Heat wave leaves 33 dead in Quebec, numbers could rise

By Marina Wang

The death toll from the recent heat wave striking Eastern Canada has now exceeded 30 Canadians. So far, 33 Quebecers have been reported to have died from heat-related health problems, with the death toll from other provinces still unclear.

The heat wave in Eastern Canada began on Saturday, with Ottawa hitting a humidity index of 47 on Canada Day, making the temperature feel more like 41 C. Montreal hit a record 37 C on July 2.

Health officials have said that the deaths were of residents who didn’t have air conditioning and had health issues. Public Health Minister Lucie Charlebois urged citizens to reach out to their loved ones to ensure their safety.

Montreal’s emergency services said in a statement that they’ve been receiving 1,200 heat-related calls a day. Montreal’s fire and police departments have visited 20,000 homes ensuring the safety of residents. Quebec health officials have also called the heat wave the worst of its kind in decades.

This week saw heat records being broken across the Northern Hemisphere, with new highs in cities such as Denver Colorado, Glasgow Scotland, Tbilisi Georgia, and Quriyat, Oman. Climate scientists have warned that more extreme heat events like the one this week are to be expected globally in the coming decades.

For Canadians in the mean time, good news is on the way: the temperature is expected to dip to around 24 C come Friday.
“My thoughts are with the loved ones of those who have died in Quebec during this heat wave,” tweeted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “The record temperatures are expected to continue in central & eastern Canada, so make sure you know how to protect yourself & your family.”

The government of Canada has put up a webpage advising residents on how to avoid health risks in the sweltering heat.

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  1. nonconfidencevote says:

    Historical Heat records smashed all over the Northern Hemisphere this Summer…….Global Warming deniers take note…..

    Speaking of “Heat”

    How are our Lower Mainland REALTORS feeling these days?

    Observations on the REBGV statistics, June 2018:

    Quite a terse little press release this month. Not surprised, the lipstick is getting pretty thin…

    Detached sales ‘Year to Date’ are now down in all sectors. Compared to last month, some are accelerating: Maple Ridge is down 9 percentage points, from -14% in May to -23% in June (back in March, YTD sales in MR were actually up 5% – so that’s a very steep drop)! Coquitlam (sales down 5 points, to -30%), Burnaby (down 3 points, to -32%), and East Van (down 2 points, to -31%). Some areas are holding: Richmond (-44%), PoCo (-30%), New West (-6%). But really, everybody’s sales are down. Overall, house sales ‘year to date’ are down 33% over 2017. That’s one third less than they were last year.

    Year to date in 2018, Median Price appreciation is grinding to a halt in Burnaby (0%), and North Van (0%), joining the West Side of Vancouver and West Van, which are already in retreat (-4% and -12% respectively). East Van eked out a 2% gain (down from a 4% gain last month). Dead cats are bouncing in Richmond and Port Moody, on thin volumes as the greatest fools rush in to catch them.

    Comparing June 2017 and June 2018, monthly sales are down in all areas; New West is keeping up (only down 9%), while 55% fewer houses were sold in Maple Ridge, 51% fewer in Coquitlam, and 48% fewer houses were sold in Port Moody. Richmond (down 45%) and West Van (down 48%) continue to decline.

    Comparing median prices from June 2017 and June 2018, we’re seeing RED in Van West (-14%) Burnaby (-12%), New West (-9%), Van East (-6%) and declines in Coquitlam and Delta (-4%), West Van, North Van and Port Moody. Since BC property assessments are based on market value of properties at July 1st, these figures give homeowners a little preview of what to expect next January.

    We’re also tracking declines in median prices in the 7% to 10% range from May to June, but the small sales volumes in some areas make predictions untenable. This is the area to watch, to compare how much home values have actually declined over the year, compared to the declines in assessed values.

    Finally, Sales-to-Listings: down 35% overall (was down 33% last month), year to date. Interestingly, the number of new listings appears to be declining as well (down 2% overall). Looks like lots of people choosing to hold onto their homes, until the market corrects.

    What’s the old saying? Better to take your house off the market, and be thought a fool than make an offer, and remove all doubt? Something like that.

    Feel the heat, See you in August!

  2. nonconfidencevote says:

    Interest rate increase July 11th guaranteed.


    THAT should help crush the housing sales market even faster………

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