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Canada to tax foreign homeowners

Canada will start taxing foreign nationals who use Canadian homes to park their wealth, according to the federal government’s fiscal update released on Monday. “Too often, the price of homes is out of reach for Canadians, in particular for those

City of Vancouver defends decisions to pack advisory panel with Airbnb operators

Signs on the front of Vancouver condo. [GoToVan/Flickr]

The City of Vancouver is defending its decision to allocate half the spots on a 14-member short-term rental community working group to Airbnb operators while only selecting two renters to voice the views of those impacted by vacation rental platforms.

Airbnb operator flouts health orders as neighbours cry foul over City of Vancouver’s inaction

By Sean Bennett Residents of a Vancouver residential neighbourhood are expressing their anger and frustration at City of Vancouver’s failure to shut down a popular vacation rental operated through Airbnb and other platforms continues to violate COVID-19 public health orders.

City of Vancouver appoints scofflaw Airbnb host to monitor short-term rental regulations

The City of Vancouver has appointed a scofflaw Airbnb host to the the City’s Short-Term Rental Working Group set up to “monitor the effectiveness and impact” of the City’s short-term rental regulations. The City today published the names of the

Metro Vancouver condo prices edging down in November

Metro Vancouver condo prices are projected to decline in November 2020, a preliminary analysis of housing market data shows. The OpenHousing Home Price Index for condo properties – calculated using the generally-accepted and transparent repeat sales or Case-Shiller method[1] –

BC Liberal candidate George Affleck voted against affordable housing, empty homes tax, Airbnb regulations and prioritizing presales for locals

George Affleck, the BC Liberal candidate for Vancouver-Fairview, voted against affordable housing, empty homes tax, Airbnb regulations, and prioritizing presales for local residents, the former Vancouver city councillor’s voting record shows. Affleck, who served as city councillor from 2011 to

Metro Vancouver detached price rally slows down in September

The surprise surge in Metro Vancouver detached housing market is showing signs of a slowdown in September after an epic rally in August from a pandemic low. The OpenHousing House Price Index for detached properties – calculated using the generally-accepted

Chinese Communist Party, satellite families and Vancouver real estate: Court case reveals nexus

Vancouver Law Courts

A recent divorce case offers a glimpse into the nexus between the Chinese Communist Party, satellite families and Vancouver real estate. In the case recently argued at the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Vancouver, Bin Bin Tang had applied

Vancouver realtor caught on camera stealing fruits from property for sale

A Vancouver real estate agency is apologizing after one of its agents was caught on camera stealing pears from a tree situated at a property that he was showing his clients. The property owner Jill Chan shared her experience on

Vancouver house sells for 41% below 2018 purchase price

A Vancouver detached house has sold for 41% below its purchase price from two years ago. The seller originally purchased the property at 3629 Fraser Street for $2,760,000 on 2018/07/21. But the property sold for just $1,625,000 on 2020/06/23 –