Most Vancouver houses sold below assessment in May

By ThinkPol Staff

The number of Vancouver detached houses selling below assessed value in May outnumbered those selling for more, with some going as low as 32% below, making it the fourth month in row that a majority of Vancouver single family homes sold below assessed value.

The MLS sales data, which was provided to ThinkPol by an industry source, show 84 out of the 139, or 60 per cent, of the single family home sales recorded in the system as of June 1 in Vancouver sold below 2017 assessed value.

MLS#AddressAssessedDate SoldSold PriceChange %Year Built
R22488544XXX SALISH DR VANCOUVER **$3,262,0005/4/2018$380,000-88.351966
R21951381XXX 64TH AVE E VANCOUVER$1,808,7005/27/2018$1,228,000-32.111950
R22667264XXX LOCARNO CRES VANCOUVER$4,857,0005/14/2018$3,500,000-27.941937
R22241602XXX 44TH AVE W VANCOUVER$2,508,9005/8/2018$1,900,000-24.271968
R22654995XXX ALMA ST VANCOUVER$3,403,0005/17/2018$2,580,000-24.181938
R22583604XXX 6TH AVE W VANCOUVER$4,140,7005/15/2018$3,200,000-22.721939
R22659743XXX 14TH AVE W VANCOUVER$4,169,0005/15/2018$3,288,000-21.131927
R22626862XXX 17TH AVE W VANCOUVER$2,580,7005/7/2018$2,050,000-20.561950
R22568254XXX 20TH AVE W VANCOUVER$4,037,3005/22/2018$3,210,000-20.491938
R22574075XXX DUMFRIES ST VANCOUVER$1,880,0005/28/2018$1,510,000-19.681972
R22572936XXX BRUCE ST VANCOUVER$1,186,3005/28/2018$975,000-17.811944
R22633883XXX 5TH AVE W VANCOUVER$2,905,4005/3/2018$2,395,000-17.571921
R22695745XXX SHERBROOKE ST VANCOUVER$1,296,3005/30/2018$1,068,888-17.541913
R22642775XXX ANGUS DR VANCOUVER$9,585,0005/18/2018$8,000,000-16.541929
R22562213XXX 20TH AVE W VANCOUVER$2,866,0005/18/2018$2,425,000-15.391927
R22477978XXX HUDSON ST VANCOUVER$2,124,4005/12/2018$1,815,000-14.569999
R22625451XXX VICTORIA DR VANCOUVER$1,292,2005/5/2018$1,114,500-13.751953
R22602324XXX QUEBEC ST VANCOUVER$1,446,8005/19/2018$1,250,000-13.61912
R22647472XXX 34TH AVE W VANCOUVER$2,474,1005/12/2018$2,150,000-13.11918
R22695603XXX KING EDWARD AVE W VANCOUVER$3,396,0005/24/2018$2,952,381-13.062017
R22543844XXX DUNBAR ST VANCOUVER$1,982,9005/28/2018$1,725,000-13.011936
R2256031XXX 69TH AVE W VANCOUVER$1,825,5005/8/2018$1,590,000-12.91972
R22622403XXX 28TH AVE W VANCOUVER$3,625,0005/8/2018$3,200,000-11.721927
R22683321XXX 39TH AVE E VANCOUVER$1,468,6005/17/2018$1,300,000-11.481928
R22575746XXX VICTORIA DR VANCOUVER$1,383,5005/2/2018$1,225,000-11.461931
R22606553XXX ST. GEORGE ST VANCOUVER$1,353,8005/14/2018$1,200,000-11.361908
R22680351XXX ALLISON RD VANCOUVER$6,315,4005/24/2018$5,600,000-11.331949
R22599832XXX 39TH AVE E VANCOUVER$1,607,1005/8/2018$1,425,000-11.331940
R22615152XXX 33RD AVE W VANCOUVER$2,926,0005/18/2018$2,607,000-10.91937
R22621753XXX 36TH AVE W VANCOUVER$3,603,0005/11/2018$3,230,000-10.351921
R22709822XXX BURQUITLAM DR VANCOUVER$1,934,6005/28/2018$1,740,000-10.061953
R22659144XXX 8TH AVE W VANCOUVER$3,391,0005/15/2018$3,080,000-9.171928
R22519865XXX CHESTER ST VANCOUVER$1,393,0005/7/2018$1,265,508-9.151955
R22681463XXX 43RD AVE W VANCOUVER$4,153,1005/18/2018$3,778,000-9.031931
R22692107XXX HUDSON ST VANCOUVER$2,307,0005/28/2018$2,100,000-8.971992
R22560557 28TH AVE W VANCOUVER$2,368,8005/7/2018$2,160,000-8.811945
R22690071XXX 12TH AVE W VANCOUVER$2,835,7005/25/2018$2,588,000-8.741919
R22681705XXX DUMFRIES ST VANCOUVER$1,749,4005/23/2018$1,600,000-8.541969
R22649236XXX LANCASTER ST VANCOUVER$2,097,8005/11/2018$1,920,000-8.481957
R2260006XXX 33RD AVE E VANCOUVER$1,242,7005/15/2018$1,139,000-8.341931
R2266141XXX 20TH AVE W VANCOUVER$2,334,5005/9/2018$2,145,000-8.121929
R22577704XXX BLENHEIM ST VANCOUVER$2,661,3005/14/2018$2,447,500-8.031927
R22377948XXX HUDSON ST VANCOUVER$2,115,0005/14/2018$1,950,000-7.81942
R22606343XXX 3RD AVE W VANCOUVER$2,791,0005/15/2018$2,600,000-6.841912
R22466135XXX ARLINGTON ST VANCOUVER$1,799,5005/17/2018$1,680,000-6.641950
R22594902XXX 19TH AVE W VANCOUVER$2,730,0005/1/2018$2,550,000-6.591989
R22629424XXX JOHN ST VANCOUVER$1,758,4005/7/2018$1,649,000-6.221919
R22307513XXX PETERSHAM AVE VANCOUVER$1,794,0005/11/2018$1,685,000-6.081998
R22496152XXX UPLAND DR VANCOUVER$1,439,0005/11/2018$1,358,000-5.631986
R22668181XXX 11TH AVE E VANCOUVER$1,638,0005/15/2018$1,550,000-5.379999
R2242443XXX 52ND AVE E VANCOUVER$1,774,0005/2/2018$1,680,000-5.31978
R22598642XXX ONTARIO ST VANCOUVER$2,717,0005/3/2018$2,575,000-5.231908
R22327211XXX NANTON AVE VANCOUVER$8,935,0005/19/2018$8,500,000-4.872017
R2257735XXX MARINE DR SE VANCOUVER$1,491,9005/1/2018$1,420,000-4.821950
R22625112XXX MARINE DR SE VANCOUVER$1,152,0005/8/2018$1,098,000-4.691992
R22722147XXX KERR ST VANCOUVER$1,516,2005/29/2018$1,450,000-4.371966
R22624595XXX SHERBROOKE ST VANCOUVER$1,355,6005/9/2018$1,299,000-4.181931
R2257268XXX 27TH AVE E VANCOUVER$1,959,6005/7/2018$1,880,000-4.061910
R22626323XXX ONTARIO ST VANCOUVER$3,511,0005/24/2018$3,370,039-4.012001
R22530574XXX HENRY ST VANCOUVER$1,395,6005/14/2018$1,345,000-3.631946
R2255439XXX 53RD AVE E VANCOUVER$1,533,4005/27/2018$1,480,000-3.481948
R22627163XXX 30TH AVE W VANCOUVER$3,637,0005/7/2018$3,518,000-3.271993
R22624803XXX MATAPAN CRES VANCOUVER$1,772,0005/10/2018$1,715,000-3.221988
R2263551XXX 13TH AVE E VANCOUVER$1,760,6005/8/2018$1,705,000-3.161925
R22219703XXX PINE CRES VANCOUVER$26,758,0005/17/2018$26,000,000-2.832016
R22708363XXX 14TH AVE W VANCOUVER$4,570,0005/29/2018$4,450,000-2.632005
R2260077XXX 17TH AVE W VANCOUVER$2,652,5005/21/2018$2,600,000-1.981935
R2249971XXX 58TH AVE E VANCOUVER$1,329,0005/6/2018$1,305,000-1.811995
R22478281XXX KING EDWARD AVE W VANCOUVER$4,149,0005/6/2018$4,080,000-1.661929
R22466476XXX BROOKS ST VANCOUVER$2,069,0005/20/2018$2,045,000-1.161999
R22660272XXX VENABLES ST VANCOUVER$1,316,8005/10/2018$1,302,561-1.081930
R22705043XXX LANARK ST VANCOUVER$1,687,0005/28/2018$1,670,000-1.011910
R22710451XXX 37TH AVE E VANCOUVER$1,369,0005/28/2018$1,355,500-0.991942
R22660822XXX 2ND AVE E VANCOUVER$1,722,0005/15/2018$1,709,250-0.741913
R22681423XXX 23RD AVE E VANCOUVER$1,358,0005/15/2018$1,350,000-0.591956
R22630844XXX DUMFRIES ST VANCOUVER$1,689,5005/22/2018$1,682,000-0.441946
R22666631XXX 64TH AVE E VANCOUVER$1,707,4005/14/2018$1,700,000-0.431950
R22639584XXX SKEENA ST VANCOUVER$1,302,0005/7/2018$1,300,000-0.151948
R22499006XXX VINE ST VANCOUVER$3,475,0005/10/2018$3,470,000-0.142015
R22623503XXX GRAVELEY ST VANCOUVER$1,431,7005/8/2018$1,430,000-0.121938
R22608754XXX PRINCE ALBERT ST VANCOUVER$1,650,9005/5/2018$1,649,000-0.121923
R2242600XXX PRIOR ST VANCOUVER$1,201,3005/15/2018$1,199,900-0.122015
R2264154XXX 23RD AVE E VANCOUVER$1,701,7005/14/2018$1,700,000-0.11929
R22622183XXX 13TH AVE W VANCOUVER$2,521,0005/3/2018$2,520,000-0.041930
R22366487XXX NANAIMO ST VANCOUVER$1,607,0005/4/2018$1,610,0000.191987
R22673833XXX 28TH AVE E VANCOUVER$1,565,0005/15/2018$1,575,0000.642003
R22608404XXX PRINCE ALBERT ST VANCOUVER$1,386,7005/3/2018$1,400,0000.961924
R22558827XXX SELKIRK ST VANCOUVER$2,402,0005/5/2018$2,428,0001.081989
R22596083XXX 22ND AVE W VANCOUVER$3,017,0005/2/2018$3,050,0001.091989
R22298688XXX CHESTER ST VANCOUVER$1,394,0005/2/2018$1,410,0001.151974
R22616342XXX 30TH AVE W VANCOUVER$5,528,0005/6/2018$5,592,0001.161995
R22617801XXX WOODLAND DR VANCOUVER$1,365,0005/1/2018$1,385,0001.471994
R22629581XXX 17TH AVE E VANCOUVER$1,717,0005/12/2018$1,742,5001.491993
R22736291XXX 33RD AVE E VANCOUVER$1,637,0005/29/2018$1,665,0001.711910
R22583044XXX ANGUS DR VANCOUVER$5,896,0005/16/2018$6,000,0001.762001
R22437083XXX WELWYN ST VANCOUVER$1,546,3005/14/2018$1,575,0001.861910
R22563792XXX 31ST AVE W VANCOUVER$3,766,7005/11/2018$3,850,0002.211938
R22655782XXX 53RD AVE E VANCOUVER$1,494,4005/12/2018$1,530,0002.381967
R22575972XXX FERNDALE ST VANCOUVER$1,071,9005/3/2018$1,100,0002.621906
R22607491XXX 58TH AVE E VANCOUVER$1,925,0005/15/2018$1,978,0002.752004
R22600083XXX 3RD AVE W VANCOUVER$6,012,0005/11/2018$6,200,0003.132013
R22554523XXX 1ST AVE E VANCOUVER$1,350,5005/1/2018$1,393,0003.151956
R22591442XXX ST. CATHERINES ST VANCOUVER$1,571,0005/1/2018$1,623,0003.311908
R22515832XXX GEORGIA ST E VANCOUVER$1,483,0005/7/2018$1,538,0003.711998
R22672816XXX ST. CATHERINES ST VANCOUVER$1,542,0005/19/2018$1,600,0003.761980
R22654814XXX BEATRICE ST VANCOUVER$1,391,7005/12/2018$1,445,0003.831964
R22617681XXX LAKEWOOD DR VANCOUVER$1,669,7005/11/2018$1,735,0003.911925
R22509243XXX 4TH AVE E VANCOUVER$1,784,6005/12/2018$1,855,0003.941942
R2265973XXX 46TH AVE E VANCOUVER$2,154,0005/13/2018$2,250,0004.462010
R2248602XXX 26TH AVE W VANCOUVER$2,961,0005/8/2018$3,095,0004.532012
R22708865XXX SHERBROOKE ST VANCOUVER$2,200,0005/26/2018$2,300,0004.551945
R22662722XXX 10TH AVE W VANCOUVER$1,856,4005/18/2018$1,950,0005.041927
R2262681XXX 60TH AVE E VANCOUVER$2,104,0005/8/2018$2,240,0006.462012
R22478525XXX ALMA ST VANCOUVER$3,737,0005/9/2018$3,980,0006.52017
R22548432XXX GRAVELEY ST VANCOUVER$1,546,0005/3/2018$1,650,0006.731981
R22471651XXX 54TH AVE E VANCOUVER$1,637,0005/7/2018$1,750,0006.91987
R2255457XXX 49TH AVE E VANCOUVER$2,453,0005/12/2018$2,625,0007.012003
R22674804XXX GLADSTONE ST VANCOUVER$1,631,0005/9/2018$1,775,0008.832004
R22714703XXX WILLIAM ST VANCOUVER$1,387,0005/25/2018$1,518,0009.441994
R22354434XXX KNIGHT ST VANCOUVER$1,245,5005/8/2018$1,365,0009.591955
R22504105XXX CULLODEN ST VANCOUVER$1,428,1005/6/2018$1,568,0009.81970
R22626302XXX WALL ST VANCOUVER$2,085,0005/8/2018$2,300,00010.311968
R2260712XXX 20TH AVE W VANCOUVER$3,013,0005/7/2018$3,333,33310.632018
R22548566XXX ARGYLE ST VANCOUVER$1,579,0005/23/2018$1,750,00010.831986
R22646202XXX 14TH AVE W VANCOUVER$3,688,0005/13/2018$4,111,00011.472004
R22652922XXX ST. GEORGE ST VANCOUVER$1,710,0005/14/2018$1,910,00011.71908
R22458302XXX TRINITY ST VANCOUVER$2,161,9005/7/2018$2,425,00012.171928
R22682066XXX BALMORAL ST VANCOUVER$1,827,0005/10/2018$2,050,00012.212018
R2265026XXX 20TH AVE W VANCOUVER$2,457,8005/15/2018$2,800,00013.921925
R22536281XXX 13TH AVE W VANCOUVER$3,346,0005/2/2018$3,825,00014.321912
R2262624XXX 32ND AVE E VANCOUVER$1,751,7005/7/2018$2,050,00017.031957
R22644041XXX 12TH AVE E VANCOUVER$1,412,0005/12/2018$1,698,00020.251912
R22629764XXX NANAIMO ST VANCOUVER$1,368,1005/3/2018$1,650,00020.611958
R22615091XXX 21ST AVE E VANCOUVER$1,035,0005/2/2018$1,267,00022.421924
R22653141XXX LAKEWOOD DR VANCOUVER$1,627,0005/16/2018$2,195,00034.911910
R22608015XXX PRINCE EDWARD ST VANCOUVER$1,648,0005/1/2018$2,275,50038.082007
R22647822XXX DUNBAR ST VANCOUVER$2,251,0005/15/2018$3,200,00042.161912
R22731095XXX PRINCE ALBERT ST VANCOUVER$1,844,0005/28/2018$2,699,00046.372017
R22696525XXX MANSON ST VANCOUVER$4,073,9005/18/2018$6,100,00049.731955

For the first time, the biggest drop in the month was recorded East Vancouver, with a Victoria-Fraserview property selling for 32% below assessed.

(A leasehold property on Salish Drive did sell for 88% below assessed, but this is not unusual for leasehold properties.)

The biggest gainer was Cambie area property – a potential land assembly under Cambie Corridor Phase 3 plan.

“With fewer homes selling today compared to recent years, the number of homes available for sale is rising,” Phil Moore, REBGV president said. “The selection of homes for sale in Metro Vancouver has risen to the highest levels we’ve seen in the last two years, yet supply is still below our long-term historical averages.”

2017 property assessment values reflects what was happening around BC Assessment’s uniform valuation date of July 1, 2017[1]

The independent crown corporation’s appraisers analyze current sales in the local area, as well as the property’s size, age, quality, condition, view and location.

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9 Responses to Most Vancouver houses sold below assessment in May

  1. nonconfidencevote says:

    The real estate “rout” began several months ago and it will be fully apparent to everyone but self serving realturds and the lick spittle media that “earned” so much of their commercial revenue from supporting the unquantifiable(false?) statistics shovelled out by RealTurds year in and year out.
    Just wait til the end of Summer and we start heading towards Christmas with sales tanking further.
    Better return those leased Audis Realturds…….its gonna get much much worse. 🙂

    Happy Housing CRASH everyone!

  2. nonconfidencevote says:

    This just in
    June 5/18
    New Listings 315
    Total sales 105
    Total Inventory 12,100

    Total inventory has jumped by almost 4000 homes since March and as we head into the warmer months more and more people will be listing.
    Lets see the panic really set in when houses/condos sit for MONTHS with little or no offers.
    Listings climbing, sales tanking.
    The perfect sh!t storm
    Realturds will actually have to earn their obscene sales commissions.

    Happy housing crash everyone!


  3. Atomic Frog says:

    Any chance that you can get the same information for condo? Thanks

    • nonconfidencevote says:

      Condo sales are starting to drop as are prices. They arent dropping as fast as houses but they are dropping.
      Dont buy unless you want to lose money.
      Watch what happens this summer.
      Could be total Sellers panic as new Listings pile into an already flooded market.
      Wait at least 6 months minimum to “vulch” …..Its going to get much much much worse for sellers.
      But you’ll never EVER hear that from a Realtor.
      “Its Always a good time to buy”
      Tell that to people who bought last year and are trying to sell their place … a loss……and they still have no takers.
      Panic sets in, Blood bath ensues, Vultures start circling.
      Rising interest rates, Trumps trade war, slowing Canadian economy due to Real Estate slowing to a stop.
      Falling Van Real Estate prices
      Its long over due.

  4. nonconfidencevote says:

    The true test of a Falling market.
    Ask any shyster……errr sorry Realturd if they have any intention of buying right now…… crickets…..

    Happy housing crash everyone!

  5. nonconfidencevote says:

    Total inventory 12,533 and listings are accellerating as sales drop.
    13,500 by July1st?
    18,000 by Sept?
    One can only hope.


  6. nonconfidencevote says:


    Its not just vancouver real estate thats dead….

    Those poor poor realtors…..nobody beleives their sales BS anymore…..

    Bankruptcy is the karma they deserve…..


  7. nonconfidencevote says:


    Cities all over the world are experiencing a real estate sales slow down.

    Could it be that the crack down in China on illegal money is have a global effect?
    Dont expect to hear this on Global “news”…..they’re owned by the real estate cartels via advertising dollar$.

    Happy housing CRASH realtors.
    Your own “pump and dump” ponzi BS has brought us to this….
    Thank the Christy Clark Liberals for allowing you scum to self regulate your own industry…..what could possibly go wrong?


  8. nonconfidencevote says:

    Dec 4 , 2018 and ITS OFFICIAL!






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