Billion dollar investment fund manager demands end to CERB

A billion dollar investment fund manager is demanding an end to the $2,000 per month Canada Emergency Response Benefit claiming that income support to people who lost jobs due to COVID-19 pandemic is making it hard for him to hire workers.

“I’m hiring like crazy right now. Lots of great talent out there,” tweeted Canaccord Genuity Cash Management Group investment manager Andrew Johns. “Sadly, there is obviously a whole sub segment of the population that has no interest in working. Gov’t needs to end #CERB now!”

Even while calling for an end to support for unemployed workers, Johns, who founded the Bitcoin ATM network HoneyBadger Inc, is advising his investment firm’s corporate clients on how to maximize government benefits.

Reaction to Johns’s tweet has been swift.

“Are you willing to offer them more than they get on CERB?,” asked Tracy Assoun. “If not, why would they work for you? CERB is a bare minimum. $12.50/hr 40 hrs a week. Big deal. If you don’t pay more than that, I wouldn’t want to work for you either.”

“Classic ‘This is my reality so it must be the case for all of society!’.” said Nick Faye. “Just because your business is hiring doesn’t mean that the economy isn’t currently a fraction of what it was before with many industries (eg. tourism, performing arts, etc) still unable to safely open.”

“The CERB is literally less than minimum wage,” Jane Murdoch said. “If potential employees would rather be taking CERB than work for you, that’s a you problem. Your business practices need improving.”

21 Responses to Billion dollar investment fund manager demands end to CERB

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wat a dick

    • Debbie Ashley says:

      Indeed,people do want to work and live. Refusal is based on their fear of dying or infecting others based on political speeches and sensational headlines from mainstream media. Be sure, the elite are ok jeopardizing our health for their profits 🤬 please notice that stage one reopening caters to the most fortunate since the average North American can’t afford to golf or launch a boat where they get to swim in the lake then go home to central air. Children live in apartments without ac, no sprinkler, no school, can’t play even at a playground because apparently it’s not safe but Amazon, this guy and more want others to work out here. Anyone else see the hypocrisy?

      • Bert says:

        Not sure where you were indicating hypocrisy. And it sounds like North Americans aren’t very good with managing money.

      • Kathy says:

        I agree end CERB but I think you need to have an incentive for people to go to work, probably giving more to the CERB payment to people who want to go to work. There are some people who have kids and can’t go to work because there is no daycare, no school and they possible don’t have the support from others to help with there kids.

        And then there are people are using the excuse they are scared of the virus instead of wanting to go to work.

        But that doesn’t give the right for people to call others names. People of different walks of life have a different opinion and that is what makes life go around.

        I find society very funny when people don’t agree right away the name calling is very counterproductive as every ones opinion is valuable. If you disagree then don’t respond or provide positive reaction not negative. This fuels societies perceptions.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Im a welder do i qualify for a job with you.really guy

  3. Asghar Torkani says:

    This so called billionaire or I call them thives don’t say anything when government pay millions or billions to oil or multinational companies, they don’t say anything .But all of them crying when government pay minimum wages to working class canadian. But they are thinking for elections. If continue like this Mr Trudeau and liberals they are going have majority. I want work could you give me 20 $an hours, I speak 5 languages. Three of them international (French,English, German)or you want 10 $an hours?!get real man.

  4. Mike says:

    Fuck nice try dick head ya right who in there right mind wants to get robbed by you when there is no risk At home so ya fuck you go cry to someone who cares

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m a mechanic do I know how to invest for you? I will work hard yes!!

  6. Zol says:

    Do you have work for a experience mechanical engineer stuck in the oil rut of Alberta?

  7. Abdul Fatah Hamali poor says:

    You worry for your bussiness. Dick head

  8. Mona Abraham says:

    What about when our business is completely closed because the pandemic are u willing to provide a support Like pay our personnel expenses or deal with Landlords that a very selfish coming from a person like you !!

  9. Mona Abraham says:

    In general all business owners could use all the help they can get !

  10. Tim says:

    How about we do a government audit on your facilities, and then we make sure your not exploiting workers, paying less than min wage ext. We also should check to make sure your not illegally getting workers from other countries and forcing them to work for you in exchange for their citizenship. how about that you billion dollar dick!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I think Andrew Johns is an isolated moron and may be is a selfish investment JERK.
    That’s why he is somewhat successful in his own /7|^@&”_ world

  12. Rob says:

    Perhaps this guy is a douche, but I think part of the message here was missed. The governments response to this sudden shut down of economy has led to completely careless distribution of cash to many people who actually don’t need it. It’s a very disorganized approach that will have residual impacts for decades. It doesn’t have to be this way. Oh Canada.

  13. Rob says:

    That guy has the world’s most punchable face and a remarkable lack of self-awareness.

    What businesses with minimum wage jobs should be doing at this time is pay is offer 900 for part-time and hire two people.

    A rich dude should not tell the serfs who make minimum wage to get back to work and risk getting the virus the media has been scaring them with to get them to stay home. I mean for crying out loud at least have some ability to see things someone else’s shoes.

    When my field opens up, I’m jumping on it. But it’s not minimum wage. If it doesn’t open up soon, I’ll take a sales gig somewhere because I have experience there. But if I was cleaning toilets for crap pay (pun intended)I may not hustle back. Nothing about this situation is perfect. So, some may exploit this, but how many loop-holes did the rich investment guy exploit?

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