Vigilante retaliates against realtors who took full-page ad inciting wealthy homeowners to crash Eby’s town hall

By ThinkPol Staff

The Vancouver realtors who incited mobs to crash a popular elected official’s event is about to get a taste of their own medicine.

The major Vancouver real estate brokerage Sutton West Coast took out an ad last week urging people to force their way into and disrupt a town hall organized British Columbia’s Attorney General David Eby to school tax for homes valued at more than $3 million.

The ad, and a letter by BC Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson asking his supporters to do the same, resulted in Eby cancelling the event citing security concerns[1]

Now, the shadowy Vancouver twitter vigilante Corrupt Wilkinson has started posting details of open houses organized by Sutton West Coast realtors, including the names of the homeowners, and asking Vancouverites to protest against the brokerage’s actions.

“The real estate industry has been the single greatest beneficiary of fentanyl dealers from China laundering money in our real estate market causing housing unaffordable to local taxpayers,” Corrupt Wilkinson told ThinkPol. “They paid the BC Liberals off, and in return the previous government went as far as to shutdown the anti-money laundering unit.”

Corrupt Wilkinson was referring to the former BC Liberal government’s shutting down of the Integrated Illegal Gaming Enforcement Team (IIGET) in 2009[2]

“These career criminals have realized our AG David Eby is both a man of integrity who can’t be bought and an extremely capable white collar crime fighter,” Corrupt Wilkinson added. “So, they’re trying to incite political violence and bully and intimidate the democratically elected government into submission.”

Eby was planning to explain to homeowners that, among other things, seniors and parents of young children are able to defer these taxes under very favourable terms.

“BC Property owners who are disabled, over 55, or with children under 18 years old can defer taxes in a program that has been available since 1974,” Eby explained in a subsequent blog post[3] “It is a program that offers extremely low fees, very favorable rates, and simple rather than compound interest. In fact it has been criticized for being non-means tested and actually being too favourable in its terms. Seniors who want to stay in their houses and defer taxes are welcome to do so, and many are already using this program.”

Corrupt Wilkinson feels that they’re duty-bound to come to Eby’s defence.

“I consider it my duty, as a Vancouverite, a British Columbian and a Canadian to [do] whatever I can to support our AG in his battle to defeat white collar crime and corruption lead by Andrew Wilkinson,” Corrupt Wilkinson concluded. “And mark my words, evil shall not prevail in this province.”

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