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Harper’s policies making prison inmates more violent, society less safe, correctional officers tell voters

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is deceiving the public about being tough on crime, according to the union representing Canadian correctional officers who claim that the Conservative government’s budget cuts to inmate training programs are making penitentiaries more violent for the

Government to allow 230,000 LMIA-exempt TFWs to come to Canada under IMP annually

The government plans to allow 230,000 temporary foreign workers (TFWs) to enter Canada annually under the International Mobility Program(IMP), which allows employers to bring in workers from abroad without proving the need for imported labour, according to a Gazette notification

Immigrants arrive healthier than Canadians but get less healthy over time

New immigrants have a significantly better health profile than the general population as the screening process for immigrants to Canada tends to select candidates in good health, but their health advantage diminishes over time, according to  a team of researchers