Group looking to sue Canadian media insists federal minister shares their concerns

A campaign raising money to sue a Canadian media promoted on a federal minister’s social media account is insisting that the minister shares their concerns.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced tough questions last week about why Digital Government Minister Joyce Murray’s WeChat account contained a post promoting the crowdfunding campaign that seeks to silence award-winning reporter Sam Cooper and Global News[1]

The threatened action follows an article by Cooper on Global News that revealed how groups linked to the Communist Party of China bought up vast quantities of personal protective equipment from Canada to export to China[2]

The move resulted in severe shortage of PPEs in Canada while China started price gouging PPEs five-fold[3]

Two Vancouver realtors and a People Party of Canada candidate registered the Maple Leafs Anti-Racism Actions Association (MLARA) as a not-for-profit society two weeks later to raise money to take legal action against Cooper and Global News.

Independent news outlet broke the news last week that Minister Joyce’s WeChat group contained a link to MLARA’s crowdfunding campaign.

Minister Joyce put out a statement on Tuesday distancing herself from the post

“We value the important work of media across the country,” the statement read. “Attacking the integrity of hard-working journalists is not acceptable.”

“A recent post to Minister Murray’s WeChat group advertising a fundraising event for another organization was unwelcome and unacceptable,” the statement read. “It in no way reflects the Minister’s views.”

But MLARA released a statement on Wednesday saying the exact opposite[4]

“We offer our apologies to Minister Joyce Murray for the inadvertent action of one of our overly enthusiastic members who posted a funding appeal in a WeChat group of Ms. Murray’s supporters,” the statement read. “But her actions demonstrated her deep concern about Mr. Cooper’s unbalanced article and her feeling is shared by all of us at MLARA.”

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41 Responses to Group looking to sue Canadian media insists federal minister shares their concerns

  1. Victor Wong says:

    Another example of the ongoing racism the Chinese canadians experience on a daily basis. White supremacist media needs to apologize

    • NOEL GUZMAN says:

      That is utter nonsense.

    • V for Vendetta says:

      Victor Wong, as a Chinese-Canadian, I don’t know how you came up with “racism” from reading this article? (Please explain yourself.) I don’t think you understood the context of the article (Maybe you should read it again) – you’re just as ignorant as the ones you’re accusing of racism and discrimination. Maybe, you’re just another CCP troll, like Zhao Li-wen…

      Zhao, is that you? (Don’t think you can fool anyone by changing your name.)

      No, it’s the CCP that needs to apologize to the entire world.

      • Edward Chan says:

        I agree. I am also a Chinese Canadian and I read Sam Cooper’s article in Global News. There was nothing racist about it – it was just a piece of investigative journalism about what happened to all the PPE. It was the truth: China was hoarding all the PPE and creating a worldwide shortage so they could sell them to the highest bidder.

        Those who say that it’s racist or politically incorrect are trying to silence the truth-seekers. (Some people can’t handle the Truth)

        As a Canadian, my loyalty is to Canada 100% – that is the way is should be for all citizens of Canada. Many of us fled tyranny, oppression and persecution to come to Canada, so it is a privilege and an honour to be Canadian.

        • Ron Condly says:

          Edward, thankyou for clear and concise comment. I share your opinions in this regard. It seems the racism cudgel is losing its ability to silence people of who seek truth. It is imperative we continue to voice our opinions and share information freely in the public space or we could become China or any one of the marxists totalitarian regimes our Dear Little Potatoe admires. I respect your logic keep it up Sir.

  2. CPP Number 1 says:

    China number 1

    • V for Vendetta says:

      Typical CCP troll response – can’t even defend their own remark(s). That’s because the CCP trolls are mindless peons who can’t think on their own, they rely on scripts supplied by their CCP overlords but when the scripts are not available, they then resort to juvenile insults, calling everyone a “racist” and repeating the same crap over and over again like a 2-year old. It’s time to GROW UP!

      Canadians should have the right to know what happened to all PPE when we needed them and there should be a thorough and open inquiry. This needs to be investigated, questions need to be asked – so this won’t happen again. Journalists like Sam Cooper are just doing their job -asking questions and seeking the truth. Our politicians shouldn’t turn a blind eye – we need to keep them honest and accountable. That is democracy.

      The CCP destroyed the Soul of China and made it ignorant and xenophobic – and immoral. China has forgotten about it’s traditional values that were passed down from our ancestors… the CCP abolished Confucius teachings, Taoism, Buddhism and other philosophies. They destroyed much of the Chinese culture and rewrote their history to fit the CCP’s narrative. EVERYTHING IS A LIE.

      I often wonder if the CCP trolls that go posting their bullshit lies on these sites really believe in what they’re saying – that they truly believe in the lies provided by their Party. I guess, IGNORANCE IS BLISS.

      Since the CCP is built on lies, it will collapse – it’s only a matter of time. They have lost the Mandate of Heaven – there will be a reckoning.

      • Mike jones says:

        Typical weak Canadian. Can only rely on Amerikka to save your white supremacist views

        • V for Vendetta says:

          I am a Chinese-Canadian. Typical CCP response and using a stereotypical white anglo-saxon name “Mike Jones” to hide behind. (You’re not going to fool me, you CCP troll!)

          You’re the one who’s ignorant thinking Canada is just inhabited by white rednecks. (Canada is built by immigrants from all over – many from tyrannical countries like China.)

          • Mike jones says:

            Hahahhah looks like the Canadian is offended

          • V for Vendetta says:

            That’s the best response you can come up with? Haha! You’re very amusing – you should write comedy – you’d make a lot more than 50 cents! (I wish there were more Chinese comedians!)

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow! Lots of CCP trolls on the loose here!

    • Anonymous says:

      CORRECTION: China number 1 enemy of the world

  3. Mike jones says:

    Yes you do not see people protesting racism in China

    • V for Vendetta says:

      That’s because people in China are not allowed to protest openly, unless it was sanctioned and organized by the CCP for their benefit and as a propaganda “show” – CCP trolls would protest in other countries, shouting “racism” without knowing why – because they’ve been told to say that by their overlords.

      Here in Canada, people can freely and openly protest on whatever issues that they think is important and have their voices heard. That is how democracy works – it’s not perfect. Democracy is fragile and needs constant nurturing – that’s why we need to be vigilant. (I would take a flawed democratic system over China’s totalitarian system any day!) Protesting is part of democracy and it is also part of human nature.

      Racism does exist in China – just look at how the Africans and blacks and other “foreigners” are being treated in China during the pandemic. The CCP blames them for spreading the virus. It’s blatant racism and they don’t even bother to hide it. And the people of China are complicit by remaining silent, afraid to protest or speak their mind. The CCP made them ignorant and blind.

  4. Mike jones says:

    Lies. Listening to colonial western bias media.

    • V for Vendetta says:

      I guess you’re just salty and jealous that Canada has freedom of the press and Canadians can speak their mind by posting comments here (and other websites).

      I think you wish that you could freely and openly post comments on a Chinese website and speak your mind… but the CCP won’t let you. So that is why you go around posting here. I congratulate you for exercising your right to comment – that is a fundamental right in a free country like Canada. Posting comments is also a form of protest and having your voice heard. But unfortunately, no one is listening to what you have to say because it’s all lies and easy to see. (We are not as gullible as you think – the world is waking up. We are watching you.)

      China is the one being imperialist – building islands all over other countries’ territorial waters, constantly threatening their neighbors (Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, S. Korea, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, etc. and even Russia). Who’s the aggressor? China.

      If the CCP keeps antagonizing everyone, China will have no friends. It will be very lonely in this world and no one will come to your aid when you need it. The CCP and trolls like you need to learn some life lessons.

      • Quoc Nguyen says:

        I can attest to China’s aggression. In 1979, China attacked Vietnam because Vietnam invaded Cambodia and removed the evil Khmer Rouge regime which was propped up by the Chinese Communist government. The Khmer Rouge soldiers kept raiding and killing the Vietnamese along the border, that is why Vietnam had to intervene.

        Coming from Vietnam, I can understand the evils of Communism, although Vietnam’s is not as bad as China’s. We do not hold grudges against the Americans or the French. We need friends just like other countries.

    • Cartman says:

      There will always be some bias in media everywhere, in all countries. At least here in Western countries, we have choices and diverse view points: left, centre, right, etc., and not just the mainstream but many alternative media. (If you don’t like one place, you are free to go somewhere else – that’s why you get a balanced outlook.) But in China, the media is all controlled by the central government – all one-sided.

      • Mike j says:

        China media issues correct information and is superior

        Western media has idea that two wrongs equal a right

        • Cartman says:

          And that’s why you don’t get a balanced view point, you only get the one-sided CCP lies and that is why you’re so indoctrinated and narrow-minded. You think China is superior to every country in the world – in fact, the CCP is so insecure that it has a serious inferiority complex, that is why it has to compensate by “acting” all tough and aggressive towards everyone who disagrees with them.

          Here, we have access to sources from all over the world, not just Western media. (You can get the news from all over and in different languages) That is how you broaden your mind and your outlook.

          • Freud says:

            Good one, Cartman!

            It could also be that the CCP is suffering from a classic case of superiority complex in order to overcome its inferiority complex, as Alfred Adler puts it.

            Grandiose delusions and self-image of supremacy are some of the traits… Either way, the CCP has a debilitating collective mental disorder. Maybe its bipolar… or psychopathy (which is more accurate)!

        • Anonymous says:

          “Four legs good, two legs bad!”

          (Oops! Sorry, I guess you don’t know what this means since the book “Animal Farm” is banned in China. Too bad, it’s a good story!)

          Mao said, “To read too many books is harmful.”

          He also declared, “The more books you read, the more stupid you become.”

          Yet, Mao loved to read books, but he banned books for the rest of China’s population, except for his Little Red Book. (He wanted to keep everyone else dumb)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Now back to the shortage of PPE; the investigation into what happened to the stock of masks and other protective gear in Canada is Canada’s business, just like it is with other countries. China should butt out and stop interfering in other countries’ inquiries. The CCP are a bunch of double-speaking hypocrites who accuse countries of meddling but they always interfere in other countries’ affairs.

    Looking into what happened to the supplies of PPE is not racist – calling it so is just another attempt by the pro-CCP trolls to shutdown and silence those looking into this matter.

  6. Alice Kingsleigh says:

    The Chinese government is just scared that they are losing credibility and losing face around the world and at home. People are starting to see through their falsehoods.The more they lie, the less believable they become.

    The wumaos are actually doing a disservice to themselves and to their government by further destroying China’s image. No one is buying their lies and soon no one is going to buy their cheap products.

    We need to produce our own PPE and goods and become more self-reliant. I hope there’s going to be a public inquiry into the shortage of PPE.

    • anonymous says:

      I agree. The CCP is only making a fool of themselves. If they think they can fool others, they are just fooling themselves. Willfully blind.

  7. Mike j says:

    China can produce all their own supply while canada is a child waiting for handouts

    • anonymous says:

      China can produce all their own cheap supply, but relies on other countries for quality control. What happened to all the supplies that countries generously donated to China during the peak of its pandemic? Not even one shred of gratitude.

    • Yoda says:

      Compensating for something, are we, Mike j?

      China is the lazy kid at the school’s science fair, that hasn’t done his homework so he feels the need to go around sabotaging other people’s work.

      The CCP cheats and steals from others – that is their m.o. They are also the cowardly bully in the playground who is now begging for someone to be their friend. (“We want international co-operation”, they say)

      • William Xi says:

        You can say anything you want but in reality china has superior economy, military, culture, technology, people etc. Hahahahah

        • The Tao says:

          China is all smoke and mirrors, a facade of lies and deception. (I was born in China so I know its grim reality. I woke up and saw the truth.) The truth hurts to those who are in denial.

          Actually, the Chinese culture has been virtually destroyed in the Cultural Revolution. What you see in China is not the real culture, it’s all watered down and made into a propaganda tool by the CCP. (Taiwan has preserved the real Chinese culture.) That is the sad reality.

          As a Chinese, I feel sorry for the people of China – they deserve better. They deserve to know the truth.

          • Mikey Xi says:

            You left China because you are weak and not a true patriot to emperor Xi

          • anonymous says:

            I’m speechless… You’re comment just shows how classless and immature you are. People who left China suffered greatly under the tyrannical and brutal rule of the CCP.

            Yep, you said it: The self-declared ’emperor’ with no pants: Xinnie-the-Pooh!

  8. Tao says:

    I am over 75 years old. I keep myself fit and strong by doing qigong every morning and I love to read about things online which keeps my mind sharp. (My grandchildren taught me how to use a computer)

    I was an orphan in China and was found by a Christian missionary who adopted me. In 1954, all the Christian missionaries were expelled by the Government and that is how I left. There were many other Chinese Christians that also took the opportunity to leave. We had no choice. But that choice in the end, was the right one.

    I am forever grateful and I thank God because those that stayed behind really suffered. I was lucky that I did not have to experience the Great Chinese Famine 1959-1961 which killed millions.

    I am saddened to know that today’s young Chinese have forgotten about their history and culture and have no respect for their elders. (Especially) the boys are raised to be “little emperors”.

    • Craig says:

      Wow! What an inspiration, Tao! Keep it up!

      Yeah, kids these days…

      • William Xi says:

        Comparing the old china is like saying Germany is nazis or Canada are colonialists stealing land from natives

        China has superior everything. Without us your real estate market would even be garbage

    • V for Vendetta says:

      That is awesome, Mr. Tao! As a Chinese-Canadian, I’m also grateful that my parents immigrated to a free country. Thank you for your story.

      Please ignore the trolls. They are hopelessly lost. I wouldn’t waste my time.

    • Edward Chan says:

      Tao, thank you for telling your story. I can relate because my parents also went through a similar experience with the missionaries. Keep fit and stay sharp!

      I agree with James, there should be mods – it’s getting out of hand. I don’t even know what the above article is about anymore. (The majority of the posts are not even about the article)

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