Chernobyl nuclear power plant’s critical safety systems will shut down “within 48 hours” as diesel generators run out of fuel – inspector

Chernobyl nuclear power plant’s diesel generators only have have fuel for 48 hours, after which all the critical safety systems will shut down, according to Ukraine’s nuclear energy inspector.

Emergency diesel generators were turned on at the site to power “critical safety systems” after Russian attacks cut off electricity to the site of Europe’s worst nuclear disaster, the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine (Державна інспекція ядерного регулювання України) said in a statement.

“Assuming trouble-free operation, the diesel fuel supply … will last for 48 hours,” the statement said. “Fighting in the region makes it impossible to repair work to restore the power supply of the enterprise.”

The International Atomic Energy Agency reported this morning that Ukraine had turned to the organization for help with ensuring the rotation of personnel at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

The same crew of 210 technicians has been working there since the beginning of the war, contact with whom has been preserved only via e-mail. The IAEA no longer receives data from the Chernobyl safety monitoring system.