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Scores of BC birthing hostels advertised in China

By Amy Chen Fancy advertisements for so called “birthing hostels” are luring pregnant women women from China to give birth to their babies on Canadian soil, promising the mothers a convenient, comfortable and healthy way to give their children Canadian

Ottawa approved fraudster to offer visas despite whistleblower warnings of immigration and Ponzi scams

By Amy Chen Canada’s immigration department approved an alleged fraudster to offer immigrant visas despite warnings from whistleblowers that the company was running a Ponzi scheme and committing immigration fraud. Former employees of Istuary Investment Group claim that they warned

Tech investors in US, Canada scammed out of millions as Ponzi operator flees back to China

By Amy Chen Investors in US and Canada who thought they were investing in a tech company but were tricked into joining an alleged real estate Ponzi scheme have been scammed out of millions, court documents show. So far, four

Istuary CEO sued for fraud, believed to have fled to China with investor money

By Amy Chen The CEO of the troubled Vancouver-based tech company Istuary is being sued by a lawyer who invested money in the firm. Vancouver Lawyer Joe G. Carangi, who invested $138,000 in Istuary Investment Fund, is alleging that CEO

Criminally charge BC Liberal donor who got away with small fine for causing construction worker’s death, petition urges

By Amy Chen The former BC government refused to pursue criminal charges against a major BC Liberal donor whose serious and repeated violations of health and safety rules were ruled in March as causing the death of a construction worker

Onni claims Hong Kong promotion was unauthorized, promoter received award from Onni

By Amy Chen Vancouver developer Onni Group has responded to weekend’s ThinkPol article about 1335 Howe condo being sold to Hong Kong residents for “cheaper than in Canada”, claiming that the promotion company acted without authorization, even though the promoter

Vancouver developer pre-sells condos for “cheaper than in Canada” in Hong Kong, boasts of “pricing ordinary Canadians out of the housing market”

By Amy Chen Vancouver developer Onni is pre-selling the upcoming 1335 Howe condominium at a Hong Kong fair for prices “cheaper than if bought in Canada,” while boasting about pricing ordinary Canadians out of the housing market. “Every buyer who

International speculators play Vancouver’s real estate market through subprime mortgage lenders avoiding foreign buyer tax

By Amy Chen International speculators are gambling on Vancouver’s real estate market without having to pay the 15% foreign buyer tax by investing in subprime mortgage lenders, who in turn offer high-interest mortgages to Canadians to buy homes. Wealthy investors

CIBC playing dangerous game by financing the flippers

By Amy Chen Shuyang Ling and Xuhong Ying of West Vancouver bought the property at 1195 Sutton Place for $2.7 million last September and are now trying to flip it for $5.4 million. They purchased the property with a little

Non-resident buyers snap up Vancouver homes to run illegal Airbnb hotels despite tax

By Amy Chen Non-resident buyers are still snapping up homes in Vancouver to turn them into illegal short term rental hotels on Airbnb and other platforms despite the 15% foreign buyer tax imposed last year, an analysis of short term