4 in 5 Canadians dislike and distrust China, poll finds

Four in five people in Canada view China unfavourably, while even more agree that the Chinese government has not been transparent or honest about the COVID-19 situation in that country, the latest study from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds.

Just 14% of adults in this country now say they have a positive opinion of China, a level half as high as it was six months ago (29%) as the Communist Party of China faces accusations from Western intelligence agencies that Beijing hid the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak in the early days of the pandemic and pressured WHO to underreport the severity of the impending coronavirus pandemic[1]http://angusreid.org/covid19-china/.

Canadian public opinion towards China, which had been on the decline since 2017, dropped precipitously after Beijing arbitrarily arrested and detained two Canadians in a tit-for-tat reaction to Canada’s arrest – and subsequent release on bail – of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou.

The dislike for and the distrust of China is a non-partisan issue, as Conservative, Liberal and NDP voters all overwhelmingly hold a negative view of that country.

Three-quarters of Canadians say Canada should prioritize human rights and the rule of law over economic opportunity.

Canadians’ view of their neighbour the south is also becoming less favourable.

Just 38% of Canadians now say they hold a favourable view of the United States – Canada’s largest trading partner.

The decline has been largely attributed to the widely unpopular term of President Trump, and may now be exacerbated by his administration’s widely criticized response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Canadians are becoming more wary of China and the United States, the European Union has been winning the war on hearts and minds.

The majority of Canadians view the EU as the top choice to develop closer trade ties among Canada’s major trading partners.

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1. http://angusreid.org/covid19-china/

64 Responses to 4 in 5 Canadians dislike and distrust China, poll finds

  1. Zhao Li-wen says:

    What this poll shows is that 4 in 5 Canadians are ignorant sinophobic racists brainwashed by Western media’s “China bad” propaganda.

    We should focus on containing spread of the virus. China has regarded people’s life as the top priority, and mobilized all sectors of society at all levels to join in prevention and control efforts. These are valuable experience China is willing to share with Canada.

    The international community should work together, rather than blame each other. Save lives, rather than engage in a smear and scapegoating campaign. Uphold fairness and justice in the world, rather than politicize the public health issue and stigmatize other countries.

    As President Xi Jinping said, mankind belongs to a community with a shared future. Going forward, China will continue to provide support to all countries, and enhance cooperation between China and Canada on public health and disease control.

    At the same time China will not be kind to our enemies. We are making note of ThinkPol’s misinformation campaign.

    Misinformation is a common enemy of all mankind and hatefful propaganda is a common challenge to the whole world. Every country needs to tackle this challenge effectively, and China will not hesitate to use whatever means necessary to contain the spread of hateful propaganda anywhere in the world.

    We urge ThinkPol to work towards strengthening China-Canada cooperation is in the interest of both countries and beneficial to world economic recovery.

    • Anonymous says:

      Chinese propaganda in full gear

      • Anonymous says:

        The reason for distrust in China is due to Western propaganda.

        And you idiots will actually think there is no such thing. That’s just how good the propaganda is.

        You are NOT immune to propaganda. Never think you are.

        • Anonymous says:

          Our distrust in China is because China is a backwards, technocratic dictatorship that allowed a deadly virus to spread across the globe due to their own incompetence. China will never be a superpower. Enjoy another century of humiliation, you deserve it.

    • Canadian Citizen says:

      Your President, Winnie the Pooh, should go harvest some more organs from the Falun Gong concentration camps. You should understand you’re working for a dictatorship that cares about 1 and only 1 thing: money.

      Here is some keywords to trigger your Firewall, perhaps so that you can mind your own business 😀

      Winnie the Pooh (小熊维尼) — Chinese internet users use images of Winnie the Pooh to represent President Xi Jinping.
      Baozi (包子) — Steamed bun. One of Xi Jinping’s nicknames online.
      Dalai Lama (达赖喇嘛) — The Tibetan leader in exile. A symbol of Tibetan independence.
      Tibet Independence (西藏独立) — Talking about independence for Tibet is forbidden.
      Soviet Jokes (苏联笑话) — Mocking the Soviet Union is considered making fun of communism.
      Go, Hong Kong (香港加油) — Support for the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.
      709 (709律师) — A group of human rights activists and lawyers arrested on July 9 (7/9), 2015.
      Liu Xiaobo (刘晓波) — Nobel Prize-winning human rights activist imprisoned by China.
      Great Firewall of China (伟大的防火墙) — Discussing Chinese censorship is itself censored.
      Dictatorship (专政) — Suggesting or saying that China is a dictatorship is forbidden.
      Tiananmen (天安门) — Any references to the 1989 pro-democracy protests that ended in bloodshed.
      June 4 (六四) — The date of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests.
      Zhao Ziyang (赵紫阳) — Former general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party who supported the 1989 Tiananmen Square demonstrations.
      Tank man (坦克人) — The famous image of an unidentified Chinese man who stood in front of a column of tanks in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

    • Xi Jinping’s Window Cleaner says:

      Tiananmen Square, June 4, 1989.

    • Bartwurst says:

      “At the same time China will not be kind to our enemies. We are making note of ThinkPol’s misinformation campaign.”

      This shithead puttering around on some small Canadian publication didn’t even take the time to realize the article is (1) reporting an POLL RESULT that (2) wasn’t event generated by thinkpol. AND, at that level of intelligence, thinks he/she come across as remotely capable of being a representative of Xi’s China (i.e. ‘We are making note…’).

      just lawl

      • Juana Boycott China says:

        The thing that puzzles me most is how China, a country of thieves who have stolen literally every technology they possess today,could have overlooked stealing flush toilet technology that has been around for 400 years. You’d think that the prospect of having to shit in a pipe that sticks out of the floor and wiping your ass with your fingers would make stealing flush toilet technology and toilet paper a priority… But nope.

      • Jeff says:

        Eat a dick

    • Anonymous says:

      Haha, no.

    • Nikko Rose says:

      When the virus appeared in Wuhan, the CCP banned the travel between cities in China but not to Europe, and they DID NOT WARN THE REST OF THE WORLD!!!
      That is why Italy got hit so hard, as they have over 300,000 Chinese in their country.

      • Kelly Unger-Younger says:

        Stop hiring the Chinese or any other foreign workers. Our able bodied and unemployed need to get to work. The reason they keep us down is by bringing in these people is because our own people are lazy and entitled.

    • Wuhan Flu says:

      Fuck you and fuck China.

    • Anonymous says:

      Canadians distrust the Chinese government, not the people. Disliking a government doesn’t make you a racist, Zhao.

      Trying to call propaganda and misinformation when the country you’re trying to defend doesn’t even have free open internet is also absolutely ridiculous.

    • Anon says:

      Fine. Take note of us criticizing your government’s actions, we’ll take note of the CCP’s feeble attempts to spread propaganda online on this small Canadian political website. Hopefully when this is all over we stop supporting your sick regime and move on.

    • Byung-Joon says:

      Oh please! China is the most racist country in the world. If you are not Chinese – people glare at you. I’ve seen it all over. And I love the country and most of the people. Oh and they also kicked Africans out of their homes and into the street in Guangzhou. If it was racism or sinophobia – people would hate Taiwan and Hong Kong and Singapore. But no one hate’s them! Everyone loves HK, Taiwan, Singapore. So quit your crying.

    • Anonymous says:

      Implessive post, comrade. What this post shows is that 4 in 5 Chinese are ignorant sinosupremacist racists brainwashed by Eastern media’s “China good” propaganda.


      Haha you stupid you didn’t realize that Xi Jin-ping and the CCP violates a lot of human rights rules, also they want Hong Kong to be a part of China (and the Hong Kongers do not want to) and etc… You are so stupid that even your government do a lot of shady things and you still think that’s ok. Fuck you anyway.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think Brian Adams meant to say is that we are seeking explanations for how China’s demographics, culture, animal husbandry, and regulatory environment combine to create an environment in which zoonotic diseases flourish.

      We are also interested in how immigrants from a country that cannot support their own aging population will affect the medical resources in the country where they immigrate to when old, pay no taxes and do not even have the respect to speak the local language in public.

      Most importantly we are amused and curious to why members of a communist regime flee to democratic corners of the world where they continue to criticize and dismantle the very system that allow them the western privileges they came for.

    • Kelly Unger-Younger says:

      Your accusations are insulting and wrong.

    • Anonymous says:

      We do not like countries that puts people in concentration camps for their religious beliefs. It is an evil country.

    • Phuk Chyna says:

      How’s the weather outside your Government office in China today, Zhao Li-wen?
      If China is truly honest, then you must believe that there are more dead Canadians than Chinese due to Covid-19. And if you really want to see some “racism”, see how non-Chinese are being treated in China right now. Check Google and Youtube right now! Oh that’s right… state censored internet.
      Winnie the poop needs to choke and die.
      Thank for the defective masks, Dicks!

    • Steve says:


      Chinese Canadians who fled the tyranny of the CCP, are deeply insulted by other Chinese like Zhao Li-wen, who try to manipulate people in the west to think that the Chinese communist party, the government of China, is synonymous with the Chinese race, and that “Chinese people” are insulted when anyone criticizes the communist party for covering up Covid-19 that has affected all our lives.

      Well thank goodness Canadians, unlike Zhao Li-wen, are not so stupid.

    • Canada and Canadian Allies First says:

      The corrupt CCP regime is why hundreds of thousands have died, and why many of my family and friends are sick, let alone losing their hard earned jobs, careers, dreams and aspirations.
      The Chinese govt. LIED and tried to cover up the extent of the virus, they closed up Beijing to protect their corrupt government from the virus without telling WHO and allowing international spread of COVID-19, while purging doctors warning of the severity of the virus.
      Now Chinese Troll Twitter bots are out in full force trying to defend their corrupt, failed totalitarian regime that caused one of the world’s worst pandemics in history. China even had the audacity to blame ‘US Soldiers’ for spreading the virus. China’s government has so much money and power with huge military displays, but are still unable to shut down filthy, unhygienic, illegal filthy wildlife markets plaguing the region. Abysmal, appalling failures of an inept regime.

      “The paper described how China downplayed the outbreak around the world while wildly scrambling to bury all traces of the disease at home, including bleaching wet market stalls, censoring the growing evidence of asymptomatic carriers of the virus and stonewalling other countries’ requests for samples.

      Beijing started censoring search engines as early as December to stop internet surfing related to the virus, according to the report. The World Health Organization went along with China’s claims and also denied human-to-human transmission of the virus despite concern from neighbouring countries.
      Intelligence showed that China had “evidence of human-human transmission from early December,” but continued to deny it could spread that way until Jan. 20, according to the dossier.

      The document pointed out that China imposed travel bans on people throughout the nation, but continued to tell the rest of the world travel bans were unnecessary.”
      You will never see the Chinese government or the Chinese media blame themselves or take responsibility for the mess they caused to the world today.

    • Vagina says:

      Get lost and fuck you.

    • Jim says:

      Zhao Li-wen. You admitted in your reply that you are either an operative or a wannabe operative for your thuggish government when you said – “We are making note of ThinkPol’s misinformation campaign. You, like your government, think that you can settle things with threats. What goes around comes around Mr or Mrs Li-wen.

    • John J says:

      Fuck you faggot

    • euro-canadian-mongrel says:

      Besides the various sources of evidence that China has for decades an well planned strategy of espionage, infiltration, corruption, lobbying as well; it would have been impossible for them to almost catch up economically and technologically with US/Canada/EU otherwise; the fact they did so fast it shows it was in large part by copying stealing. As someone who lived in a communist country I know these tactics as in collectivist cultures these aren’t important, individuals aren’t important either (except the party nomenclature) They have exploited briliantly the capitalist greed to their advantage, but it seem it’s finally over!

    • Juana Boycott China says:

      Did you know that you can easily tell when a Chinese Communist Party operative is lying? It’s when their lips are moving or their fingers are typing.

    • Chink Fool Son says:

      Ya, these westerners have never had a scrumptious deep fried bat or delicious live hairless baby rats in soya sauce. Yummy I say. Saliva is drooling out of my mouth just thinking about these things. China was right to hide this virus from the world and oops, we let the virus out of the bag in doing so. So sorry about that,,,,, not.

      Anyone want some cheap-ass face masks ???

      • Anonymous says:

        Spoken like a true **** Cockroach why don’t u deep fry some up for breakfast oh wait sorry didn’t realize cockroaches are only for special occasions. Maybe shark fin soup? Scum of the Earth u are..

    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      Working for EllisDon as a United Front operative? Treasonous bastard.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Zhao, you must be able to lift your ass high in the air for your master (Jinping) to violate you. Hope the promotion to the propaganda department makes you happy, hurt butt and all!

    • Anonymous says:

      I urge u to shut the fuck up. China working together with the global community for a common good? What a joke. China doesn’t care about anything except consuming and destroying our world. China if u are listening..u are the scum of the earth you are nothing more than cockroaches and parasites. Canadians don’t trust Chinks. Fuck you.

    • Jeff says:

      You want to strengthen relations, stop acting like assholes and get a democracy.

  2. anon says:

    Zhao Li-wen is a China bot.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m guessing the other 1 in 5 are the Chinese in Canada

  4. Anonymous says:

    Y’all a bunch o kids geez

  5. Farid says:

    “The Angus Reid Institute conducted an online survey from May 4 –
    6, 2020 among a representative randomized sample of 1,518
    Canadian adults who are members of Angus Reid Forum.” –

    I don’t think that’s a great sample size of Canadian population :\

    • james says:

      Yes it is, in fact, it’s quite a large sample.

      It’s not the size of the sample that matters so much, it’s the randomness of the sample that is the issue.

  6. Dwayne Johnson says:

    The general rule of thumb is when some mouthpiece of the Chinese government goes on a rant about the west, everything they are saying applies to China. Racist – China is one of the most racist countries I have ever been to. Propoganda and manipulation. Again, thats a very Chinese characteristic.

    China had a chance to rise again and gain acceptance from the world. Now the world not only mistrusts China, but also dislikes the country. For the record, I know alot of chinese people both inside and outside china and they hate the Chinese communist party. They just wont say it for fear of being bullied.

  7. Tibetan says:

    The Tibetans are totally against the Chinese. We have been telling the world about the Chinese Communist regime and their money centric selfish, kill everything and eat everything culture. We Tibetans are the total opposite of the dog eating, wet market loving Chinese. Now the reckoning is coming China, the whole world, including Canada is with the Tibetans and human rights activists in China!

    • Canada and Canadian Allies First says:

      Thank you! One of my friends was Tibetan Canadian. I have numerous friends from Hong Kong and Taiwan as well, and they HATE the corrupt totalitarian Chinese regime. They are the reason why the whole world is suffering today.

  8. V for Vendetta says:

    I am of Chinese descent (born in Canada), and I despise the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) probably even more than the average white Canadian. It is not about racism. It is about fighting for what I believe: democracy, individual liberties, morality, the freedom of conscience and other Canadian values the we cherish…

    As a Canadian, I have good reasons to distrust the Chinese Government. They are LYING BASTARDS and SCUMBAGS – always deflecting blame and accusing others when things don’t go their way. They are hypocrites. They will always play the “victim” while at the same time be thugs.

  9. V for Vendetta says:

    There is a silver lining to this global pandemic: (Ironically) the veil has fallen off – and we are all seeing the true face of the Chinese Communist regime for what they really are. Lying two-faced. The world is finally waking up! The CCP lies are being exposed – the more they try to cover-up, the more ridiculous they become. The world is watching.

    China claims that they want to co-operate with other countries, share information and work together… yet China always undermine those countries by hacking and infiltrating their institutions, stealing data and technologies, meddling in their politics, spreading misinformation and disinformation… and list goes on. They withheld information about the coronavirus from the beginning – that could have stopped or slowed the pandemic had they shared that data with the world community on time. But they did not. So why do we still want to work together with China?

    China says that it’s not the time to look for a scapegoat… Well, that is exactly what they are doing. They blame everyone: The U.S., Taiwan, Italy, the foreigners, the Africans, their own doctors, the local governments… They blame someone else everyday! Heck! They even blame the Russian internet trolls! If they keep blaming everyone, they will have no friends in the world. No one wants to do business with them anymore. (Trudeau needs to wake up!)

    How can we trust China after everything they did to us? Canada donated 16 tonnes of ppe and masks to China at the beginning of the pandemic as a goodwill gesture and an example of international co-operation… but in return, China first blocked shipments of medical supplies to Canada (planes returning empty)… and then they “donated” millions of masks that were unusable and defective… and contaminated test kits. And not to mention, they kidnapped two Canadians and holding them hostage on bogus charges… and the list goes on.

    No we cannot trust China. (I have nothing against the average Chinese living in China. I feel sorry for them – as they are oppressed by their own government.)

    • Phuk Chyna says:

      V for Vendetta. Best comment on the situation so far. Felicitations!

    • Canada and Canadian Allies First says:

      Thank you! We hate the corrupt CCP and their totalitarian regime that caused this mess! Not Chinese people they are great people!

  10. Lulz says:

    I haven’t seen a Chinese person since I moved from vancouver, honestly I don’t miss them at All!

  11. Anonymous says:

    fuck china

  12. Anonymous says:

    Time for sanctions against China!
    No more business with them, unplug all undersea internet cables with them, deport/block everyone and their families with (previous/current) ties to the Chinese government from entering or immigrating,…
    Those racist fraudsters don’t learn a damn thing.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Canadians should be livid at the Chinese government for arbitrarily detaining the 2 Michaels. This is just 1 example of China’s lack of humanity. They are scum and liars, the Chinese government are the cockroaches of the world.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Chinese government are communists. Why do we act all surprised and outraged when they lie? As if everything they say is a lie.They have been and will continue their inhumane policies by building concentration camps by jailing innocent civilians. The Chinese government care about expanding their country by taking over other countries or by building up islands in the south China sea. They decimate our oceans with their overfishing, 1 example, their disgusting appetite for shark fin soup.
      Canada is seen as weak. It’s time for Canadians to stop buying shit at the dollar store, buy local.
      And remember the average Chinese person is not to blame it’s the Chinese Fucking Government!

  14. Juana Boycott China says:

    We have Chinese Canadian families who have been helping to build the country for more than 150 years.These Canadians are dishonored by the ~12,000 families of former Chinese Communist Party officials who ducked out to Canada after collectively stealing $225 billion to buy up houses in Vancouver and Toronto. We should threaten to seize their assets and watch them scurry on out of the country.

  15. SL says:

    To all Chinese Canadians… You may have been born in Moosejaw, but make no mistake. IF THE CCP HAS NOT COME FOR YOU YET,THEY WILL SOON. We are worried about you. We love you. Keep your chin up and stay connected with Canadians of all nationalities so you are not exploited, forced to do the CCP’s bidding, or intimidated. We are at war with China. You are a Canadian. Love, other Canadians.

    • V for Vendetta says:

      Thank you SL! As a Canadian of Chinese-descent, I’m more concerned about the wealthy elites from China who are living in Canada, as foreign students or permanent residence status holders… (These are usually hardcore CCP loyalists who are spreading misinformation and lies about Canadians while at the same time living a good life in Canada) They are both hypocrites and parasites.

      I know that the CCP and its trolls are trying to divide us, especially the Chinese-Canadians. The CCP will try to use the “race card” to divide Canadians and of course Chinese-Canadians will be caught in the middle. But I’m confident that the reasonable and free-loving Chinese-Canadians will never support the CCP and their foul agenda or want anything to do with them. (Most of us came to Canada to get away from tyranny – we have a better appreciation for democracy than those who never experienced totalitarianism)

      Freedom is not free. We have to keep fighting for it and remain vigilant. (It can be easily eroded by our own politicians and/or by hostile foreign entities)

  16. Don says:

    Canada should tell communistic China to go fuck themselves and stay out of everyone’s business except there own and any Chinese in this country that disagrees should fuck off back to China. Sick and tired of the communists trying to rule everyone.

  17. Don says:

    Canada should tell communistic China to go fuck themselves and stay out of everyone’s business except there own and any Chinese in this country that disagrees should fuck off back to China.

  18. Holden Caulfield says:

    China cannot be trusted…they have imprisoned two innocent Canadians all because of the rightful holding of Ms Huawei ..I hate their system and their citizens are brainwashed robots!

  19. Don says:

    I’m a first generation white Canadian, I’ve seen a lot of changes some good some not so good but what I have seen in the last few years China has really started throwing their weight around thinking about being the top dog on the planet and they are well on their way to being there. To me it’s the scariest thought I have ever had.
    This Miss Weng in Vancouver from what I can see has the head assholes in Communist China scared big time. With all the scare tactics they have been trying to no avail thank god, it will be really interesting to see what she truthfully has to say in an American court of law.
    Canada, hold the line stay the course, I’m sorry for the two Canadians being held against their will who have absolutely nothing to do with this situation. If people around the world can’t see what communism does for a criminal like the head of China, Russia, Korea, past Cuba and so forth well they are fucking blind.
    I say down with China , like in my previous casting, go fuck your self!

  20. A**hole says:

    Lick my greasy rectum, you ****ing b*tch!!!

  21. Don says:

    Hey your name says it all! Lick my crack. Wake up an smell the roses asshole!

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