Frontline doctor calls Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine deal with China “dangerous”

By Lisa Tanh

A frontline physician based in the Greater Toronto Area is warning the public that Canada’s new deal with China to develop a COVID-19 vaccine is “counterproductive” and “dangerous” because of the Chinese government’s longstanding history of secrecy.

Recently, the National Research Council (NRC) announced they are working with a Chinese company CanSino Biologics to develop a vaccine called Ad5-nCoV, which is being developed jointly with the People’s Liberation Army. CanSino has already started their second phase of human clinical trials, despite the first phase not being completed until December. Still, Health Canada has approved the first human clinical trials that will run at the Canadian Centre for Vaccinology at Dalhousie University.

Dr. Kulvinder Gill, who is also the president of Concerned Ontario Doctors, a non-profit advocating on healthcare issues impacting frontline physicians and patients, said it is alarming that the second phase has already begun when CanSino has not published any data from its first phase for public scrutiny. 

“The normal vaccine development cycle is 10 to 15 years,” said Gill. “The shortest vaccine development cycle on record is for the mumps vaccine at four years. This human clinical trial with China’s Communist Party’s vaccine is proceeding at an alarmingly dangerous rate without adherence to research ethics and transparency.”

Gill added that it is also alarming that Health Canada may use the vaccine before the study ends in an “emergency release.” There are already some discussions happening about what those steps will entail.

“Even the United States’ Center for Disease Control and Prevention warned last week that ‘there is the possibility of negative consequences where certain vaccines could actually enhance the negative effects of the infection,” said Gill. “And the biggest unknown is efficacy […] We must not lose sight of the fact that coronaviruses are a large family of RNA viruses, which include the common cold. No approved human coronavirus vaccines exist.”

Gill highlighted that two other coronavirus outbreaks, SARS and MERS, dissipated on their own naturally without any vaccine intervention, and that research for the coronavirus we now face, named SARS-CoV-2, has been “reassuring.”

“There are no confirmed cases of reinfection or reactivation, strong T-cell responses bode well for long-term immunity, and there is residual immunity to common cold coronaviruses that offers some cross-protection against COVID-19. There are also strong indications that the limited testing in Canada is capturing less than 10 per cent of actual cases,” said Gill, adding that SARS-CoV-2 may burn out naturally like SARS and MERS.

Along with the NRC and CanSino’s unusual steps to quickly develop a vaccine, Gill pointed out there are many other reasons why the deal is questionable, some dating back to several years before the outbreak.

“The Five Eyes intelligence alliance, consisting of Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, has raised significant concerns regarding China’s handling of the novel coronavirus calling it an ‘assault on international transparency’ with the disappearance of Chinese scientists and whistleblowers, censorship of scientific data, and fatal denial of human-to-human transmission via the World Health Organization,” said Gill.

According to reports, China stockpiled medical supplies and personal protective equipment before publicly acknowledging the virus was capable of human transmission. Following, they sent Canada and other countries shipments of defective protective equipment, nasal testing swabs, diagnostic kits, and ventilators.

In 2014, the NRC’s computer systems were hacked by a “highly sophisticated Chinese state-sponsored actor” and cost the federal government hundreds of millions of dollars. That same year, the NRC signed a non-exclusive license enabling CanSino to use their HEK293 cell line at no cost. 

In 2018, China faced its “worst public health crisis in years” after discovering that one of its major drug producers violated standards for making at least 250,000 doses of vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough. As a result, hundreds of thousands of children may have been affected. The scandal reportedly shattered Chinese citizens’ confidence in their country’s vaccine quality and safety.

“The role of our governments is to build trust through transparency and accountability,” said Gill. “If the Trudeau government wants Canadians to trust and buy into a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, partnering with the Chinese Communist Party’s military is […] the most counterproductive and dangerous thing it could do. [It] must abandon this illogical and dangerous endeavour, and instead fund vaccine trials with our allied nations who understand the critical importance of trust, ethics, safety, transparency and collaboration.”

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  1. Zhao Li-wen says:

    We’re saddened to see further racist and xenophobic fear mongering by ThinkPol despite our numerous warnings against angering China.

    China is just trying to gift the world our discovery of a vaccine against COVID-19. We regard it as the joint efforts of the international scientists. We should share this to enhance global response to the virus.

    ThinkPol has become the mouthpiece for bankrupt Western regimes spreading false accusations to undermine international collaboration to find a vaccine.

    The SARS-COV-2 poses a challenge to all mankind as it respects no borders. We stand are working with the rest of the world to accelerate the development of vaccine and contribute to global public health security.

    Through collective efforts, we will speed up development and production of medical products to maintain global public health security. WHO D-G Dr. Tedros speaks highly of our efforts.

    To accuse China of fudging vaccine data is not only a disinformation but also an insult to Chinese scientists and their international partners.

    • Concerned Canadian Citizen. Down with the CCP says:

      The Chinese Communist Party is not to be trusted and Xi Jinping (Winnie the Pooh or Xitler) is a tyrannical despot who deserves to be tried for crimes against humanity. You are a fool or a shill if you think otherwise.

    • sdfsdf says:

      LOL.. Fuck off.

      And Chinese isn’t a race

    • Lora says:

      Wow.. communist China is really on the job, even scouring articles to ensure no one is speaking badly about the communist country.
      As a Canadian citizen who is as informed as a citizen can be after spending months in lockdown learning about it and following several high profile epidemiologist,physicians and highly respected university professors in several countries around the world (not just western countries), let me tell you this.

      There is absolutely NO WAY in this world, not even by threat of prison, would I personally take any vaccine that had anything to do with being developed by China, the WHO or the Gates Foundation, and not even in partnership with my own country. Not only will I refuse, every one of my family members also said they will refuse.

      This has nothing to do with ‘bad press’, censorship so I couldnt read any others opinions wouldnt have made a difference, it is CHINAS OWN BEHAVIOR THAT HAS MADE UP MY MIND.

      China HAS been TOTALLY NEGLIGENT in its handling of CV19. They have been secretive,caught in LIES (eg, numbers deceased in Wuhan then when pressed later doubling the amount), they have obviously pressured or bribed the WHO, they have bullied any country insisting on full transparency and an investigation. On top of these we find out China used foreign nationals to buy up tons of PPE in countries and se d them to China BEFORE releasing the first bit of critical information and then took tons of much needed PPE from countries governments again, knowing this would leave others CRITICALLY short when their time came.
      Then China made money sending low quality and useless PPE BACK to countries then in crisis bc of a virus CHINA DID NOT CONTAIN BY CLOSING THEIR BORDERS.


      NO MATTER- I WILL NEVER TAKE IT, so the communist party can scour all the articles, social media sites and comments, pay for ads, go on news programs, threaten, do damage control, deny… and even apologize, it makes no difference,we will not change our minds.

      • I'm a socialist, not a fascist says:

        Not to mention the Chinese government’s coverup and denial of human rights abuses and subsequent self-immolations in Tibet and Xinjiang.

      • You could not be more wrong says:

        never heard of this trash site, and this kind of trash conspiracy bullshit needs to be removed. this shit is more than personal feelings and to not want to be vaccinated against this is basically giving yourself a death sentence.

        The Gates foundation or the WHO have nothing to do with creating the virus, and yes, same goes for china. Does China need to do something about the way some of their fresh meat markets , definitely. But to say they’re all in on it is insanely retarded. The Gates foundation is about cures and helping the world. Gates puts billions of dollars into making the world healthier, not to make people sick. He does NOT profit off this as it’s his FOUNDATION.

        You’ve dug yourself a nice little hole into reading social media crap and you’ve jumped on the bandwagon of garbage. Use some critical thinking instead of believing the garbage that’s being fed to you.

        • TrumpTrigger says:

          Bill Gates has no business making vaccines. Hes a computer programmer not a doctor. hes got the blood of thousand of children his hands experimenting with vaccines. Fuck Bill Gates.

          • Quadratic says:

            Wait, you think Bill Gates is literally making vaccines himself, and not just paying people who know far more than him to do it?


          • Boope beep boop says:

            A death sentence with a 99.5 survival rate?

        • Anthony Smith says:

          you keep drinking the Kool-Aid and kissing Justin,s pic before you go to bed each night

          • Marvin says:


          • Kathy says:

            I agree that the they should keep drinking the Kool-Aid and kissing Justin’s picture before they go to bed. Anyone who believes the mainstream media (actually paid for by the governments) to publish what the governments what them to publish rather than the truth or whatever the next person wants to call it then that is a choice. I would say a pretty bad choice but it is one. I have heard one question from one reporter ask Justin about his hair products. That is going to make Canada better and to have the Chinese provide a vaccine to Canadians is another farce. Look how they provided the PPE gear, it was all defective. If you want to trust Trudeau and the Chinese, more power to you.

          • Kathy says:

            Bill Gates should be sticking to computer programming not investing in vaccines. Maybe he can help countries who are are in dire straits (like all countries including Canada) not be involved in vaccines and the WHO.

        • Anonymous says:

          You are so blind and brainwashed. I grew up in a communist country and I tell you one thing, I will never ever trust any communist. You go and study history and educate yourself a little bit. It will help you and your family if you have one.

        • Ray Erker says:

          Well then you can double up on vaccines, and use mine as well.

        • In my opinion says:

          I guess you can be second in line right behind the truturd if you wish to be a sheep lead to the slaughter that is your choice as many lies and underhanded attempts to increase his control over Canadians has made me untrusting of him liberals in general and the WHO and UN
          No person nor organization could be so incompetent without intent
          If you wish to be the frog gullible enough to help the scorpion across the river it is to your own peril

        • Concerned Canadian says:

          You’re very mistaken if you really believe that Bill Gates doesn’t make money from the work of his foundation. He talks about it himself in this interview in Davos in January 2019
          You can learn about how Bill Gates monopolized global health here

          About Bill Gates idea to vaccinate the world

          Mind you, the polio vaccines that Bill Gates was pushing personally in India ended up in near 500 000 children ill with polio and vaccines that Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was pushing in various African countries sterilize many children who received those vaccines.

          Bill gates and population control grid

          And why is Bill Gates doing all of this?
          I hope somebody will watch it because we have to spread the word

        • just another doctor that doesn't believe in drugs says:

          The concept of a vaccine is sound, unfortunately the application of vaccines have always been flawed. Instead of placing billions of dollars into a ‘hope’ against a temporary virus (all viruses are essentially temporary as they mutate), why not invest in getting individuals to fortify their health appropriately so they can be resilient to not only viruses and bacteria, but also decrease chronic illnesses? Oh, that’s right, because that would take control away from government and big pharma. Eat right, exercise more, stop being negative and your body (every animal’s body) will be more efficient at living healthy. It is a biological law; one that we humans no longer believe apply to us.

        • Brian says:

          Are you mentally retarded? How is a 90+% survivability rate a death sentence exactly?

        • Kris says:

          You lost me at r*tarded , the fact that you used that word makes your voice unheard.

        • gerald emisch says:

          your an idiot

        • Marvin says:

          Gates is on record on numerous social media platforms promoting vaccines (tedtalks) which he is a self proclaimed expert and states “if we do a really good job with vaccines we can reduce the population…) owns numerous companies that produce vaccines which he they forces on 3rd world countries like India for example. His polio vaccine crippled & killed more children (nearly 500,000) then it allegedly protected. This resulted in the Indian government kicking gates out as these companies have indemnification and their own vaccine court to deal with all the cases people attempt to bring forward. .75 cents of every vaccine sale goes towards the vaccine slush fund which has paid out over 4.3 billion US since it’s inception. There is far greater evidence not to vaccinate and build your immune system by eating real food not processed garbage, not living in a sterile bubble and so on. Main stream media like CBC & CTV in Canada has been bought & paid for by the billions Trudeau has paid & promised which is one reason you won’t find much other then his nefarious agenda anywhere. You, me & everyone else are entitled to our opinion however just because you have never heard of this site and call it trash speaks volumes about you let alone all the other incorrect info you spew. You come across like a CIDIOT which no doubt you are.

      • Nick says:

        Oh but they did close their borders! They closed their borders to domestic flights trying to limit the spreading of the virus in China itself but they did not close it to international flights. What kind of evil does a country have to possess to restrict domestic flights while still allowing their infected to leave the country with no concern of spreading the virus to other countries? Zhao Li-wen, if you need any suggestions on where you can inject your vaccine, I have several for you.

        • Fun times says:

          Thank you for affirming what I thought too!!
          Anyone who defends Trudeau should be first in line! Then all his caucus, and finally his voters! FIRST IN LINE 🙂

      • Angel says:



        Melinda Gates

      • Rod Jennings says:

        I’m with you, their vaccine will probably contain nanobots!

      • 🖕🏻 says:

        Very well said! My sentiments exactly!

      • Shawn Cantwell says:

        I’m with you I wouldn’t take nothing from China rather die first.I hate secrets

      • Anonymous says:

        UN security council

    • Dana says:

      More CCP narrative and propaganda to push the communist agenda. The CCP brainwashing (forced thought) might work in your country but it won’t work here, you elitist proletariat.

    • Stari Chetnik says:


      This isn’t against Chinese people is against the communist scum of the world.

      Nothing ever good had come from communism this isn’t xenophobic

    • bob keenan says:

      in regards to speeding up how about the Chinese regime releasing the two Canadians they hold hostage in Chinese jails.
      How about the Chinese regime take off the punitive tariffs and bans against our agricultural products. We wouldn’t need to ask about that but our government has such little pride they have done nothing in response ( counter tariffs). It also explains why the federal government would enter an agreement with the country that’hacked’ into our NRC to the cost of 100s of millions dollars.No pride.Our previous ambassador to China was called China’s ambassadar to Canada. And to top it off they gave us this pandemic from again their ‘wet markets’.

    • joe says:

      LMAO, How much are you paid by the CCP to post your “retort”

    • TrumpTrigger says:

      Angering China? Like what do you mean ANGERING China. Like as in take this vaccine or else? China can go to hell for unleashing this virus. (Not the good people of China) You know, the people who want to be free from China’s brutal Dictatorship? The CCP and their rogue military scientists. We dont need China’s help we dont want China’s help. YOU DONT OFFER HELP AND BECOME ANGRY WHEN PEOPLE DONT WANT IT OR NEED IT. GOT THAT!!

    • Patriotic Canadian says:

      Fuck you and Fuck the Chinese Communist Party , The Chinese Communist Party should be tried for crimes against Humanity for trying to Cover up their Royal Fuck up. I would not trust the Chinese Communist Regime and their narrative , let alone a vaccine from China . We in the West need to get our act together, China is a Country that will think nothing about coming into your home and forcibly sterilizing you if you have more then one child , this is a Country that has a very poor Human rights track record ( Tiananmen Square ) let alone your backward ass animal rights……. your fine Government does not give a flying Fuck about the Rest of the World , if China actually cared they would completely shut down wet markets FOREVER since the virus came from a wet market ……. Oh right China opened up the wet markets because the actual fact is this was a genetically modified virus made in a level 4 lab in Wuhan …. Why is China not allowing Her to Speak , Dr Shi Zhengli did she not write a scientific paper in 2015 about what she was doing with Corona viruses in bats it was her and her team that were messing around and changing the outside proteins which made humans more susceptible I hope we piss China off I don’t care , I won’t be buying ANYTHING MADE IN CHINA and also fuck you Zhao Li Wen stick your Communist rhetoric far up your ass . Spreading the Love A very Proud Canadian

      • Anonymous says:

        I heard that the reason Trudeau is so insistent in having China make this vaccine, is because the vaccine is going to contain a chip and we will not be able to remove it . This will enable Trudeau to monitor our moves every single moment of the day. Just saying, this is what I heard.

    • the truth says:

      you actually have no idea about vaccines and obviously while
      accusing a very legitimate article of pointing out the numerous dangers of vaccines and especially this one with its dishonest and lack of transparency only
      goes to show how pathetic people
      like you are you are paid to come and actually spread disinformation yourself by accusing and name calling people who raise legitimate concerns.

      knowing the science of vaccines and of viruses in general i can tell that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

      china is a nation that mass murders it’s own population and sells their organs to transplant clients around the world
      don’t lecture us on “disinformation”
      you bat eating human vampire scum bag
      the vaccines will not work for covid19 because like most of the viruses in the corona family
      of viruses they are RNA based viruses and vaccines are useless because they will only mutate.

    • the truth says:

      real science isn’t based on being insulted or not
      it’s based on evidence and transparency you inbred disgusting human being
      soon enough the west will wake up and you chinese people will feel the true wrath of western might
      you think you are so smart with your belt and road initiatives bribing people everywhere with brief cases of money

      you will learn a hard lesson soon
      go back to beijing and crawl under the rock you human reptile vampire

    • WK says:

      Hey Zhao Li-wen one question for you; are you a corrupt libtard / dipper/ hippie posing as some chinaman or a CCP plant in Canada who are being sent in millions each year posing as immigrants / students??
      Either way your ilk is not needed, you can go, where you know. We don’t need your gifts you can shove up, where you know.

    • WK says:

      Zhao Li-wen said: “We’re saddened to see further racist and xenophobic fear mongering by ThinkPol despite our numerous warnings against angering China.”

      So what the chinaman do when it gets angry, Spread another virus??

    • RexOfVicis says:


      I say this as an atheist. As I believe liberty of the individual is more important than collectivism!

    • Anonymous says:

      No thank you. We are better off alone than with a partner that dismisses our concerns.

    • Anonymous says:

      Get lost, wumao.

    • Winnie the Pooh Xi says:

      Hello comrade, freedom of speech and independence, Tiananmen Square, Taiwan independence, Africans forced out because of racism, Uyghur Muslims are very good things. Say it loud and proud to your room officials brother. Signed, Ling Be.

    • helen says:

      Hi, Zhao. Sorry for upsetting You.
      We / I said WE , because I know the minds of many people around/ So, We respect all suffering Chinese people
      under CCP, we compassionate to all Chinese scientists under CCP regime.
      Even so, products from China obtained the special reputation in world wide consumers.
      This is very unfortunate, but it is what it is…
      The reputation was obtained and it is NOT disinformation.
      Disinformation may be that we need this vaccine….
      If we need it, I will prefer the domestic one / the reputation…/

    • Anonymous says:

      China deserves nothing but contempt for it’s actions,,,free the Uigers!

    • helen says:

      Anybody needs a free gift from China ???
      If not, you are all WHO???? Yes, racist and xenophobic. period

    • Rev112 says:

      You’re a rotten maggot, shamelessly peddling propaganda. We are aware China is seeding Communism to as many as buy it, China has sold its totalitarian ideals to tyrants around the world who are desirous of holding on to power and drowning freedom. You are here to talk about a stupid vaccine and the ‘good’ China is doing. WHO is your puppet and to the lousy scum coming here to hype Bill Gates, your brain is filled with nothing but pulp paper, bringing Gates into this, shows youre a disgraceful human bot scouring the web to sell vaccine narrative, go sit in your own puke, or eat it back up. POS!

    • Gillian Semple says:

      Keep your poison. CCP has done enough damage to the World. Cheers! And stop using racism to distract from the death and destruction of human lives the CCP has inflicted on the World! Despicable crap when you have to turn to racism to get you out trouble and not being responsible. Grow up!

    • Gillian Semple says:

      Within a year Xi Jing Ping’s regime will be smashed! And the CCP will never find it’s face again! I did not work like a dog all my life to be ruled over by a man who was born in a cave and to retire in a Communist country. The CCP experiments on its own people and uses them to infiltrate every nook and cranny of every institution around the World! So save your poison for yourselves!

    • Xitler says:

      To put it bluntly…the CCP bastards can’t be trusted. Communist China’s agenda is
      to undermine free democratic countries and replace our freedom with enslavement.
      Its saddening how communist agents of subversion claim fake racism as a diversion
      to taking responsibility for their incompetence that caused a serious global pandemic. Tedros is a puppet for the communist regime……and China needs to be
      banned from having any involvment with the WHO. Canada collaborating with a Chinese company to produce a vaccine…….what the hell is this???? Its like a rapist who now wants to help their rape victim and be “friends” and get paid for it. China and their subversion agents can go “fuck” themselves…..just like all the other communist/socialist regimes. Chinese people are not the problem…..its the Chinese Communist Party that is the problem!!!!

    • V for Vendetta says:

      You (Zhao Li-wen) always talk about international co-operation and working together to defeat the CCP virus, yet China had refused outside help to investigate the origin of this virus when this outbreak first appeared in November (or maybe even earlier), 2019. Even now, China keeps undermining other countries’ effort in fighting this pandemic by withholding information about the virus, by hoarding all the masks and ppe, by spreading disinformation, by criticizing other countries’ decisions (if they don’t follow China’s lead), by “donating” defective and contaminated medical supplies… and etc.

      It’s no wonder we don’t want anything to do with China anymore. How can we trust China after all of this? Co-operation is about sharing. The fact is: China only takes what she wants but gives nothing in return (except grief)! Lesson: You do that too often, you will end up with no friends. That is exactly what is happening; China is losing all credibility among the international community.

      If China wants to be a world leader, it needs to earn the world’s respect. China needs to take a hard look at itself in the mirror and grow up! It’s time to take responsibility and be accountable for your actions and stop blaming others! No one’s going to kowtow to you anymore.

      The WHO is the mouthpiece of the corrupt and immoral CCP regime, parroting whatever the CCP tells them to say. This is why we have a global pandemic. We could have stopped this (instead of listening to the WHO’s bullshit)!

      At least here in Canada (and the West), we have freedom of the press and free will. We can openly criticize our leaders and keep them honest. It is a form of protest. It is our right. We have the right to question the authority. That is how democracy works… (Something that the CCP doesn’t believe in and will never understand.)

      It’s ironic that you (Zhao) are exercising your right (whether you believe in it or not) to post comments here on ThinkPol… (If you don’t like the articles, you can go somewhere else. No one’s forcing you.) By the way, ThinkPol is an independent Canadian website where ordinary folks can read articles, ask questions and post comments… FREELY.

    • SXitler says:

      “Warnings against angering China”……sounds like ….”Warnings against angering Nazi Germany”

      Communist subversion agents have a funny way of twisting and perverting a story in an attempt to hide the truth.

      Countries which are victims of China’s incompetence do not need its “help” or
      its involvement with vaccine development.

      Rejecting the CCP subversive propaganda does not make you a racist towards Chinese…..just as with any other unethical political regime or other ethnic group.

    • B. CHATELAIN says:

      its not racist to talk about a regime’s incompetancy secrecy and irresponsiblity !!! Asians are not communist party

    • Orwell's Ghost says:

      The CCP and the “50 Cents Army” should pay more attention to their own citizens back home in China and stop obsessing about what the people from other countries think about China. Mind your own business, Zhao! (There maybe trouble brewing in China as more and more Chinese citizens are being red-pilled and waking up: exposing the CCP lies and uncovering the truth.) Don’t to surprise if there’s a New Chinese Revolution coming your way in the not too distant future! It’s time to overthrow the CCP!

    • Xinnie the Pooh says:

      Zhao-Li-Wen is a CCP instrument of propaganda and agent of ideological subversion.

      Any so called gifts like vaccines that come from Communist China are a “Trojan Horse”.

      Western countries need to abruptly break all ties with China, including economic ties, until the CCP is removed from power.

    • Beau Tanner says:

      “We’re saddened to see further racist and xenophobic fear mongering by ThinkPol…”

      Who’s “we”?

    • Jaan Lovi says:

      Chinese scientists are not the problem, it is the Chinese Communist party interfering with those scientists and subverting the truth.

    • We the West says:

      I could care less about ‘angering’ China.

      And a quick reminder, the Chinese Government made a conscience decision to sit on information surrounding this pandemic for a good two months, and only opened up about it because videos were being leaked and it forced their hand.

      So forgive me, but I have zero trust in the Chinese Government doung the right thing.

    • Gordie says:

      We’ll seeing that Trudeau envies the Chinese communist ways and has been turning Canada into a communist country , this concern will be pushed to the wayside and be disregarded …

    • Fred says:

      Die, commie troll.

    • Babs Ski says:

      I think China has ‘gifted’ the world with enough already. Keep your vaccine

    • Ricky says:

      Zhao, l guess you haven’t really been following what has happened since 2019 with China downplaying the virus outbreak in the initial stages. Go check out the facts. Check out China’s message to the other countries in early January telling them basically not to worry.

    • Steve Cole says:


      Chinese Canadians who fled the tyranny of the CCP, are deeply insulted by other Chinese like Zhao Li-wen, who try to manipulate people in the west to think that the Chinese communist party, the government of China, is synonymous with the Chinese race, and that “Chinese people” are insulted when anyone criticizes the communist party for covering up Covid-19 that has affected all our lives.

      Well thank goodness Canadians, unlike Zhao Li-wen, are not so stupid.

    • Anonymous says:

      CanSino Biologics Inc. grant from Bill Gates 2015 and april 2020

      Date: October 2015
      Purpose: to expand CanSino’s capability to conduct clinical trials in Africa so that, in the future, CanSino will be able to provide low cost and high quality vaccines to African countries and to help prevent common diseases for poor, low-income or otherwise underserved communities that otherwise would lack access to such vaccines at an affordable price
      Amount: $150,000
      Term: 9
      Topic: Global Health and Development Public Awareness and Analysis
      Program: Advocacy
      Grantee Location: Tianjin
      Grantee Website:
      Date: April 2020
      Purpose: to support international collaboration on development of anti-coronavirus vaccines, which will increase the availability of safe and effective vaccines for sustainable, global distribution and use
      Amount: $400,000
      Term: 12
      Topic: Global Health and Development Public Awareness and Analysis
      Program: Advocacy
      Grantee Location: Tianjin
      Grantee Website:

    • Penny Porting says:

      China has proven itself once to many times!And I should trust them?

    • StuffYerVaccine says:

      Gift my Ass. Take your gift and stick it up Xi’s ass after you’ve removed your head from it.
      We have a great gift for you, his name is Trudeau and he’s a good Communist, take him anytime you wish.

    • Charlene fish says:

      Well I will NOT TAKE THE VACATION if it is offered
      Got all I know it could do us all harm or worse and
      I’m not willing to take that chance

    • v says:

      no, very bad idea. Trudeau is not very bright. Does he think Canadians agree with him? CCP china put melamine in milk formula two separate times and killed their own kids two separate times. They killed out pets in USA and canada putting something in pet foods that caused kidney failure in pets, I remember that; does everyone forget that?. Their recent vaccines killed their own kids. Nope, no CCP-china vaccine for me and my family. PS I admire the brave young people in Hong Kong and pray for them.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is a lack of trust in our world for sure. Not only between countries but among individuals in all countries. Good luck !

    • greg thompson says:

      Does little JT think we are as dumb as him we are not going to be guinea pigs

    • Anonymous says:

      Let Trudeau take the first vaccine shot.

  2. ss3456 says:

    @ Zhao Li-wen

    At least be a little more creative comrade!

    We know that it is not easy to be a comedy skit writer, but you are on the way there.

    You need to write something with some substance, not copying and repeating whatever your boss instructed you to.

  3. Lora says:


  4. David says:

    CCP is not trustworthy.
    Everything from there is self-contradictory!

  5. Tibor P says:

    interesting article exposing, again, the too close relationship of the governmental medical cartel, PM Trudeau and the CCP medical cartel and Xi of the CCP.
    During times of war or at least when war measures enacted, continued or initiating trade with a foreign hostile power – especially importing biological weapons or agents that could become biological weapons and used against the citizens of one’s country, would be an act of treason.
    While I’m interpreting law here, a lawyer could verify.

  6. Stari Chetnik says:


    This isn’t against Chinese people is against the communist scum of the world.

    Nothing ever good had come from communism this isn’t xenophobic

    • v says:

      Agree. I pray for the brave young people of Hong Kong. I also pray CCP has to go. I will not use CCP and Trudeau vaccine.

  7. Ksun says:

    CCP owns CA, follow the money. Citizen of Canada time to wake up.

  8. Nightman says:

    The CCP & WHO deliberately tried to poison CV19 medications in Madagascar. Now Canada is teaming up with the CCP to create a vaccine!!!??? How stupid can our politicians be!!?? I’ll take my dose of the vaccine, & I’ll personally shove it up Trudeaus ass!! This is more evidence of Trudeau’s blatant inept abilities as a dictator, politician & human being. He’s not worthy of being called the PM. He’s not a leader, he’s a CCP puppet & pawn. Trudeau is a treat to Canadians, & humanity. He is guilty of crimes against humanity. He must be brought to justice & jailed indefinitely. China & the CCP have broken the bonds of trust. They can never be trusted about anything ever again.

  9. joe says:

    LMAO, How much are you paid by the CCP to post your “retort”

  10. Sam Growlesy says:

    It’s not xenophobia… it’s what the Communist Party showed many times in the past. Besides, CCP takes great lengths to manipulate the world thru lies and hogwash. I am not even sure if you are paid troll by the CCP.

  11. JeanNeymar says:

    If it was a vaccine shipped directly from China without local trials, I won’t get it for sure.

    But this vaccine will be produced in Canada, with a Canadian clinical study. The NRC have a lot of experience with adenovirus based vaccines and they are already doing research on this vaccine candidate.
    Even if China hide or falsify data, I have confidence in our research teams to properly evaluate the vaccine.

    And the facility that will be built to produce this vaccine also have similar process as the Oxford vaccine candidate, so it may also be used if the Chinese vaccine fail trials and the Oxford one is a success.

    • helen says:

      Do You really believe in it ? To get it properly done will take 12-18 months. Properly, it means – according a high standard of medical research. You can hear from doctors right now – we may not need the one at that time.
      Spanish flu had hit hard, but never came back…..

    • v says:

      Let the ‘kid’ Trudeau, his wife and kids take the vaccine made by CCP. as for me and my family we will not take a vaccine made by the communist military and Trudeau. They put melamine in infants formula two different times and killed their own kids, anyone remember the melamine?. They also put something in pet foods years ago that killed our pets anyone remember that? I wont accept anything made in China. but I pray for the brave young people of Hong Kong which is not communist. Thank you to the brave MD who gave us a heads up.

  12. mike says:

    Hey Zhao Li-wen, it is so easy to see you for the CCP troll that you are. Did you make your 50 cents for writing this bullshit? Don’t try to pull the wool over our eyes we see you for the CCP stooge that you are.

    I will leave you with this thought……if your CCP vaccination is the real deal and it really works then your country will have to explain to the whole world how many years you have been working on this “cure” which will certainly confirm to the whole world that your country intended to cause this pandemic so you could ride to the rescue with the “cure” for financial gain.

    If on the other hand it doesn’t work and lots of people react badly and get sick or die from the vaccine then it will be further confirmation of how utterly useless the products of Communist China really are which includes among many other things all the substandard masks you guys sent us lately.

    In some quarters, the pandemic Communist China caused, the cover up that followed and your country’s hoarding of virtually all the worlds PPE is considered an act of war.

    Maybe Communist China should try getting along with the world and quit acting like a school yard bully before the west hast to take them out back behind the woodshed for a good old fashioned ass kicking.

  13. Nick says:

    China is trying to “gift the world their discovery”. Lmao. Keep your gifts Zhao Li-wen. Also, what do you mean when you say “western regimes spreading false information”? Do you mean false information similar to what the Chinese claimed was the original number of people infected and the number of deaths? Or perhaps you mean where the Chinese claimed that there is nothing to worry about because the virus cannot be transmitted from human to human? I’ll tell you what Zhao Li-wen, keep your gift. Inject it into your body and you can also use the one I was entitled to. Inject it into each and every one of your family members. No one in my family wants your gift. Keep it china! Keep it Bill Gates. You can all go choke on it you pricks.

  14. Nick says:

    Zhao Li-wen, what the hell do you mean by”despite our numerous warnings against angering China”? Are you trying to threaten us with consequences? What are you going to do? Stop selling us your cheap shit plastic and lead painted toys? Look zipperhead. Keep your vaccine, keep your shit fake products and try pulling your head out of your emperor’s ass for once so that you might experience what fresh air smells like.

  15. Jon Malone says:

    If China produces a vaccine let Bill & Melinda be the first to receive then our benevolent dictator Justin be the next. And then how about Theresa. [Canadian so called leadership are compromised.] Good article that is a least scratching the surface.

  16. Anonymous says:

    China just brings a whole new level to small man syndrome. Laughable response by the CCP there. Desirable actions one of the other for decades and we’re supposed to trust you. Be less stupid

  17. Anonymous says:

    Deplorable* actions one after the other for decades*

  18. Joe knows says:

    Let us in your country to put untested antigens and agitents into your body. As they move to take over Hong Kong and Taiwan…

  19. Moniker Jones says:

    There is no way i would ever take a vaccine made in China. I lived in Hong Kong when the mainland put melamine in everything and when my first child was born they were testing all newborn infants for traces of it. I luckily bought my wife all imported food because i couldn’t trust anything from China.

    Its now 12 years later and there is another baby formula scandal going on in China where babies heads are being deformed and they repeatedly punch themselves….

    I would rather inject bat semen in my eyes then take anything the PLA had their hands on knowing what the good people in Hong Kong are going through.

  20. No One says:

    China, (especially under Xi Jinping) has become totally ‘out-of-control’. It’s power and profit over everything else. They (The CCP) are psychopaths and sociopaths with no conscience and not a shred of morality, nor do they have empathy for any living thing. (They are after all Godless Commies!) As the result, China has lost its moral compass.

    I am not at all surprise that there is another baby formula scandal in China this year. The CCP never learns from history. (They are only good at remembering “China’s Century of Humiliation” and constantly reminding the world of it.) But learning and remembering are two different things.

    China didn’t learn anything from the first SARS pandemic (2002-2004) and here we are… again. History is repeating itself.

    I would be wary of any collaboration with China in developing a vaccine or treatment for COVID-19. I would question China’s sincerity… among other things.

    In fact there are so many questions: We still don’t know the real reason why two Chinese scientists were expelled from the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg last July. (These 2 scientists had ties to the Wuhan lab…) It’s very fishy. I hope there’s a thorough investigation.

  21. Rusty says:

    Dr. Kulvinder Gill, is right! Who in the Canadian government is making these decisions. Now is not the time to be working with China on a vaccine. We Canadians deserve the right to know who was involved in making the vaccine, before they inject it into our body!! I’m sure every Canadian is concerned!

  22. Alfred says:

    I work at the National Research Council. NRC is very reputable on vaccine research (look up Harold Jennings). This vaccine with Cansino was chosen based on science, it is the front runner with a good probability for success. The NRC had collaborations with Cansino for 10 years and we developed a vaccine for ebola together which was gifted to WHO and used in an outbreak in Congo. The exact same technology was used in this COVID vaccine thats why it can be developed quickly. I understand that people are upset with China and CCP, but science is science… plus we will be start testing other vaccines as well in the coming weeks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, science is all about collaboration and sharing data with one another, but if one side does things without the other’s knowledge or approval then the whole project has been compromised and all trust has been lost.

      We cannot ignore the fact that 2 Chinese scientists (Xiangguo Qiu who became renowned for helping to develop the Ebola drug, ZMapp) were escorted out of the National Microbiology Laboratory in July of last year. This incident is still being investigated by the RCMP. Apparently these 2 scientists have ties to the Wuhan lab. (Just Google it)

      This is the reason why many of us have lost faith in international collaborations with (especially) China. (It’s not just Canadians but also people from all over the world – are finding out that China cannot be trusted)

    • Rusty says:

      The problem is we just don’t know if this is strategy for CCP who controls the scientists and researchers to create even more havoc. We need to operate from a position of strength, there’s just too much at stake now!! We have no room for error. A failure here could be catastrophic! It would mean no turning back. Canadians have a right to know. I challenge the media to cover this story objectively.

    • Rusty says:

      In a crisis like this the NRC and Dr. Jennings are treasures that need all the support and respect we can give. I say if ever Canadian donated $10, we could raise about 370 million for the Covid 19 vaccine development. We could call it the Covid 19 Tax and the Feds would collect it.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I’m ashamed of the people who have left replies. So sad.

    • Moniker Jones says:

      Because they don’t trust CCP collaborations?

      We know there are a lot of great and talented people in China. I am sure there are some amazing scientists and vaccine researchers there, the problem is not them. The problem is nobody trusts the CCP and they did it to you not us.

      Nobody is going to China to tell you what to do or think, this is a democratic society people can have opinions here. If you love censorship / authoritarianism by all means live in a communist country.

    • Winston Smith says:

      As a Chinese-Canadian, I am deeply ashamed of what China (my fatherland) has become over the recent years under the CCP. Their behaviour and actions both within China and around the world are deplorable and shameful. It is also very troubling.

      I’m also very concerned about what is happening in my country, Canada – the state of our democracy; our values, our history, our culture, our rights and freedoms being slowly eroded. I am concerned about my PM Justin Trudeau’s apparent fondness with Communist China and other totalitarian regimes. Any collaboration with an evil, hostile government should be quite concerning, particularly when our government just decides without debating or asking the public…

      My father left China not only because he wanted a better life, but because he was a Christian and the CCP persecuted anyone with religious beliefs during the Cultural Revolution (Xi jinping is doing the same today). It’s a shame that Canada (where many people come after fleeing tyranny) is becoming less and less democratic by the day.

  24. Anonymous says:

    PS – except for Alfred.

  25. No One says:


    One of the 2 scientists, Xiangguo Qiu became renowned for helping to develop the Ebola drug, ZMapp with a team of virologists at NML.

    The NML and the NRC are both highly reputable Canadian institutions… but collaborations with foreign institutions should be questioned after this incident. (We still don’t know the reason why the 2 Chinese scientists were escorted out. The RCMP is still investigating – hopefully they don’t sweep it under the rug.)

    Yes, science is all about collaboration and sharing data with one another, but if one side is doing things without the other’s knowledge or approval, then the whole project has been compromised and trust is lost.

  26. blue_wild says:

    Petition to Fire Dr Tam of Health Canada; please sign and pass on to friends and family.

  27. blue_wild says:

    China is not our friend; the CCP are pathological liars and have blood on their hands in 147 nations over COVID-19. They’ve been sending people to the west to become educated for decades in order to gain access to our critical industries/infrastructure and steal our intellectual property. The CCP was fully cognizant of the virus when they stopped all domestic flights and locked down 700 million of their citizens under quarantine in January, but, yet continued to send their people on flights all around the planet? This was for no other reason but to spread the infection into the west and bring down the US economy. It’s time for the west to cut trade with China and the tentacles of the CCP once and for all. The regime is dangerous to western civilization as we know it.

  28. RICK BLATTER says:

    VACCINE with Chinese Military is SEDITION, TREASON!


    This is SEDITION.



    After ALL their LIES?

    Vaccine Development with a SCANDALOUS SOURCE??? (@~12:15):

    May the CCP be held ACCOUNTABLE & FALL likewise (USSR Collapse) when we learn exactly what “error” & flagrant disregard for Humanity, Basic Human Rights, & Basic Human DECENCY led to the COVID-19 worldwide disaster.

    ☆ “Chernobyl” (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO (~3min):


    ☆ “The Real Chernobyl” (~50min):



  29. BRUCE CAIN says:

    Please read the announcement when you first visit the group in order to understand that we do have a mission to Stop5G. Meanwhile these are my thoughts about the Plandemic and the Mass Riots over the past several days. I do apologize but these issues need to be addressed NOW.

    What follows is a draft. But you are more than welcome to share it.

    Commentary on the Gates Plandemic and the ongoing Soros Antifa Nationwide Insurrection [Rough Draft]
    Bruce W. Cain 06/01/2020
    I feel compelled to write something after another day of rioting across the USA. Not sure what to write. I am speechless at the moment. Up until the Plandemic I felt the most dangerous globalist “flexion” was Soros who has been an emissary for the UN/Rothschild/Rockefeller cabal. With the Plandemic I was aghast to find Bill Gates to be potentially more powerful and influential than even Soros.

    They both seem to follow a similar modus operandi (MO). They seem to have been “crowned” by the Rothchild’s/Rockefeller’s “RR’s” into positions of great wealth in order to carry out the RR’s plan in a way that is imperceptible to the public. By doing this it gives the RR’s “plausible deniability” for their Agenda (forced vaccines, open borders, 5G surviellance etc.). More important the use of these flexions allows them to remain anonymous in the shadows.

    But there has been one suppressed news story that reflects just how far the the RR’s control of our government really goes. During the mass invasion of the Southern Border in 2018-2019 this journalist came on FOX News where he disclosed that our own State Department was giving money to various Soros organizations that were financing the Southern Invasion. I believe this is a story that the globalists had to suppress as it showed branches of our own government were working with Soros to aid and abet the invasion.

    So what did FOX do? They labeled the messenger, the Journalist, as Anti-Semetic for criticizing Soros (who is Jewish). Then they pulled the video segment and forbid this reporter from ever coming back on FOX News again. This story has always stuck in my mind because it bascially shows that the RR’s control virtually every arm of our government as well as globalist corporate media.

    As the saying goes “the first casualty of War is the truth.” And the reality is there has been a silent ongoing war against the American people for years between global collectivists –the RR’s and those they finance or control — and sovereign individualists. Most do not understand the ascendency of the RR Cabal over the last 250 years nor do they understand that the UN is just a front for their agenda of global enslavement under the 5G architecture now going up throughout the planet.

    It is up to us to illuminate this truth which boils down to this.

    * Over the last 250 years the RR’s wield control of the Federal Reserve, the Deep State, the Globalist Corporate Media. They control both the vast number of global corporations as well as corporate media. This has allowed them to control the narrative: up until recently when Open Source Journalism — through internet platforms — began to expose the RR’s plan.

    * The RR’s plan is Global Enslavement which is enshrined in Agenda21, Agenda2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) contained within Agenda2030.

    * With the Plandemic and the recent riots their masks have been taken off even though most can’t see that the RR’s at at the apex of the Globalist Cabal.

    * Once again the RR’s are about to knock the world’s population to their knees as they get ready to reorganize society to a global slave state in order to bring in the NWO and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

    So let me just share what needs to be done in order to stop this.

    * Demand the arrest of Bill Gates, Fauci, Birx for the spread and possible manufacture of the Coronavirus.

    * Demand the arrest of George Soros for financing Antifa — and other groups — that has used the “Floyd George” Murder in an attempt to literally overthrow the US government.

    To me Gates and Soros are not just guilty of High Treason. They are both guilty of global genocide. And once we arrest them we need to root out other traitors within the State Department and other government agencies. We don’t have a whole lot of time.


    Recently FOX pulled a video with Lou Dobbs which discussed the role that US government agency USAID has played in funding Soros and in funding the Caravans. You should watch the recovered video in the link below. As someone that has covered immigration for decades I found that disturbing as it is not admitted even on FOX that a US government agency, USAID, was actually helping to fund the Illegal Alien Caravans coming up from Central America. Nope instead the VP of FOX accused the guest as being Anti-Semitic for criticizing Soros who is Jewish. This is total BS as we know there are good/bad people from every race, creed, religion. Nope the reason for pulling the video is because they don’t want the PEOPLE to understand how their government is selling them out.

    As for Soros? I don’t care what religion he identifies with. He is a globalist scumbag.

    As for the US Government and USAID, this is what they are doing:

    * Our tax dollars go to various agencies including USAID.

    * USAID gives millions of dollars to the United Nations.

    * The UN then funnels the money to NGO’s — including but not restricted to the George Soros umbrella of organizations that operate under “Open Society” and other names.

    * The money from USAID has then gone to fund ISIS, Islamic Terrorist Groups and the flow of Illegal Aliens into the US through the caravans and smaller groups of invaders.

    Sorry but I can never look at FOX anchors again the same way. They must know what is going on and probably understand that they cannot talk about it unless they want to loose their multi-million dollar annual salaries. FOX management pulled the video as, obviously, the American People should not understand that their very own federal government if financing Islamic Terrorists and Illegal Immigration. THIS IS INSANE that this is allowed to continue! Please take 10 minutes to watch the video below. It will make your jaw drop as you begin to understand our own government is financing Illegal Immigration.


    How your tax dollars are funding the Migrant Invasion of the United States

    Thursday (10/25/2018) Lou Dobb’s was reprimanded by Gary Schreier, the senior vice-president of Fox Business Network programming, for an interview he did with Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell. The video of the interview has been pulled from the Fox website and Farrell is now banned from appearing on FOX News in the future. Although the implications were that Farrell was fueling antisemitism the real reason he was banned was for exposing an inconvenient truth: it is not just people like Soros that are funding the foriegn invasion of the US . . . but our very own government. And it is worth noting that this is happenning under the Trump Administration, which has yet to cut off the use of our tax dollars being used to finance the invasion.

    The Lou Dobb’s Caravan Interview that FOX News Censored with commentary from Alex Jones

  30. greg thompson says:

    Does little JT think Canadians will be guinea pigs

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