Billion dollar investment fund manager demands end to CERB

A billion dollar investment fund manager is demanding an end to the $2,000 per month Canada Emergency Response Benefit claiming that income support to people who lost jobs due to COVID-19 pandemic is making it hard for him to hire workers.

“I’m hiring like crazy right now. Lots of great talent out there,” tweeted Canaccord Genuity Cash Management Group investment manager Andrew Johns. “Sadly, there is obviously a whole sub segment of the population that has no interest in working. Gov’t needs to end #CERB now!”

Even while calling for an end to support for unemployed workers, Johns, who founded the Bitcoin ATM network HoneyBadger Inc, is advising his investment firm’s corporate clients on how to maximize government benefits.

Reaction to Johns’s tweet has been swift.

“Are you willing to offer them more than they get on CERB?,” asked Tracy Assoun. “If not, why would they work for you? CERB is a bare minimum. $12.50/hr 40 hrs a week. Big deal. If you don’t pay more than that, I wouldn’t want to work for you either.”

“Classic ‘This is my reality so it must be the case for all of society!’.” said Nick Faye. “Just because your business is hiring doesn’t mean that the economy isn’t currently a fraction of what it was before with many industries (eg. tourism, performing arts, etc) still unable to safely open.”

“The CERB is literally less than minimum wage,” Jane Murdoch said. “If potential employees would rather be taking CERB than work for you, that’s a you problem. Your business practices need improving.”