Majority of Canadians oppose Trudeau’s Syrian refugee resettlement plan

A slim majority (54%) of Canadians oppose Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s refugee resettlement plan while 42% support it, according to a new poll.

The latest public opinion poll from the Angus Reid Institute conducted three days after the terrorist attacks that killed 129 in Paris found that those against it point to a lack of time to properly conduct security checks as the main reason for their disapproval.

Both support and opposition to the refugee resettlement plan show a slight increase compared to a similar poll in late October.


The majority (53%) of the opposed cite too-short timelines to ensure necessary security checks as the main reason for their disagreement, while just under one-third (29%) don’t think Canada should be taking in any Syrian refugees at all.

Even before the terrorist attacks in the French capital, slightly more than half (51%) of the Canadian public was against the Liberal government’s plan to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees by the first day of 2016, making it the second-most-opposed part of the Liberal agenda canvassed in that survey, behind a promise to spend $380 million on the arts.

While Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall has written to the federal government to urge it to suspend the refugee resettlement plan in light of the Paris attacks, and the governors of more than two dozen US states now say they don’t want any Syrian refugees, it appears public opinion in Canada has not been particularly moved in the immediate aftermath of the violence in France.

“The recent attacks in Paris are a grim reminder of the death and destruction even a small number of malevolent individuals can inflict upon a peaceful country and its citizens,” Wall wrote in an open letter to PM Trudeau. “Surely, we do not want to be date-driven or numbers-driven in an endeavour that may affect the safety of our citizens and the security of our country.”

While opinion is largely unchanged, some interesting demographic shifts emerge, with support for the government’s plan now outpacing opposition in Atlantic Canada (50% support versus 46% oppose), a reversal from the October results (40% support versus 45% oppose).

While the east coast is warming up to the idea, the reverse is happening on the west coast.

In British Columbia, where the resettlement agenda enjoyed 50 per cent support in October (compared to 37% opposed), the plan is now supported by fewer people (47%) than oppose it (49%).

PM Trudeau has maintained that his government intends to stick to its Jan. 1, 2016 deadline for implementing the resettlement plan, despite calls from Wall and others to slow it down.

“We’re working very, very hard to bring in 25,000 refugees in a very short time frame responsibly, effectively and with security,” Trudeau told reporters at the APEC summit in Manila yesterday.

But Trudeau’s insistence on sticking to the deadline is turning out to be the main objection of the plan’s opponents, more than half (53%) of whom cite the short timeline as the most important reason for their opposition, while others are concerned with actual numbers or costs.

A significant core of Canadians continue to believe that accepting any refugees from Syria is the wrong thing to do.

The timeline argument is most persuasive to opponents of the plan who are over age 55, with nearly two-thirds (63%) saying they feel this way, compared to fewer than half of those in the younger two age groups (48% of the 35 – 54, and 47% of the 18 – 35, respectively).

Surprisingly, those under 55 are considerably more likely to oppose Canada taking in any Syrian refugees at all, with roughly one-third of opponents to the government’s plan in each under-55 age group choose this option (32% of the 35 – 54 and 35% of the 18-34, respectively), compared to roughly one-in-five (22%) of those over age 55.

This means that, while younger Canadians are more likely to support the plan overall, those in this age group who do oppose the plan are also the most likely to oppose any bringing any Syrian refugees to Canada under any timeline.

Meanwhile, a petition calling on PM Trudeau to extend the Syrian refugee resettlement deadline has garnered more than 75,000 signatures.

“Consider the Canadian Citizens and their security as well as the Economic burden that this would create,” the petition demands. “Consider all outcomes prior to admitting this many people in from a whole other culture. First and foremost it is your duty as our government to protect Canadians first.”

“Rushing this process undoubtedly compromise the safety and security of Canadian citizens, as well as permanent residents,” the petition warns.

The Angus Reid survey of 1,503 Canadian adults who are carry a margin of error of ± 2.5 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

[Photo Credit: UNHCR]

62 Responses to Majority of Canadians oppose Trudeau’s Syrian refugee resettlement plan

  1. Realbertan says:

    In the following verse, Muhammad uses the Arabic word qital (root is q-t-l), which means warring, fighting, or killing:

    9:29 Fight [q-t-l] those among the people of the Book [Christians] who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day, do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden and do not profess the true religion, till they pay the poll-tax out of hand and submissively. (Fakhry)

    The two most interesting clauses in this violent verse are (1) People of the Book (Christians in this verse late in Muhammad’s life) are to be attacked if they do not profess the true religion: Islam. This leaves the door wide open for terrorists today to attack and fight Christians because they do not adhere to Islam; (2) Christians must pay a tax for the “privilege” of living under the “protection” of Islam—submissively or in humiliation.

    The historical context of Sura 9:29 finds Muhammad preparing for a military expedition against the Byzantine Empire in 630, two years before his ordinary death of a fever in 632. Indeed, some scholars regard Sura 9 as the last sura to be revealed from on high. Therefore, it sets many policies for Muslims today, and is often interpreted as abrogating or canceling previous verses, even peaceful ones.

    Muhammad heard a rumor that the Byzantines amassed an army some 700 miles to the north in Tabuk (northern Arabia today) in order to attack Islam, so he led an army of 30,000 holy warriors to counter-strike preemptively. However, the Byzantines failed to materialize, so Muhammad’s belief in the false rumor was misguided and his expedition was fruitless, except he managed to extract (extort) agreements from northern Christian Arab tribes that they would not attack him and his community. An army of 30,000 soldiers from the south must have deeply impressed the northern tribes, so they posed no real threat to Islam. They are the ones who paid the “protection” tax mentioned in Sura 9:29 (and so do tribes and cities after Muhammad’s death). Therefore, Muhammad’s forced tax was aggressive and hence unjust, not defensive and hence just.

    Muhammad’s military expedition qualifies as an Islamic Crusade long before the European ones. After all, in 638, only six years after Muhammad’s death, Muslim armies conquer Jerusalem. Today, Muslims should never again complain about European Crusades, unless they first come to grips with their own.

    • One says:

      In 2003, in an effort to convince French President Jacques Chirac to join the “coalition of the willing” in the Iraq war of aggression, he quoted: “Gog and Magog are at work in the Middle East…. The biblical prophecies are being fulfilled…. This confrontation is willed by God, who wants to use this conflict to erase his people’s enemies before a New Age begins.”

      President Chirac had no clue what this madman was saying, so he enlisted a French theologian Thomas Romer to help him explain his ravings.

      The original article published in Aller-Savoir! the Université de Lausanne in France:
      And its translation:

      I agree that it’s scary when people invoke scripture to justify violence, especially when people like Bush had access to the greatest means of violence in the known world (and used it to attack Iraq in what should be known as the worst crime of this century).

      But sure, let’s punish the victims of this violence for wanting to escape. We are morally justified, no?

    • Unknown says:

      qital is not referred to killing by the way. mostly refered to just fighting.

      • Known says:

        fighting leads to killing moron.

      • Sarah swan says:

        TRUDEAU will be made to be accountable for any evil incurred by these refugees.He cannot be this stupid not the kiran and hadiths of islam.They are the most vile and evil writings ever written ,actually so is the talmud belueve it or not .Now the thing is you do have to read them and u have your defence in any situation that comes up legally .Trudeau is not stupid ,if he has not read these manuals of islam,then u way as well say good bye to Canada as we knew it .I do not care about oppinions unless u make an informed one on islam,and Again on top of that pls acquaint yourself with the history of the phedophile muhamad their so called prophet ,yes a man who fondles a 6 yr old child then marries her the old pervert at 52 is appauling .Trudeau has no idea the devil he is toying withand neither does any canadian who would take the time to experience the filth these myslims live by in the koran and hadiths .Thats not enticing hatred or being a bigot ,thats called educating yourself .Would u by a pet snake and find out later its bite was lethally poisonious after it killed your child bc u felt sorry for it and did not read the manual . TRUDEAU needs to be assessed mentally like right away ,his urine needs to be checked for mind altering drugs .We thought itwas bad under Harper,eh .At least he did his homework .And last but not least ,how dare these effin liberal loons leave our memtally ill and homeless on the street .How dare ???? Millions to the future terrorists ,millions to the art society ,what a crock.To all u kafir and infidel sympathizers out there ,dont whine when u get bit .I guess Germany,and Sweden are not good teachers .All i know for sure is the liberals burnt their bridges and in 3 yrs those traitors can smoke their dope but they will never be in office again

        • Sarah swan says:

          RAPE ,oh really .By the darn ,all that means is keep something on you to protect yourself .Can u damned well imagine .Yes the koran teaches they can rape the infidel with no punishment from allah ,who by the way is not even real .Do not ever associate our Holy God with their devil .Protect yourself .

    • rick says:

      Why can’t Miekel Of Germany Justin Of Canada And Obama Of US take these Yazidi and Curdis women as refugees.the women and their are raped everyday an sold at will .They see only muslims as victims but they are the real culprits in their land abuse nonmuslim minorities but show a different face here.They watch nonmuslims being attacked but never raise a finger to help them Its the same case everywhere in the world acts of terror against nonmuslims yet all governments take millions of radical jihai muslims while ignoring nonmuslims who are really suffering in the hands of these bullies.Many Syrian &Iraqi christian refugees have reported to the officials that they are positive seeing isis trained militants among them but no one cares including The German Chancellor mikel.Canadian P.M Justin us President obama they continue to bring in thousands go muslim refugees who will be a threat to our society (rape is so common on white women in the E.U nowadays)Among them will Fanatic and jihadii muslim mullas who are going preach hatred towards non-muslims and we will be not safe anymore .Why can’t thee politicians allow more non-muslims as refugees why only muslims the non-muslims were also affected by war intact they were the targets by the same muslims nionmuslims are more reliable ,hard working,patriotic but not these radical muslims Shame Mikel.obama& Justin for using our hard earned Tax money on these traitors and remember this country belongs to us too?

      Read more:

  2. One says:

    Quoted from the Angus news release:
    “it appears public opinion in Canada has not been particularly moved in the immediate aftermath of the violence in France”

    “Larger – though statistically INSIGNIFICANT (emphasis mine) – numbers now say they either “strongly support” or “strongly oppose,” the plan.”

    In other words: this poll is weak sauce and proves nothing.

    You know what would be a good poll? One that asks whether Canadians know what the “security check” process is, before allowing them to decide at once whether the timeline is “too short”. Or even better: “What is our moral responsibility after participating in a coalition that has dropped bombs (and killed civilians) on Syria?”

    • DA says:

      You can’t guilt us into giving away our lives.

    • katie says:

      You can’t fight wars without harming bystanders. These fighters are hiding among civilians, torturing them, starving them and have killed and beheaded thousands, but sure blame our bombs.

      I will not be guilted into taking those who won’t fight for their own homeland. Why should we sacrifice our soldiers by putting boots on the ground when they won’t. Are our men and women in arms that dispensable?

      I’m sick and tired od how the media plays this out. Now Trudeau is opening Canada to 25000 unvested Syrians. Unvested by Canada.

      I can think of better places to spend this 1.2 billion dollars and it isn’t on them. Most Canadians, 54%-56% don’t wasn’t them here. Does that count for nothing?

      He’s barely in office and as of today 1.2 billion to Syrians and another 2 billion to third world countries for climate change.

      That could have helped a lot of our families and created a lot of badly needed jobs, but heck, we’re not on his top 10.

      • I couldn’t agree with you more; a ‘high-majority’ of the people I know, with varied education, financials, occupations and varied nationalism, all feel the same. Our gov’t also appears to be acting rash, and acting within a fog of amateurish ignorance. The segment of our society that contains both the population and the freak’n time to step-up and make a difference or at least get the ball rolling, the ‘Boomers’, are too busy gambling and bankrupting their parents. A little side-bar. The beach picture that started the Syrian refugee issue looks staged. If u look at what’s there on the beach, what’s not there……..It’s absolutely pathetic, how all these apartments and the goods to fill them, including clothing, and all the goods filling these church basements ect are here for the refugees, but not for our homeless vets or single-mothers that need the help, or families going through job loses. Same goes for the medical needs: like depression, physical pain. Where is all this good-will for fellow Canadians, where is the LOVE for our neighbours. Just some thoughts…

      • Sarah swan says:

        I think the percentage is higher .Just get copies of the hideous koran and the hideous hadiths ,make copies and pass them out .The fools that refuse to read them deserve to get bit bybthe snake .They will not bite me .

      • One Sol says:

        I agree with you in that we should push for no military involvement, and we should compel our partners to cease selling weapons to those areas, including Saudi Arabia, and place that beheads people all of the time (and who happen to be an ally of ours)

        It’s important to first understand the conflict, and the different roles that are involved.

        There’s no easy answer to resolving it, but it’s clear we are doing very little as it is. I agree with retired lieutenant general Dallaire, we have the capacity to take way more (between 80,000 and 90,000).

        All this fearmongering is just a smokescreen to do nothing. Do you know we took in over 20000 Iraqis? No one cared about “security” then, and the world hasn’t ended.

        Remember the lessons from WWII. Failing to respond to the victims of a war can lead to more unnecessary bloodshed.

        It is the ones who pushed us to bomb another country that were acting irrationally, and those are the ones we should be making accountable. All this talk about jobs is funny, since they never cared about those jobs since NAFTA and these other “free-trade agreements”

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmm I wonder what Syria would do for Canada if we were in there spot ??? 0:

      • Jay says:

        they would shrug their shoulders and move on. I asked this same question from a Syrian and he laughed and said the same thing.

      • rick nash says:

        They will never take a single non muslim unless u convert to Islam the funny thing is they are the same race Muslims living next to them they are their own kind but non of rich oil muslim countries are taking any single syrian i wonder why ?Ofcourse they are scared the Jihadis will ruin their muslim country
        Hope someone will put some sense into Justin and his muslim ministers

        • Sarah swan says:

          ALL Trudeau has to do is read the koran and hadiths .In fact i wish someone legally smart could find a loophole and stop this .Trudeau is not in his right mind ,he needs an assessment .Any PM who would have read these manuals of islam and still allowed what he is doing is a criminal .Lo and behold he has done 0 to help any canadians .For ex,in one of muhamads hadiths ,that so called prophet says that blk people are raisin heads ,made lower than donkeys and made to serve them .Do not shoot the messenger .I didn’t write the filth,their prophet did .U can download the hadiths and the koran or visit your library .People will say ,oh u cannot believe what u read on the internet .By the f .k u can so .I have been educating myself in this horror of islam for 2 yrs now .Yes it is more vile and deadly than evil itself .

    • cs says:

      they were killing each other before we got there. now that being said America should not go looking for a fight and this would not be an issue. There will be no winners is the Christians and Muslims go to crusade style fighting only blood will be spilled from both sides alike. a few people that insight violence should die horrible deaths. like those self proclaimed Muslim dogs in Germany real Muslim people do not act like that. And if that is Muslim faith i will take death thank you.

  3. Homeland Security means NO MUSLIMS in our Homelands.... says:

    Muslims of any kind are touble wherever they settle in large enough numbers,violence, murder ,and never ending tension is th inevitable result…Why in Gods name have our politicians let ANY of these 7th century barbaric savages into our peaceful homelands,this can only be a conspiracy to destroy Western Culture, and the Cultural Marxist Left and Islam are unspoken allies in this goal, so the Left is letting these Hordes of Muslims in to do their dirty work in destroying our National Identitys and Ways of Life through Terror and any other means..

    • katie says:

      And they’ll all settle in Toronto to increase their growing ghetto.

      They are mostly uneducated, unskilled, lazy people who breed like rabbits and drain every possible social program the can manipulate. Does Trudeau plan on returning them to Syria? Or are we stuck with them permanently?

      • Alisha Sim-Watts says:

        most of them are young single shiftless men who believe me, once settled with free money from Our Beloved Leader, will bring all manner of mayhem to Toronto. organized sex attacks like Cologne, check. Shootings and killings like Paris, check. More attacks like Ottawa shooter, check.

        Our Beloved Leader really is a stupid person.

  4. C Raman says:

    No muslim should be allowed as they are not refugees, but come here to convert Canada into an Islamic country. They are a mob and eventually seize the vote bank. The naive canadians know nothing about the evilness of muslims. If one has a true sympathy bring the non muslims whoever are still alive there. Because they are not coming here to spread their belief system, will be grateful and may even return to their homeland once secure. The muslims should be accomodated in their brotherhood muslim countries that matches their religion and fight to regain their country, invite the non muslims back and live in peace and harmony with them. Because this exodus is the tip of the (evil pan Islamization) iceberg. Did anybody notice that they have not mentioned anything about the evil act of the ISIS against the non muslims (as they in fact welcome such barbaric evilness against non muslims) ; has any one of them given ant details about what evilness was done to them by the IsIS? ( they make such an uproar when a muslim lady was treated rudely when she went to the school to pick up her children/ cry foul about racism and what not) . They do not accuse those muslims but accuse other countries of not being humane. Liars and they are in fact ecncouraged to lie to spread that evil cult. When they are few here itself , the political parties get cowed down ( for vote bank) ; imagine what would happen if another 25,000 ( may be several millions if Canada does not discern this evilness) more come here in the future. They are going to conquer the whole of Europe in no time under the veil of “don’t you have compassion and kindness for us the suffering refugees? “. Has any christian or other non muslims who the real victims raise such drama, these muslims demand ( not appeal) is nothing but lies?”

  5. Anonymous says:

    WATCH this video Germany is facing for being ignorant of these muslim’s eveil mind set and intention….

  6. Calvin says:

    You know whats pretty sad is the amount of Canadians being laid off of their jobs in the downturn, the wait lines in the health care system, the high tuition costs in the education system, running deficits and increasing taxes eventually to pay off those deficits which these refugees are apart of, the government can’t fix any of this but they can bring in all sorts of refugees to add to these burdens thats sad mean while familys are struggling in Canada but hey who cares right all that matters is bringing refugees here to look good to make it look like Trudeau has kept a promise for next election.

    • ang says:

      So true! This is just for Trudeau’s own personal interest. Helping our own people out is not selfish, it’s sensible!

  7. Truth Hurts says:

    I wish we all could live in a world free of violence, mayhem, terrorism and poverty. The refugee crisis stemming from wear torn hotspots is stifling economies and more. Canada, like others will absorb 35,000 Syrian refugees that will costs us incredible money that is needed for our own marginalized pospoulation with a growing indefensible rift between the poor and the greedy rich. Trudeau and his government is already spending like crazy; money does not grow on trees and budgets do not balance either. Contrary to belief, Canada is not the land of milk and honey. We have many vulnerable Canadians struggling with joblessness, 34% of us do not have an affordable medical or dental plan while being bled by dentist monopolies and their inflated fees. Many of our first nations live in impoverish lifestyles and some use buckets for toilets in remote areas, sad but a true fact. Canadian kids go to school with hungry stomachs, more dependent on food banks and increased homelessness that is compounded by housing hikes spawned by foreign investors. Wake up, this refugee crisis will cost us nearly $1 billion dollars and there are real risks associated with accepting so many. Our needy (ailing seniors, unemployed, disabled, poor, first nations) deserve help first and foremost before others. How dare we ignore our own while these displaced people get a free ride not including the Liberal governement mulling over the idea to “wave the magic wand” and not charge them $10,000.00 repayment over their travel costs, etc. I have helped the homeless and vulberable for years in Canada and it is a shame we do not give them the same resources for housing, etc. that others get now. Explain to me and others, why these refugees will get medical, dental, processing costs, relocation fees, etc. that costs so much while we allow our homeless to wander on cold streets and go without more? The world is setting dangerous precedents to allow so many into their borders that takes “food off the plates and social services” from their own locals. While my heart bleeds for the Syrian refugee plights, it was terribly mishandled by many governments from the start. Why did Our brave soldiers fought and died in ww1 and ww2 to see our own suffer as collateral damage while other foreign lands get our money, humanitarian aid and military help? A low income family, like so many others in this nation and worldwide, I have to pay $2,500 for our bright son’s braces and the federal governement does not help out but our taxes go to others? The three nasty wars in the region will suck world powers for trillions, money needed for needy and deserving people in France, Canada, UK, USA and others. This massive crisis raises “red flags” to future generations to do the same to flee their homelands and others shoulder their costs. While we need to help, it should be done with applied intelligence and safety concerns. Money does not grow on trees, and if it does, let us all shake it to get on the gravy train of forgiven world loans to foreign lands, refugees, etc. Wake up, this is not about being against our political headship, it is about charity begins at home first and foremost.

    • ang says:

      I can really relate to all that you’ve said! Health care is really expensive, same with housing, and yet these foreigners who have never contributed to this country are taking over our limited resources without having to earn anything.

      They say give a man a fish, and he eat it for one day, teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime, but you give him your fishing rod and guess what, you have nothing to eat.

  8. Abby says:

    Muslims have an agenda..that is to take over the world and make it an Islamic world ! We as Canadians are in danger thanks to Trudeau the silver spoon boy ! We also have Canadians struggling to find work, homelessness, long wait time for affordable housing, high volumes of those on Social assistance, food bank overwhelmed trying to keep up with the increasing number of people using them monthly to get by, our healthcare system is struggling..the list is endless ! Yet Trudeau is going to bring in 25,000 refugees and make taxpayers pay for that ? Not to mention putting us all in danger ! It is one thing to be generous, kind and charitable but the cost for this is WAY TOO HIGH in too many ways ! We Canadians CANNOT SAVE THE WORLD ! We can hardly take care of Canadians as it is ! Trudeau is as dumb it one can get and he is going to screw Canada…only this time it will be permanent damage and we all will suffer for it ! Do not re-elect this silver spoon by ! PLEASE !

  9. karan says:

    I do not believe that the poll is correct, I did not get to vote, and I know a lot of people who did not get to either, and they are also against bringing Muslims into Canada, everyone I know is upset, crying, etc. and the military doesn’t like it either, but they have been informed not to say or post anything.

  10. H D says:

    Just wait in 20 years these 25k will 10x and ask for all luxury on welfare.

  11. Max says:

    In a perfect world all religions would live in peace and harmony. Yes, the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and caring. However, they share the same religion and same holy book with the fanatic jihadis. The majority cannot aggressively confront the radicals as they are NOT incorrect when they say the Qoran commands them to conquer the infidels. The majority is kind and peaceful, yet they will not dare denounce the violent, hateful passages in the Qoran. They see the Prophet as the perfect example of what a man should be. Ignoring the fact that he was a man of extreme, violence, hate, pillage, rape – even of children.
    Most Muslims ignore the bad and live by the good. But from the pool of 1.6 billion Muslims will always come a steady supply of beleivers who will embrace the Qoran and examples of the Prophet in its entirety.

  12. Andrew says:

    What never gets talked about is the massive poverty we already have in Canada. Here in Vancouver for instance, lots of people on the streets, increase in use of food banks among university students. Trudeau is a media glory hog that cares more for other countries than his own Canadian people.

  13. robert White says:

    Hello I Canadian Citizen here Do Agree do…NOT EXCEPT ANY SYRIAN…IN CANADA…there taken Canadians jobs N the Money $ government spending is Wrong….here’s what I think the money should been used for…OLD AGE COVRAGE OF HEARING AIDS/GLASSES/WALKERS OR ANY MEDICAL DEVICES/MEDS/FAULTS TEETH….AN HERES my other idea this $1.2 Billion should be spend on helping get the homeless off the streets an help low income families an also stop Proverity as well an created new jobs for us Canadians an also I opposed that we as Canadians should do something on Stopping these strain people from coming too Canada …..because look what happened in pairs France an also in California as well an I AGREE ON IF THE USA REFUSES SYRAIN REFUGES ….THEN I SAY WE SHOULD NOT EXCEPT THEM AS WELL AN ANOTHER THING THE PM OF CANADA … going by Stephen Harper’s of bring strain people to Canada ….I think its a stupid idea ….! Now its the time to still …say….”NO” TO letting theses pepole in Canada ….I agree I’m a Canadian I I don’t like idea of what the government doing an they don’t think what can happen like France or California as well so pepole of CANADA I SAY LET US TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK…..!

  14. kelly says:

    please Mr Tudeau stop bringing the syrian refugees into Canada!!!! it should of been a referendum to find out how people felt Canadians cant afford to raise more than two children but your allowing refugees with 3 ,4 5 and even 6 children into our country the parents cant speak english so all resourses are going to teach them to speak english will only get low paying jobs as they are uneducated wont beable to support they’re familys so canadian taxpayers are on the hook for their welfare…why am I supposed to be thrilled by paying extra education tax extra medical premiums extra taxes to benifit people that will never beable to support themselves…OUR seniors are fighting to get benifits they are entitled too … and are denied because resourses are filled with refugee claims Please take care of our own people first…. its nice to know you are so generous to help these refugees with OUR money …but will never make it easy for your own citizens….I wish you were never voted in!!!

  15. Charlie says:

    Mr Tudeau agenda of bringing this Syrian refugees into Canada is nothing less in showing how incapable of him to handle the country’s economy, instead pretending to be a hero to the Syrian refugees.Please just manage the economy, if you think you can last the next four years.

    • Alisha Sim-Watts says:

      Trudeau is a male bimbo whose experience is managing Drama students. I’m
      ashamed that so many Canadians voted for ‘the name’ instead of doing what’s right for the country.

  16. rick nash says:

    Why we oppose because When Our own Canadian Citizens are struggling to survive in Town Like La Loche Mr.Justin Trudeau and his bunch of ministers are busy spending our hard earned tax money on Muslim Refugees in mIllions who have rich Muslim oil countries to support them but he is not bothered not bothered to whom the money is needed first to our own citizens first not to the people who have no love to the country they are coming to but more towards radical Islam and more love towards Isis and havoc they created in Germany and many other countries they go as refugees and who knows some may have come Isis members may have already come into Canada as refugees..
    its time Mr.Justin and his bunch of ministers first take care of our community first and support those who need to survive so the economy will grow and people in town like La Loche will have jobs and lead a normal life to be happy again with their families over to you Mr.Justin Trudeau do something to our citizens first we chose you to take care of our beloved Canada and its citizens first over Mr.Harper

  17. Wake Up says:

    Prayers go to Europe with their innocent death tolls; it proves extremists can cloak themselves within refugees. Why do so oppose these pusillanimous Syrians with their costly baggage that will hemorrhage us like other hornet’s nests: Iraq, Afghanistan,Libya and others? Are we all racist, heartless or uncaring like they would unintelligently claim? No! Why does India, China, Russia, Israel, Iran, Mexico or others not take them? They see the dangers, risks, debts, and the wrong in focusing on these evacuees while betraying their needy. Why do these Arabs not fight their own battles only to migrate abroad to take hundreds of billions of dollars out of worlds they invade to spread their population and religion while getting an unearned welcome mat while we fight their battles? What do we get out of it? – Brownie badges and debts while they are greeted like celebrities. To all the bleeding hearts: you are disingenuous hypocrites with these strangers who think they are entitled to our charity and we owe them a better life. You shame our own marginalized citizens who suffer visible destitution. Some of our displaced homeless or poor are 2,300 soldiers, ex-RCMP or off springs of veterans who fought for our freedoms including immigration. Fact, Syria and other refugee nations did zip against Hitler or Japan in world wars and now we are a door mat? These Syrian and Armenian migrants are not more worthy than our own indigent. Bravo for Japan and others to say, “No”. Japan wants to help their disadvantaged, first and foremost but donates cash – that is moral leadership – something others can aspire to follow. Why do Arab oil rich nations not take them? Syrians are from their culture, race, sectarian religions and neighborhood; not ours! Funny, Saudi Arabia can give sanctuary to fugitives like the Ben Ali family but will not help the Syrians?

    Why are we all upset about a dead 2 year old Alan Kurdi (refugee child who drowned) and yet, we do not cry for documented cases, and not alone; of a homeless man who perished on the Toronto street years ago? His body could not be extricated by police because it was frozen to the ground and they had to wait until the winter thaw to remove it. How many more cruelly die who do not get the exposure or help like these drifters? In both cases, we should be emotional but in the latter, who cares because he was a vagrant, shame! Why do these Middle Easterners get housing, new clothes, food, medicine, jobs, etc. and more from 15,000 miles away? Host nations don’t give the same resources to their homeless, penurious first nations, poor, unwaged, seniors, war veterans and disabled. We are snubbing our own to pacify these minorities. Contrary to a Minister’s comment, not everyone welcomes nor wants them! How much was given by Syria to help sufferers of Hurricane Katrina, Alberta’s flooding, California Wildfires, Tibet’s landslides or others? Very little but their mess becomes ours to bear? It is hoped the world’s opposition to refugees will peacefully spread against their surging numbers and those protests will be lawful. Never target races or religious groups with hatred, intolerances, racism, violence or prejudice. Ottawa will spend nearly a billion dollars on them – that cash is needed for job growth, our economy and a need for affordable medical plans, etc. Whose next to go rabid so we babysit their calamity? The “Arab Spring” is now all year around. Worlds, including Canada are better because of pluralism but we need to help our own instead of forsaking them for privileged others. This crisis was even an election issue to “upsell each other” to tap into minority and religious votes, sad politics. Trudeau works the media in showing up to greet Syrians and a photo opportunity at a food bank, big deal! The PM thinks he and his wife are the Canadian version of JFK’s Camelot. It is a `forked tongue joke` that Ottawa worries about rising household debts and yet they spend imprudently on these refugees? They will suck us for child tax benefits and GST credits, etc. while small Canadian families get peanuts. Arab families are typically big and many will get $1,000.00/mo. or more. Their acceptance came off the backs of all races in Canada, not just Middle Easterners! Our economy is depressed and we allow so many? That makes about as much sense as buying a new house after just being fired or laid off from your job. What is Justin going to do if our streets bleed if one cell causes pandemonium from these 35,000+ Syrians? Will he resign or merely fork over hush lawsuit money? Good for US Homeland Security to be concerned about our acceptance of these refugees! If one bad guy slides across the border and causes mayhem, we will get the blame. It is also a slap in the face that some refugees are griping about a housing crisis when staying in a Toronto hotel. Some even suggested they were better off back at refugee camps – unashamed ingratitude, plane trips go both ways!

    To the cowardly criminal idiotic act of pepper spraying many refugees in Vancouver or the hurtful Charlie Hedbo cartoon of Alan Kurdi; those dastardly deeds are indefensible and fuels bigotries. That callousness gives the grieving family heartaches and more media attention – enough! What’s next, giving Tima or the father jobs as advisors to Immigration and Refugee Canada? Let them mourn their losses and lets move forward instead of an ongoing saga! We are daily saturated with the depressing news of these refugees and more, there are other stories to cover. What’s next a reality show? Nice to know who our elected agents represent – not us, their constituents. While I feel for their struggles, we need to help our own first before others.

  18. ricknash says:

    Justin is more into his election promise to minorities vote…so he is bust fulfilling them…but he failed to see the plight of Canadians who are struggling to survive we ar not against helping refugees but they have rich oil countries who are their same kind jutioin can persuade them to help them as they have enough money to do so he ha stop take care spend our hard earned tax money to poor candians who are struggling to live without jobs slow economy in some places common justin help candians first

  19. rick nash says:

    No we do not want anymore radical jihadi muslim refugees give nonmuslim refugees some chance Justin why cant arab countries take in muslim refugees
    We all seem to forget that all the muslim refugees we accept are going produce kids like rabbits and they are going to grow and be radical jihadi muslims and what the hell are our future generation going to do?

  20. kum nal says:

    No first let Mr.Justin take care of our citizens first these radical muslims will not be good to canada at all .Why not bring in nonmulims who are affected by these muslims example like the Kashmir Hindu pundits who were cased away by the majority muslims in Kashmir india

  21. T.Y says:

    I am a Canadian citizen. I think that the voices of those who support our government’s move to deal with the worst refugee crisis since WWII are overshadowed by the islamophobia that is rampant right now. Much like the actions of select few criminals that overshadowed the need for safety to thousands of families.

  22. S.S says:

    I also am a Canadian Citizen, why is that faggot Trudeau won’t address the people of Canada, instead he slimes his way into bringing all these scum for what, they won’t get along with anyone here. The best thing Canadians can do is to try and get rid of that slime fast before it’s to late. Proves right there Trudeau is a Muslim himself. What has he done for our nation. I just seen a chart over 5 billion spent outside of Canada, what was that for.? Explain to the people of Canada you gutless piece of SH*T. Then he spends under 1 billion in Canada. You call him a leader, I call him a weasel and would to his face. When are you going to punch putin like you said. Your a chicken he would knock your head off. Your trash like your dad. Why is our government not helping us?. We deserve answers scumbag. Hope you ROT IN HELL

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you

    • ang says:

      I don’t know much about politics, but I’m baffled that Trudeau can go ahead with this without “consulting” us tax payers… I know what a total joke, govn’t does what they want right~ but we had votes regarding extra tax for transportation, in Van, for example, why did we not get to vote on this very important matter? It’s not just money we’re shedding, we are letting these people into our country for crying out loud, and not to remote places that won’t affect most of the citizens, but central cities.
      Geezes Christ, does nobody in govn’t care about our physical well being? Sure, there’s lots of crazy people of our own, but they are our own ppl nonetheless, why bring in potentially dangerous people that just sucks out our resources, and can not contribute to society? These are serious problems.

  23. JOHN R. says:

    Re Syrians. There is little to be gained by fearing terrorists coming
    with refugees. During the ,war in Afghanistan, Canada lost about 150
    troops etc and a number suffering from the after effects
    of their period of service.

    But on that period of fighting about 25,000 people lost their lives on our
    roads and highways. Many others were injured.

    Should not we spend war money on severely reducing road accidents………

    The true unemployment statistic for our unemployment is about 14%, but
    our government, true to form, would have us believe it is 7%

    Should we accept 25,000 refugees into Canada. Of course NOT NO NO

    We have vital problems to solve before we carry out this migration.

    In WW2 our soldiers worked and fought like mad to stop the Nazis from
    crossing the English channel. The hundreds of Syrian young men who
    throw stones and shout and wave placards and as a side line they molest
    women, these people must learn to FIGHT for the freedoooooom===========irr

  24. rick nash says:

    So why aren’t the oil rich muslim countries not taking in syrian refugees and why are our politicians are so keen to import them knowing the risks?And why aren’t the muslims going to their relative muslim countries why come here?And why we have to spend our hard earned tax money on them not for us ?For the laid offs. homeless, education ,health for our own kids future ask the oil rich countries to take care of them And the Media is not educating the non muslims of the world about this shame

  25. tired canadian says:

    I’m not against helping those in need, but helping should start at home, with our elderly, homeless, disabled, the list is endless. When Refugees are brought in we house them, feed them, give them free health care and get them settled, not sure how long it should take for them to get settled. Our Government has lots of money to hand over to other countries and to aide in resettling of refugees in our Canada, and were do they get this money,the Canadian taxpayers. Enough is enough, look after the Canadians who are already here. Our Government needs to wake up! The Government is supposed to help Canadian Citizens it is not supposed to make us want to leave our own Country. NO MORE REFUGEES. ps not sure how the Liberal government came about because everyone I speak with says they didn’t vote Liberal…..but one thing I do know once all Refugees are eligible to become citizen you can bet the Liberal’s will be voted back into office. This is the end of Canada as we know it!!!

    • ang says:

      Exactly! We have so many problems back at home, that needs priority first. Would you go adopt more children when you can’t handle and support your own? Take a look at our country, poor economy, low loonie, exorbitant housing prices, crappy low paying jobs, lack of available jobs for new graduates, expensive consumer goods, poor public transit, lack of affordable housing, high income taxes…etc. Like hello, can our government help us out and be financially responsible with our money? Can we help the citizens of our own country first?

      I’m so annoyed that us citizens can’t vote on this matter. Like crap, gimme back my tax money!!!!

  26. Lambert Wybenga says:

    Hello, why do we let this person continue running our country into the ground ,do what we did to joe Clark,vote this guy out and let him live in Syria . We have too many Mexican mennimites and Muslnm in Canada as it is . If this Trudeau guy wants to help send help there do not bring these type of people here ! I hope all of you Liberal lovers are happy!

  27. zcxzx says:

    I guess Trudeau would rather give Syrian immigrants citizenship rather than hard working and eager young french people looking for a way into Canada. Trudeau hates his own heritage. POS!

  28. Doug says:

    I for one can not begin to understand what this Liberal Government is dooin??? Bringing in all these Syrian Refugees when we have our own problems of UNEMPLOYMENT!!! Trudeau you Bafoon!!!

  29. Stephanie says:

    We should be offering to resettle EUROPEAN refugees. There are well over a million women and children in Europe who are victims of Muslim rape alone. At least that many have been victims of Muslim violence, intimidation, harassment, assault and murder. Often times Muslims murder young men defending girls from sexual assault. If the Fascist nations of Europe continue to allow this kind of violence to spread (so they can come to the rescue with an anti-democratic corporate police state thereby consolodating the corporate takeover of government) then we can at least rescue as many Europeans as possible before genocide on a level unheard of takes place. The situation is bad, it is far worse than any analyst dares dream, because this time this really is a world war, fought around the world in most nations, and not by armies but by people like you and me against a truely insane menace.

  30. Hey complaining now is to late. you elected them, you remember, his father, he spend all the Canadian savings on the third-world countries, and left us to pay back to the world banks, with high interests.
    Have you know what Orban, the President of the Hungarian told for European-union. These Muslims are not “Refuges” the are Migrants with a hidden agenda. Like: Paris, now Brussels, who is next.

  31. Abby says:

    I have suffered multiple mental disabilities all my life. I am single and on ODSP. I Struggle daily to get by with food after paying rent and utilities. I barely have clothing for myself and do without everything. I have waited so long for relief to come and now I know there won’t be any ! My depression is so deep and I feel I cannot go on like this much longer. Poverty leaves me hopeless and cut off from the rest of society. I think about suicide so much everyday. To hear that our new PM would choose to help strangers instead of those like myself is a massive blow. I feel like wasting away and have no hope for living any longer… I have struggled in poverty all of my 52 years of life…I am exhausted and just want out..this is not’s hell on earth.

  32. A Jensen says:

    I think that Trudeau and his liberals need to put Canada first. Or be removed also they need to stop inducting so many Refugees into the country. Especially now with the economy there is no room. And now the massive fire. They need to prioritize better and not favor Refugees over Canada and the citizens.

  33. Miss J says:

    I have family up there and I am not pleased with the way Trudeau is running the country. And I am worried about the fire in Alberta. Hopefully they will be able to rebuild and recover from it

  34. rick nash says:

    its Time the People of North America & Canada specially with our Mushi obama and Justin wake up before its too late.are the rest of us blind or deaf or so ignorants not t see whats happening around the world.Its planned islamic invasion you stupid people.why don’t the oil rich islamic states take any single muslim refugee cause they want them to go to the western countries and convert the rest of us.introduce sharita law and shove down our throat the barbaric Islamic culture Rapping of women in Germany ,Sweden,Norway by the muslim refugees and everywhere is another muslim majority towns in US and Canada are using loud speakers to spread the muslim faith so loud6 times a day you cannot concentrate on anything fridays they take over any street under pretence of prayers just to show their power…wake people before its too late Trump is not against moderate muslims or legal emigrants its the Fanatic jihadi muslims and illegal emigrants he’s worried with china on tradeWhile our Justin the Mushi is cleaning the asses of muslim terror groups

  35. Trump says:

    As much as Donald Trump is a bombastic and controversial egotistical rich person who I cannot stomach, he is 100% right in banning refugees from Muslim countries, and the USA should expand lists to other Islamic nations; not out of hatred or racism but terrorism prevention and keep that ban on for far longer than 4 months – indefinitely. Too many radicals poison the world, and that is why places like Belgium, France, UK, Germany and others need to wake up and do the same. We need to control immigration as it is way out of control, and too many criminals, drug dealers, gangs, illegal aliens, refugees, terrorist cells are polluting many nations with crime, costs, and social burdens. Good for Trump to go after Mexico too, far too many illegal costly Mexicans slide across the border daily, commit crimes, steal jobs, costs billions in policing resources and courts in processing illegal aliens and much more. There is two ways to enter a foreign soverign land: illegal and legal – build the wall. Nations like Canada have over 2 million illegal aliens sucking our economy and these people do not deserve to be here, and our inept government looks the other way. Only a twit denies the truth. Otherwise, the USA President is a wild card. Ban refugees and immigration from: Syria, Sudan, Jordan, Iraq, Tunis, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and others. How many more innocent lives must be snuffed out before we “man up”…. Btw, all my friends are minorities and many from europe, so I am the cue ball. We should not be a dumping ground or doormat for others, and we need leadership not a “rock star” leader who acts like a “falling star” wasting money doing a silly tour to reconnect with Canadians. Like his father, he is a joke. Love our cultural diversity but there are also serious issues.

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