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Canada Post strikes roll out across Canada

By Staff Writer After failing to reach a bargaining agreement on Sunday evening, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) will being rotating strikes across Canada. On Monday, 24-hour strikes began in Windsor, Ont., Halifax, Victoria, and Edmonton. While mail

Woman makes $15K in donations by collecting bottles and cans over 21 years

By Staff Writer Nearly every day, a small, salt and pepper haired woman walks through the front doors of the B.C. Cancer Foundation’s front doors, usually bursting with a smile. She hands the B.C Cancer Foundation a small amount of

These six local heritage sites are at risk of disappearing

By Staff Writer For the first time, Heritage B.C. has released its “watch list” of six culturally significant heritage locations at risk of being lost. The watch list aims to encourage local communities in advocating for protection, awareness, and conversation.

Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto make top ten list of most livable cities

By Marina Wang The results are in: according to the Economist Intelligence Unit of the world’s most livable cities, three Canadian cities have placed in the top ten, with Calgary ranking #4, Vancouver #6, and Toronto tying with Tokyo, Japan

Why people tend to hate do-gooders, University of Guelph researchers explore

By Marina Wang Anyone who’s felt the urge to snuff-out the class goody-two-shoes isn’t acting alone, according to a study from the University of Guelph. According to the researchers, particularly generous and cooperative group members can attract hatred and social

Heat wave leaves 33 dead in Quebec, numbers could rise

By Marina Wang The death toll from the recent heat wave striking Eastern Canada has now exceeded 30 Canadians. So far, 33 Quebecers have been reported to have died from heat-related health problems, with the death toll from other provinces

Users of genetic ancestry tests tend to “cherry pick” races they identify with, UBC study finds

By Marina Wang A new study has found that users of genetic ancestry tests such as or MyHeritage tend to select which races to identify with based on preconceived biases. “People often buy these genetic ancestry tests because they’re

More women in government leads to less corruption, study finds

By Marina Wang A new study has found that corruption is lower in countries that have a higher proportion of women politicians. The study, conducted across 125 countries, found the relationship to be causal and posits that corruption may be

UBC study finds a quarter of seafood in Vancouver mislabelled

By Marina Wang The next time you dole out for some pricey red snapper at a restaurant, there’s a strong possibility that you’re actually paying for cheaper tilapia.  A new study from UBC has found that an average 25 per

What’s in a name? Study criticizes planning of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside by examining place names

By Marina Wang A new study uses critical toponymy, or the historical and political implications of place-naming, as a lens to critique Vancouver Downtown Eastside’s Local Area Planning Process (LAPP). The study examined how various naming conventions around the neighborhood