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Liberals (45%) solidify lead in Ontario

The Liberals have established a massive lead as the ABC (anything but Conservative) strategic vote coalesces around Justin Trudeau in response to NDP’s support evaporating in Quebec, according to a survey carried out by Google Consumer Surveys and commissioned by

Conservatives bullied teenage Ala calling her “raghead slut”, candidate’s sister says

Conservatives bullied Ala Buzreba on social media when she was just 16 years old calling her “raghead slut” who should “go back to where she came from”, which prompted the Liberal candidate for Calgary Nose Hill to post the offensive

Open letter to Justin Trudeau: Your Conservative light policies feed voter cynicism

By Derek Birch Young people don’t vote. Why don’t they vote? No one under the age of 35 even remembers a time when politicians actually did the will of the people. For anyone under 35 this means an entire lifetime

Supporters publicly abandoning Liberal Party over Trudeau’s support for Bill C-51

Social media is abuzz with images of Liberal supporters symbolically cutting up their party membership cards after their leader Justin Trudeau voted in favour of Bill C-51 at the anti-terrorism legislation’s third reading in the House of Commons. Disillusioned supporters