political distinctions, and joyfully

No longer a matter of public trust: Why Canadians want a truly democratic participatory voice for the future

By Canadians for a Coalition NDP-Green Party Government Many Canadians from all over the country are increasingly voicing frustration with federal politics. On social media, in particular, this frustration has generated debate and given voice to increasing dissatisfaction with the

Former CSIS-funded Heritage Front terrorist group member warns against Bill C-51

By Elisa Hategan My name is Elisa Hategan and I’m a Canadian writer and freelance journalist. Twenty years ago, I was a teenage member of an Ontario-based domestic terrorist group called the Heritage Front. They were a radical white supremacist,