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Pesticide exposure impairs bumblebee crop pollination, study finds

Low-level neonicotinoid pesticide exposure affects the pollination services provided by bumblebees to an economically important crop, according to a University of Guelph research published today in Nature. “Until now, research on pesticide effects has been limited to direct effects on

Thousands to converge on Ottawa for a 100% clean economy by 2050

Thousands of Canadians are to converge on Parliament Hill urging the new Liberal government to take strong action on climate change and transition Canada to a 100% clean renewable economy by 2050, a diverse civil society coalition announced today. “A

Tax fossil fuels and turn to renewable energy to fight climate change, majority of Canadians say: poll

A majority of Canadians (55%) favour imposing new taxes on fossil fuels such as gasoline, heating oil, and natural gas to reduce greenhouse gases and overwhelmingly endorse the growth of the renewable energy sector in Canada(93%), according to a new

Corporation linked to kicking teen off soccer team had part of licence revoked for transferring diseased salmon into open-net farms

A multinational aquaculture corporation linked to a 14-year-old girl being dismissed from a soccer team for refusing to stop criticizing the practice of salmon farming had part of its fish farm licence struck down by a judge because the company

RCMP planning mass arrest of indigenous activists under Bill C-51, supporters warn

The RCMP are preparing to carry out a mass arrest operation against the indigenous Unist’ot’en Clan of the Wet’suwet’en Nation in northwestern BC under Harper government’s Bill C-51 labelling as terrorists First Nations activists exercising their Aboriginal Title and Rights

Carbon Free by 2100: Stephen Harper’s Non-Committal Commitment

By H. Grant Timms Most governments are exercises in contradiction between electoral platforms and performance, and often they try to convince people that the apparent contradiction isn’t one. Take, for example, the Harper government’s positioning on the military; they want

BC First Nation’s woman wins international environmental prize

A British Columbia First Nations woman who lead her community in defeating one of the largest proposed gold and copper open pit mines in Canada has won the world’s largest international prize for grassroots environmental activists, awarded by the Goldman Environmental

Hunters, trappers and anglers drive conservation in North America

By Professor Mark Boyce, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta Hunters and anglers are the primary stimulus for conservation in North America. We support conservation more than any other interest group, and most conservation programs in North America

Vote for Harper and reward contempt for democracy

By Michael Nabert Having the first and only Prime Minister in Canadian history to be found in contempt of Parliament running the country seems a lot like having a daycare run by someone publicly proud of the fact that they

Foreign crews in domestic shipping recipe for ‘catastrophic’ oil spills

Foreign-flagged vessels employing exploited and overworked foreign crews who have neither vested interest in Canadian waterways nor the experience to navigate them are bound to cause environmental catastrophes like the oil spill in Vancouver this week, Canadian seafarers warn.   The